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Денис-Германович-Иванов-234x300Занимаюсь творчеством с юных лет, работал журналистом, закончил юридическую академию, работаю в одной из правоохранительных структур, кроме литературы в свободное время занимаюсь музыкой – играю на саксофоне, с разной периодичностью публикую свои рассказы в различных журналах, рассказ, который представляю на конкурс вышел в журнале “Края городов” на русском языке.
Перевел свой рассказ на английский, может быть так будет удобней его прочитать)

I am engaged in creativity of from a young аге. I was a journalist then graduated from the Academy of Law, in this time I’m working in one of the law enforcement agencies, in addition to literature in his spare time I’m engaged in music, play on the saxophone. At varying intervals I publish my stories in various magazines, the story, which I represent in the competition of released in magazine “The edges of cities” in Russian.
I has translated my story into English, perhaps it would be more convenient to read it)

Перевод рассказа “Хроники Апокалипсиса”

Chronicles of the Apocalypse, a fantastic story.


A long time ago in the far 1985, when not many Soviet people could only dream about the Russian perestroika, and the Soviet secret services was desperate to fight with the new numerous enemy radio stations, some radio jammers has broken down and soldiers have not had time to repair it, from the speaker of my old receiver “Spidola” I heard a sweet voices «of ideological saboteurs» speakers of Evangelical Radio station KSBR-Saipan, located, as the speakers told, on the island resort Saipan.

The sermon touched me a little; perhaps I was impressed by sweet voice of a preacher. Also the preacher promised to send for everyone listener some audio cassettes with sermons of evangelists. In impoverished USSR audio cassettes had been a deficit; this started me thinking about a possible freebie.

Without thinking, I’m in broken English using the vocabulary, not without difficulty, because at school I studied French, I sent to the island Saipan a letter.

To my great surprise about a month later I received a package with 30 without any decals, black, tape cassettes. On these tapes was recording about from 15-25 minutes, because the length of the tape depended on the length of the sermon. The tabs at the bottom of the housing this cassettes, which served for protection against accidental overwriting, by the time stamping were not provided, their place had a cubic recess, and this, apparently, on opinion naive evangelists guaranteed that their message nobody will not overwrite.

These audio tapes had represented the treasure to Soviet schoolchildren. In cubic recess cassettes I inserted cubes carved from school erasers.  Has not passed 3-4 weeks, as on this black tape sounded songs of rock-groups Nautilus Pompilius, Agatha Christie, Urfin Juice, Nastya Poleva and other monsters of the Ural Rock.   


The freebie I liked it, I even sent another request to Saipan, I pointed out that I would like to open a prayer house, and parishioners are needs a VCR, of course with a set tapes with sermons, but due to poor English or because that I learned from prayer office KSBR Saipan moved to another address, VCR – fetish young Russia people in pre-perestroika, I was never received.

These black audio tapes, of course, a long time in a landfill, but the Biblical Gospel, it’s amazing edition with the green cover-book and unreal thin and snow-white pages, Great book, which lay there in the American parcel, occupied my mind for several years.

I went to serve in the Soviet Army with this book, in Army it was stolen from me, maybe not stolen, but this book just continued her wonderful way. In the book, I remember, was invested a photograph of happy American family, where apparently are depicted the preacher himself, his wife, son and daughter.

It’s amazing Gospel still not left on my head. The Gospel was translated into modern Russian language, I don’t know how the evangelists was distorted the authentic version, but I read this book with great pleasure, because before I seen the Bible only in old Slavonic, that to be honest not inspired me to read the biblical texts.

As well many Soviet teenagers, I was read a huge number of fantastic literature, which  were many books in the gorgeous on those times a library my father The chief editor of the magazine “Uralskiy Sledopyt” German Ivanov.

So when I read the Revelations of Saint John the divine Apocalypse, this magnificent work of ancient literature seemed to me not only a wonderful instructive biblical text, but also as well great fiction story. When I reading the Revelations, I imagined one after one a colorful picture of the future in detail.

Since then, I was pursued the idea to translate the Apocalypse into the language of fiction literature.

In this story I was trying be in sequence of events described in the ancient text.

I want also to say, that I don’t wish to offend true believers people to whom I was also identified yourself, but on the contrary, if my work least someone encourage to read the original, I’ll be very happy. In order not confuse the faithful, the names of the characters changed by me.

Sincerely, Denis Ivanov.


“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”           

Revelation 21

Throne room. Zous Chairman of the Supreme Council, Mystikus Vice-chairman.

The jump in time to distant past.

The time has gone, said the Zous – Chairman of the Council on Improvement of Mankind. It’s time to tell the people living in the wild lower world about our doings, I chose a Prophet among people his name is Ian.

This person already 30 days has eating nothing, drinking only rainwater, no one talking, praying, and waiting for you on the Island Patmos.

At first, Ian with his pupil Prochoros 10 days was spent in the cave silently, then Prochoros could not stand this, left him, another ten days he has been in the cave alone, all this time he ate nothing and prayed constantly.

Then I sent him a vision, and I like God was told him – “Hold out 10 more days, and you will receive a great revelation”. He spent another ten days without food, and in prayers.

In the vision, I warned him that your clothing, Mistikus, going to be blue, sleeveless. You need sew cloth on the sides and on the shoulders, in top clothing leave a hole for the head. You need made of the embroidery on edge of the fabric form of fruits apples and pomegranates. On the bottom part a clothes you needs sew some little bells.

This dress look alike as dress of human’ high priests and kings. Human rulers naively believe that will be similar at the images higher spiritual beings what inspires people a respect. Please take some shiny fabric on gold scarf, and wrap it around your neck and hands.

Yours voice needs to change; you need take a miniature loudspeaker that will handle your voice. Take on loudspeaker effects-echo and get more low frequencies. Show yourself in front of Ian barefoot. Apply on yours feet cream with gold sequins that gleamed like molten copper. Your hair must be white, and are should be shine in all directions. You need wear of sparkling eye-lenses to eyes burned like stars.

You need also chew the Phosphorescent cud; in the shadows of the mouth tongue will glow and effect on talking be increased.

On circle Time-transport platform you will attach seven LEDs when it is turned on – the effect will be that is necessary.

…The next day, Mystikus appeared before exhausted, but full of religious ecstasy Ian. It is not surprising that Ian had received a horror and awe. Mystikus even has overdone, because the monk lost consciousness. He had to cram into Ian a few phosphorescent cuds, which have a tonic effect.

While monk Ian was in a blackout condition, his spirit unbroken and rebellious remembered all who had attacks to Ian: the Nicolaitanes, those heretics, Libertines, which tried to induce him to theirs heresy, and brethren from Ephesus which not supported Ian in the difficult years, and these vile pagan Jezebel, and all the seven churches, the villains of which who exiled him to this hungry island.

Let the Lord punish them, thought Ian. Much time has passed, until monk had unconscious, he almost gave his soul to God, but God desired that his life should be continued for many years. In general, Ian regained consciousness, although I can’t say that definitively…

Those who have eyes will to see, there was a voice in the Ian’ head, and the monk opened his eyes…

Come up to me, said Mystikus. Monk obediently climbed into the platform, like door in heaven was opened before Monk and here they are in the Zous’ Palace…

Zous has sitting in the middle of the rainbows room in the ergonomic, custom-made chair, which gently doing for Zous a massage.

Around Zous sat the members of the Council for the advancement of humanity. They had been dressed in identical white robes, on Zous’ head and each of members of the Council had been a silvery hair which was fastened gold ribbons…

…But Ian more was amazed from mutant animals that are sitting in the bottom of the Zous’ throne.

Behind the Zous’ chair on the wall glowed huge media screen. News channel giving an overview of the main events: technological disasters, earthquakes, floods, meteor showers and other adversities.

Ian stared at his reflection in the glass floor, then looked at the beasts, mutants and froze with fear.

Mutants or as there are lovingly called geneticists “Mutes” really were terrible.

One of them was the result of genetic experiments on cats; their survivability for 4 generations had tried complement obedience and intelligence. After the experiment animal become look a like a lion but it been extremely painful and dumb and it could barely walk because of the terrible obesity.

The second the Mute was invention by Indian students – geneticists, it reminded a bit of a cow, but with a humanoid face, the basic genetic material for him really was came by the genes of cows and human, the Indian geneticists tried to integrate the human genotype on genes of cows in order to their favorite sacred cow been look like a human.

The third Mute was the result of experiments a brilliant genetics Gesina he unfortunately

Was executed a week ago, he managed to introduce genes insects into lemurs’ cells, on the result of this experiment appeared sad human-fly.

The Fourth the Mute had been a bad experience over fossil bald eagle, genetics had tried to develop him the higher nervous system and intelligence. The nervous system the poor eagle from time to time was disruption and he frantically to vibrate on his wings and after that sat for hours not moving until temporary consolation.

All Mute are covered shiny monitoring sensors on front and rear, the transmitting antennas was protruding from the sensors, like the wings of dragonflies. Day or nights Mutes had are no rest, one place of body hurts them or other, constantly they moaning, until their guardians will not give they a pain medication.

From time to time, the Council members were falling to the ground in front of Zous, at each of Council members in head were the electrodes, which had gave a discharge current to areas of the brain responsible for pain. The small red button that sent the discharge into the heads of members of the Council were in the pocket of Zous, replacement white button was on Mystikus, but Mystikus could use it only when the Zous’ button was off.

This trick has done now Zous with all Council members for impress to Ian.

“This is truly great man, this is God” – Ian thought.

Zous took the information cylinder on which had been recorded the history of humanity before and after the Era of the Great Improvements. On tube of cylinder with the use of holographic inks was imprinted the slogan of the Era of the Great Improvements – “People must change”.

“Who will open to us this cylinder” asked Mistikus. “Can you try Antifyus” Mistikus turned to one of the members of the Council, Antifius tried to lend a hand, but immediately fell to the floor, writhing in convulsions on a pain. “Anybody else want to try”, asked Mistikus, no one else spoke.

Suddenly from somewhere from behind the Zous’ throne, writhing in pain and limping appeared another Mute. …He was called Agonius. This name gave him from geneticists, because since birth its viability was below any criticism, everyone thought that he would die because he constantly was in a state between life and death, which state doctors call the Agony. For some reason, the Zous became his guardian. Among the geneticists were persistent rumor that as the genetic material to Agonius Zous has used his own cells, however no one geneticists confirm it, except Gecina, which as we known was executed.

Agonius was not a man. His face had overgrown with white hair. He moved on all fours, a little sideways. His speech was more like the bleating.

From the head Agonius protruded  7 antennas associated with the sensors control of  feelings. Zous could control pleasure or pain Agonius, desire to eat and reproduce. Unlike other Mutes, Agonius was more than reasonable, maybe he even surpassed on intelligence of their creators, though he never showed it, Agonius was surprisingly kind and humble mutant. Unfortunately to keep Agonius alive for him need to transplant organs, so he had a terrifying guise, surgical sutures heal very bad of them constantly were oozing blood and ichor.

Everyone citizens of Babylon were afraid of the reactions Agonius because Zous, adoring his pet at first jokingly, then seriously, make connected line on a pain of Agonius to line on a pain of citizens of Babylon. The torments of hell that are experienced Agonius, simultaneously felt and each who been living in the great Babylon, because chip of the pain management, was sewn into the heads of the citizens of Babylon. Therefore, each citizen wanted Agonius only good and health, because as Agonius was happy and healthy on this dependent, ultimately, the condition of each individual citizen.  


The great city Babylon.

Zous handed the cylinder with the information to Agonius; Agonius made a sharp movement and immediately everyone are wrinkled in pain, asking Agonius to move as possible gently.

On the media screen at this time was seen like people on square of Babylon are screamed and writhed from the pain.

Finally Agonius takes the tube cylinder and starts to turn it cover, Ian being stared on the media screen, at this time, screen shows the preview of evening’s show: first footage from the trailer for the film before the Era of the Great Improvements, in filmed Zous’ father Cronus was in role of Alexander the Great. Zous’ father Cronus loved the naturalness in everything, even in movies, in shooting movie a dozens of the actors and gladiators were killed and rarely who are lived to see the end of the filming from in a crowd scene.

Panting breath Agonius rotates the cylinder cap, on the media screen is showing the movie trailer for the new version of “Conan the destroyer” another favorite movie of Zous.

Then on the screen began to broadcast propaganda video, on screen came a picture of a farmer riding on the cyber-horse with empty bucket on his hand. The farmer reminded to the population about the need to save food, because last year the flooding has destroyed more than one-third of crops.

The farmer also recall about need to save water and drinks, because available inventory will be sufficient just a 3-4 years, if the mankind don’t will be invent anything revolutionary in the production of clean water and food.

Next, on the monitor ran scary pictures of the last century, when wasteful humanity almost has were died out from starvation, because was not respected the saving mode. The people are in these pictures are cursing the government because they thought that they were doomed to starvation deliberately. After this was demonstrated loyal to Government old-men obsolete their working ages, which are sent for recycling, after voluntary euthanasia.

As usual, after the end of propaganda information block had been demonstrated Zous’ of possibility to punish the disobedient. In order to intimidate was selected Autonomous region in Mesopotamia. Punitive operation were conducted 4 guard-Cyborgs, it been huge like mountains, their force-fields paralyzed for a moment all life around Cyborgs, it showing once again, how great the power of  Zous.

Suddenly on the screen appeared the smiling Mystikus face, he gave to team cyborgs to remove the force-field, after that, began a standard sociological survey of the population’s loyalty to the policy of the Party of improvement. Most these people miracle survivors in rebellious Mesopotamia surprisingly quickly agreed on implantation on heads a sensors control the pain and voluntary are accepted all the points of the program improvement.

Finally Agonius opened the cylinder and pressed a button on the remote to monitor and the pictures disappeared. The members of the Council, jostling excitedly rushed up to Agonius to help him install the information cylinder in the cell of media projector.          

The history of mankind before The Era of Great Improvements.

The screen flickered again, Ian has watching the movie.

Before film watching launched a trailer. Under low sounds of stereo systems one after another passed on the monitor ominous paintings of natural disasters: a global eruption of the volcanoes, the total pollution, river and oceans, the death of one third of flora and fauna, fall of the meteorite Drakonus and start after that of the Great Night, when ash and dust from volcanoes on 100 years were covered the Sun.

Ian froze for a moment in a stupor, after all his impressions of the day, but the voice woke up him…

…Long ago, in the Era of great prosperity, when people already has been no need, they have lost the fear of tomorrow and has given to babies the names of ancient gods, in  2444 year It happened a great failure of the Global computers program.

No one knew, that this perfect world, serviced by the cyborgs  was so vulnerable.

Out of nowhere appeared sect of hackers-satanists are implanted on a Global program, what had been ruled all planet, the virus called “Apollyon”. In result failure computers program, the factories that producing harmless flying robots-vacuum-trucks, a produced countless defective robots. The virus brought to changes in a robots product line, in result,  robots-vacuum-trucks has been armed with terrible jaws, sharp teeth and poisonous sting on the end of the suction pipe of the garbage.

Then the viral program damaged all files on global life-support systems and all robots on Earth, except defective robots has been stopped.

Defective robots were scattered across the planet. Day and night Defective robots mercilessly terrorized electricity all people who come across their path. A third of people had been paralyzed from these stupid machines.

A few months on Earth had continued epidemics, revolutions, and famine. Humanity was not ready for new conditions, people had forgotten that such a simple  job, it’s amazing how quickly people to be a wild, people turning into a madmen, wandering around the neighborhood in search of some food, there were cases of cannibalism. Separate islands of civilization was constantly exposed to attacks of gangs of thugs and looters.

The Supreme ruler of the Earth Zous’s father Cronus ordered his courtiers to create 4 thousand huge as mountains cyborgs-scavengers. In addition of sanitatiry function they received police powers to neutralize the looters’ gangs. Cyborgs are moved across the Land and with the assistance of police destroyed the marauders, the sick and the dead, for decontamination and cleaning the Earth.

After next census revealed a number of people living on the Earth was decreased by a third.

Finally Cronus with help of robots and police managed to clean and get some semblance of order in society, but not in the minds of people. A many familiar pleasures now were deprived people, the rich lost their privileges, the poor have ceased to receive a benefit, a books not were published, movies did not were shot, were not enough food, people were forced to do the dirty work that was previously unheard of.

Then the great Aristarchus to came on the land (which means in ancient Greek “the Best leader”) and he cried on voice of thunder: “I’ll give you are a new Global program that will establish sweet life on this planet and  you are never will have deprivations and no one can  damage this program, because it will be invulnerable and perfect. No sooner he said and the survivors has are hired programmers who have written a new program for eternal prosperity and well-being, but oddly enough the new version of the program was not working.

…Zous filed to Ian a new information cylinder with on the body was written: “A New global program written by Aristarchus to eternal prosperity and welfare of mankind”.

And said Zous to Ian “This book will be bitter in your stomach, but in your mouth it shall be sweet as honey, eat it Ian”.

Ian as a mesmerized, silently took from Zous the cylinder and started to chew it. In a minute the latest copy of The Program prosperity and eternal welfare was destroyed in the jaws of Ian on forever. Now, Zous said, you Ian should be tell about it everyone. Write on your book what you have found on our world and your book will be translated into all languages of Earth and will read your book everyone who will be born after you, well, or every third.

I give you John this walking stick which made on our standard measures of length. A measure of length called the meter; please teach to all peoples on Earth to use universal measures of length. On measurement accuracy, precision in the meanings of words and symbols ultimately the fate of all the plans of Humans depends. Measure Throne room as walking stick, it will distract you from worrying and had soothe your mind.

Listen to me all people, proclaimed the Zous, these two creatures Ian and Agonius most favorite me from living on the Earth, and wiping away a tear, continued, And if even they are clothed in rags, I love them more than you all together.

These men are the essence of two light sources and they the best people in the world. And if someone wants to hurt them, I will destroy him with all the cruelty, and if someone wants to harm them, he must be slain. And when they will end their way of life, before sending their dead bodies to the crematorium, should put up them for three days to worship. And let people have fun, and thinks that died Great Agonius and people will now as if relieved from Pain, but this is not so. New Agonius will be created  and  continue the Improvement of the Pain will forever and Suffering on Earth will be eternal, it’s the only way for person and our world will follow this way forever.

Then Zous called to Agonius and John , and commanded them to ascend to the throne. Agonius with difficulty, wincing in pain, he climbed the steps to the throne, here a spasm passed over bodies connected to the source of pain, people are writhing in pain  Zous smiled.

The history of humanity, continued.

And here we see how in 2466 year on the Earth she appeared a beautiful maiden named Ishtar. And no one could resist her beauty. She won all the beauty contests, she ascended to the Cronus’ throne, and Cronus has left him old wife for the love of Ishtar, because no one could resist against this new goddess in human form. The desires of most people are embodied in this woman.

In the age of Cronus people already are not born from women. Special laboratories have always selected the best genes of living and the dead human and produced from the genetic material a new people. The man who was be born from woman was looked on as something shocking, savagery and stupidity; such people were considered second class citizens. The ancient method of reproduction has been preserved only in a few uncivilized corners of the Earth. In the truth, some the mighty of this world  of extreme experiment for the sake made their children on old fashioned way.

Ishtar was bred in one of the leading genetic laboratories of flesh found in the tombs of ancient Queen Nefertiti, and endowed with thousands more genetic characteristics of the most famous, talented and sexy women who has ever lived on the planet, such as Marilyn Monroe, Mariska Veresh, Dita von Teese, many genes of other wonderful women and even male were used to formulate Ishtar. Monstrously beautiful turned out to be Ishtar, and nobody could resist the beauty of her. Suspiciously quickly she got pregnant from a 170-year-old Cronus.

And here’s the year 2518, when Halley’s Comet was quite close to the Earth once again, son of Cronus was born in the most traditional way, whose name of course became Zous. A terrible doubt gnawed at Cronus about his son, he did not believe what his wife avoid being deceived him because around Ishtar spun so many famous personages who liked Queen, and these rumors circulated around old Cronus that gradually he left doubt about the adultery Ishtar.

In addition, like all the rulers Cronus of course was afraid to be overthrown with help of his son from his authorities. Cronus position in those years was already fragile, the peoples of the Earth were very unhappy with Cronus. The disaster and devastation continued, no one was allowed to rest.

Cronus decided to send incorrect and dangerous Ishtar in Egypt. But on the road in the desert on the transport was attacked by Bedouins, Ishtar was captured and was bought for a fortune to the Sheikh Bedouin named Gugolan.

Information about the birth of Zous has been deleted from all information sources, and he himself was hidden in a distant province, where he lived under the name Michael – which in ancient language means “One who is like God”, thus, Cronus wanted to emphasize that the Zous did not successor of Cronus.  

The life story of Zous.

After 20 years Cronus forgot about his son, Zous wandered through the world, but everyone saw him as a king for themselves, and nowhere and in no way experienced the Zous needs. So he grew 82 years.

On Earth all those years lasted Great decline, chaos and destruction. The earthquake and tsunami were followed by fall of meteors, unbearable heat gave way to on Arctic cyclones, floods were followed by drought. The climate is so spoiled, because the climate system has not a control. Only a few creatures on Earth are adapted to these new conditions. Radiation background Increased, water and soil were contaminated. Flora and fauna began to mutate, terrible monsters appeared in the world’s oceans. Huge mutants and giant octopi have multiplied on the sea, are swallowing all alive and each other. On land, large animals almost became extinct, mutations to a greater extent are touched microorganisms and insects.

However, oddly enough, people slowly started to adapt to the environment, population decline had stopped, and there was a slight increase. In the fashion of people had entered the mystical teachings and millions of sorcerers, magicians and soothsayers went around the world.

Amid all of these developments was appears a clandestine organization of yoga, the philosophy of which was based on the fact that all of man’s troubles due to the imperfections, only through the Improvement of person, they believe can change the world. Over time, they began to call themselves the Council of the Improvement of person.

This organization to 2600 year counted 308 members; among them were a few ascetic yogis Pashuty who preached that the key to Improve should be pain, suffering and asceticism.

This sect had existed, as chronicles told since ancient times, and it named Pashuty,

that is one of the names of Shiva, meaning “Lord of souls”. A long ago they moved, knocking the road dust on iron tridents and a stout sticks. Their hair were in oil, it twisted in rings and had tied in a knot. They are distinguished with only the strongest devotion to the God Shiva, their piercing eyes have seen only Shiva than world, and their thighs were wrapped on a tree bark.

Pashuty consider themselves followers of Shiva, they been hermits and magicians, they removed from Vedic society, which was dominated by the false rulers.

The elders of Pashuty caused reverence and religious awe. This was the path for the braves, the path on which the ego of seeker was filled Karuna and “tender mercy” of God Shiva. They were reared rituals-pujas in honor of Shiva, deep knowledge of the cosmos as almost frivolous spirit of love.

A way or a sadhana (as said mysterious Pashuty), one would start with a strict code of ethics called Yama-Niyama, which especially stood out Brahmacharya (celibacy), Ahimsa (harmlessness) and Tapas (austerity).

As you are can see from them Scriptures, discipline Pashuty practiced in a several stages. First they took the vows and practiced among themselves special practices, including laughter, singing and dancing in trance. Then they came into normal society and lived incognito. They in living among the people, they deliberately practiced absurd, and even scandalous actions to public censure, they are stammered and snorted, as feeble-minded, went, depicting cripples, screamed of inanities with wild gestures. This was the way of self-purification, elimination of selfishness and the desire to please the public, friends, or neighbors. This also helped fully establish in the subconscious understanding that “like” and “dislike”, good and bad and all such human stereotypes of thinking.

The purpose was to sever all connection with human society and Pashuty’s own humanity, which has got to them from a birth.

Coming back to the sect, they should be to pass a severe test, and then abandoned all action to perform Kundalini yoga and thus attain enlightenment. When monk has received the knowledge, he acquired supernatural powers, such as knowledge of all and omniscience.

Pashuty believed that when a person is strong in a virtue and able to calmly accept the indignity and attacks, he permanently established himself on the Path.

Mystikus with Zous in the way of their spiritual quest are joined to this strange community, and after three years, unexpectedly Zous became their high priest, and the chief inspirer.

Zous has developed a new concept of society in which all people will be monitored from a center through pain, for this Zous proposed by minor surgery, to implant all people of the Earth electrodes in the brain responsible for pain.

Such surgery has long been usual against criminals and mentally ill people, so their actions can be easily controlled without any apparent restriction of freedom. Many people were horrified by the ideas of Zous, but as in any society, it has found supporters, some people rightly was believed that the way proposed by the Zous, is the path to unlimited power and strength. These they believed that if the Zous carried out his plan, all they will have the authority and power, because the Zous to deal with all the crowds of people under his control will need the assistants. But all they were wrong, Zous did not want no one share his power, except for one man who was trusted… only Mystikus has been such.  No one could surpass him in skill, cunning and … theft. He committed first theft, probably while still he was in diapers.

The Story acquaintance Mystikus and Zous.

Little Zous when he was 8 years old, sent by the father in Pieria, was sitting on the deck of the transatlantic ferry “Aquabis”. Identification card is lying in the pocket of the Zous’ jacket. This card also served as credit card and any needs of Zous can be realized almost instantly using any vending machine.

Suddenly one fine morning the Zous not found his card, when he the next time he went to the vending machine for a portion of beans. There is looking up, the Zous seen the cute redhead grinning face Mysticus, he twiddle card in front of Zous’ nose.

To sense from such theft had none, except the owner of card to anyone and in any way it was impossible to use it.  Any vending machine recognizes the biometric data of the card owner. The any card can easy to recover at the nearest port. Nevertheless, sad, bored were on Board the “Aquabis”. The small Zous amused this Mystycus’ action.  Mankind had long ago forgotten about petty thefts, and even the word thief was lost from the language. Thus, this manipulation was perceived by the Zous, a sort of nimble, funny focus or gimmick.

In addition of the talent to thefts, Mysticus possessed many other talents, he was very musical by nature, beautifully played classic jazz songs on alto and tenor saxophone, well improvised, he amazingly quickly master the technique whatever musical instrument, knew a huge number of tricks and tricks, all these gave to Mysticus opportunity normally earn a living, also Mysticus has been free from women because his not understood and not loved them, in addition he has been free from the related and moral principles.

However, the face, especially the eyes Mysticus are expressed universal sadness, he considered himself much more talented, kinder, prettier and smarter than all other people and therefore he wanted nothing except of world domination. Who were his parents, where he came from and where he’s going even on Mysticus was a mystery. Anyway, since then, these two Zous and Mysticus were inseparable and were trusted each other even more than on himself.

They have developed a terrible strategy for the future management of mankind. In order to prove devotion to this couple the new supporters of Zous and Mysticus should voluntarily gave consent for an operation to insert on his brain a sensor-control-pain. Oddly enough a year after the such people under  control of Zous and Mysticus were already a few thousand.

…And by the time had passed 18 years, 666 supporters led by Zous and Mysticus penetrated to the Palace of Cronus, none of the tracking systems has not been unable to detect them, because they have disabled all protection. Zous and Mysticus with his friends tied Cronus, and after 2 days without any trial, Cronus was placed in the underwater station in the Challenger Deep on the ocean bottom, and Zous declared himself dictator of the whole Earth.

Living conditions at a depth of 11 kilometers, at this deserted station, were hell. For many years Cronus lived in a terrible pressure, he ate canned food, drank distilled water. Miraculously Cronus could to escape from the underwater station. He managed to re-program the unmanned research submersible robot named ROME; he rose to the water surface at speed of 3 meters per minute to overcome monstrous decompression. Cronus’ escape was fraught with great risk, however, Cronus with great joy found freedom from his underwater prison. He took with him only food supplies and some much water that be entered in the submarine. After changing the program bathyscaphe it could move neither forward nor back, accordingly Cronus should forced to throw overboard from the bathyscaphe all the devices to accommodate more foods and water. He was lying in a fetal position in his shelter, and devoted himself of ocean currents.

The return of Cronus and a life in exile.

And here, lo and behold, after 153 days Cronus unexpectedly landed on his submarine to the Red sea, near the Bedouin village, where lived his poor ex-wife Ishtar. She lived all this time among Bedouins and every year she has gave birth to the child. We can say that she has found, finally, the woman’s happiness.

Ishtar has been living with the Sheikh of Bedouins Gugalan and produced for him 5 children and she was again pregnant, but, despite this, she did not lose her former sexiness and charm. In this position Cronus saw her on the beach, berating and blaming her for all his misadventures, he attacked her with charged the laser in his hand, threatening to incinerate her. Cronus cocked the weapon to full power, the laser light slashed to sand, and on sand was formed a deep channel. The water of the Red sea rushed to channel, but sand crumbled and turned the water into liquid mud.

Little children Ishtar saw it, they started to scream to the village, some Bedouins rushed to Cronus and are snatched the laser from his hands. Cronus to cried and fell on the wet sand.

After that Sheikh Gugalan came to Cronus. Sheikh’ hair, were carefully fix in dreadlocks and resembled a lion’ mane, Gugalan’s neck and wrist of were adorned with pearl necklaces. Strong his body was well maintained, his muscles are playing under the tanned skin. Sheikh Gugalan was more than two meters tall. God to given him health and it was impressive, Gugalan’ shoulders, back and neck were dotted with tattoos – symbols of his power and lineage. Gugalan grabbed of Cronus across the waist, easy had put on shoulder and carried to Sheikh’ tent.

Cronus began to live in settled Bedouin. A lot of new and interesting things Cronus have learned from the Bedouin, in a couple of months he has learning their language. Bedouin Sheikh also found out a lot of new things about the art of managing people from Cronus, we can say that they have become friends, even more because Sheikh Gugalan became a disciple of the old Cronus and Sheikh treated him with great respect.

Cronus liked the matrimonial customs of the Bedouins. Marriage for centuries has remained the meaning of life hot Bedouin. Bedouins could to degenerated, as marriage between brothers-sisters, in their order. Since the tribes lived separately, the Sheikhs are constantly invited into the community of foreigners of both sexes to make babies, so the Bedouin have developed an interesting custom called “the contract to birth”.

To perform the contract, a woman should natural way to give birth to three healthy kids in three years, and then she will get 600 thousand pfaynds (currency Bedouin). How many children have to produce a man-the contract employee, the history is silent.

These manufacturers had to live a few years on Bedouin traditions. Women-the contract employee, as well as Bedouin women, go to the mountains to give birth and then live there with the child during the lunar month (in order not to disappoint the husband, if the child does not survive), then in front of the village gate the child should be adopt in the community, if the child has any abnormalities, community adopt mother to the village without a child, and the child dies.

The contracts on the birth have been a demand, especially for women who have run away from their husbands from other countries. In Bedouins’ own language the Mothers call only those women who gave birth to a son, a girls don’t count.

…Before the eyes of Cronus stretched the emerald carpeted hills and black-and-gray rocks in sharply defined cracks. Overhead was stretched blue and endless sky of the great desert. Cronus had not seen anything so beautiful before. Tears flowed on his eyes, at the sight of the remnants of the ancient of beauty virgin nature. These people accepted him into their community like a native.

In desert was a spring. On the hills bleating sheep-flocks and crowds Sheikh’ sons in rubber boots are wandered. The floodplain backwater dried up, Cronus seen a hundreds of poppies flickering over the horizon. Suddenly Cronus wanted as in childhood, to rush headlong across the grass, wildly shouting, as far as the forces! But he came to sense his body worn out by years and decompression, his legs may break, and it’s dangerous to scream, what good is mistaken for a stranger and will be shooting…

As if time were frozen at this point. Son of the Sheik, one of many, brought a sooty black kettle with boiling tea, brewed with spicy Zaatar, the grass which grew here on the meadow. Many years ago this legendary herb called Fimbra. Sheikh personally poured the tea in a small glass to each guest. Guests drank scalding tea, sipping tiny sips of the intoxicating liquid and they have listened the Sheikh’stories about the unknown customs of the Bedouins:

…All residents of village for centuries lived in tents made of goat skins. When it rained, the skins shrink and stay not leaky, but when on sunshine skins became dry and the material is stretched to the holes letting the wind to cool tent.

The entrance to these huts is always facing to east, and entrance lined by a layer of camel thorn and in hot weather drenched water to cooling, it looks like “conditioning” from the Bedouin.

Bedouin tents were divided into two parts male and female. In the female parts guests are not allowed. There is always a fire burning for cooking food, had water in gourds, and yogurt. Unlike other Muslims, the Bedouin most have only one wife. There is even a proverb: “A Man between two wives, like a neck between two sticks”.

On the day of the wedding, the husband puts on his wife’ leg bracelet with tinkling bells, to hear where is his wife. If the wife is sick, the husband nursed her; the Bedouins do not recognize the doctors and medicine, only herbs that grow in the desert.

The Bedouin’ women are black eyebrows, slender, with a graceful gait. The persons these women are not completely closed but they skillfully hide them from outsiders. Their eyebrows are painted in the color of Indigo, and in the face spend a vertical line through the bridge of the nose upper lip and chin, and on forehead is applied red spot, framed by the blue lines. Bedouin don’t wear gold jewelry, only earrings, bracelets and rings made of aluminum, and the necklace is from hardened in the sun amber, amulets from the evil eye.

In the village Cronus have learned to bake Bedouin bread, stoking the fire on camel dung and straw under the iron plate for bread.

Since ancient times Bedouins have a unique dancing. There is young man-dancer asking a woman to put on his head a glass, then another, then the third. In the end, on his head he has a tower of twenty (or more) glassful, and dancer continues dancing, squats and to swinging his hands.

If a young Bedouin wanted to marry, he first asks about the girl from friends and relatives. Then he goes to meet her. Not necessary that fiancée too was the Bedouin. It is enough to be a Muslim. It is very important before the wedding that a groom already had a tent, camels and a car. The majority receives a positive response from the girl and groom’ family invited to a Bedouin dinner in the home of fiancée.

The wedding lasts three days. On the first day had to dance and draw patterns with henna on the palms. On another day, celebrate the wedding continues. The bride must be in white. On the third day on evening all guests are feasting at the holiday table, actively using the meat dishes.

The main man on a village considered a Sheik, but this position is quite symbolic: the Bedouin considers himself a citizen only one Allah. Sheikh has live in at the dwelling, which is built on 6 pillars, unlike other on 4 pillars. Sheikh protects the tribe from enemies, but has no right to do anything without the consent of the other tribesmen. The title Sheikh is inherited after his death to son or a brother.

The Bedouins are entitled to elect as the Sheikh any other person, they do not appreciate nor nobility, nor wealth. The Bedouins judge a man only by his personal qualities generosity, courage, freedom.

…Warm, dark, Starlight Night is falling on the village of Bedouin. Cronus hear the words of the song, wherein mostly sung about “Habib” and “Habibi” about beloveds,  in translated from Arabic.

…Cronus every day have spoken with Gugalan about hate to Zous, and he inspired to it Gugalan’s simple and pure soul.

At this time, already many Nations in Asia were dissatisfied with the actions of the Council of Improvement of Zous, he with his subordinates made a real global terror in order to force all men to undergo the procedure of implanting the electrodes and to strictly follow Zous’s will.

And now, after few months after the appearance of the Cronus in the desert hearing about the return the old ruler of the Earth spread throughout Asia.

A huge number of people flocked to the village of Gugalan. People come and come and now innumerable armies gathered under banners of Cronus and Gugalan, a vast quantity of people from all over the world who refused to submit to dictatorship of Zous…

About Gugalan.

Childhood Gugalan was mystical. Nobody knew why his skin blacker than others men, why is he so huge and strong, although the people of his tribe and his ancestors were not of high growth.

Gugalan’s beard is fluttering like a black flag in all directions when he to pass on solid steps. When he strained his powerful thick strong legs, and walking gently and deftly like a leopard it seemed the earth to buckling under his feet.

People followed Gugalan on their own, feeling Gugalan’s strength. Everyone was afraid of his gaze, on his large eyes had unusually small aye-pupils, elongated at the bottom to up like on a cat, the eyes-iris was gray, and when he would rage shone with a ghastly silver light.

Of course, many people feared to Gugalan, but everyone on Earth could experience fear when they saw Gugalan’s tamed the beast.

Gugalan’s beast dragon-mutant Naboukhodonósôr was huge it living in the coastal waters of the Red sea. The worst thing that is on white light and in the darkness of the night was embodied in this creature. It was huge like an aircraft carrier, but was superior to him in a power-fighting. To destroy Naboukhodonósôr was possible only by the explosion a nuclear bomb capacity of at least 200 megatons. But Naboukhodonósôr could destroy any fleet and any army, because when it angry it can spit out from the throat a fire that could turn into a desert  all on thousand kilometers around.

Naboukhodonósôr in childhood when it been look a like a Dolphin swam with  Gugalan in sea, all day they frolicked and splashed in the coastal waters of the Red sea, and no one then could not imagine that this silly creation will grow to such a monster. There was nothing more powerful in the world like Naboukhodonósôr and did not will be forever more.Конец формы

The Conquest Of Asia.

…And here’s near the ancient mount Zion there is disembarking landing from  Zous of 144,000 modified cloned warriors. Each warrior has implanted in his head electrode for pain management. All teams level of pain were switched to the main compute. Zous protect him even from chaste clones and any surprises from the army. Each soldier did not to know greater happiness than to serve their Lord.

…144,000 warriors of Zous stand up on mount Zion and chanting a mantra. Zous Hare, Hare Mystikus, Hare Agonius, Hare, Hare. And so countless times, they sang this mantra.

Around the village Gugalan gathered more than a million people from all over Asia, India, and China to show the Zous how many people disagree with the policies of Improvement of the individual.

…And Mysticus flew over the camp of the troops of Gugalan and he said to them: “Surrender! Join the ranks of Improvement, one Zous knows what is best for you and all people on Earth.”

Another time Mysticus was flying over the army of Gugalan and talked “ Listen to me a imperfect people, freedom that’s the main problem. Kill the your animal  Naboukhodonósôr and  surrender to the king of our Zous, or his wrath will be without measure and you will die in the crater of a nuclear explosion with your beast, let for it he will have at least half of the Earth to burn. For people who will die together with you, their will be called martyrs for the idea of Improvement”.

Here is the Zous on a brilliant hydroplane went from heaven and appeared before the army of Gugalan. And he said Mystikus “Now is the time turn on the timer trigger of our nuclear missiles the Alpha and Omega. This wicked I see such are not to accept and not give himself into my hands”.

And they did it, there was a great, unprecedented exodus of energy there is all around in an instant melted turned into light and radiation.

All 144000 warrior of Zous and  Naboukhodonósôr and Gugalan with his army are vanished in an instant, went day, two, week, the dust has settled and only the endless completely flat shiny like glass the surface is stretched for many and many a horizons, where was before Holy mount Zion.

The entire planet was covered with radioactive fallout, the survivors hid where they could live, but nobody could find a good food. Few were able to survive these tough times. Nuclear winter gave way to the unbearable heat; the bodies of man were covered with ulcers, water was poisoned. Evil and hatred has lodged in the hearts of the people, they cursed Zous for what he did. From the great heat had dried up many rivers on earth, a sand storm started across the planet and peoples not been seen the sun and moon for months.

The surviving people of Asia gathered around three Siamese brothers-mutants that had restored the city near the mountain of Megiddo. The name this city is Armageddon.

Конец формы

The City Armageddon.

There was magnificent city that standing in the way from Egypt to Mesopotamia.

Even in ancient times, much blood has been shed in this place. Long before Jerusalem, Thebes and Rome, the city was standing here at the crossroads of ancient trade and military routes.

All roads lead to Armageddon. This place had a sinister and at the same time attractive aura. Here killed entire civilizations, there were terrible battles, it was attained the fame in History and suffered the defeat by the great warriors, starting with Old Testament until dictator Napoleon. They say, in the mountain of Megiddo per square meter of land has some pounds of human bones.

Countless times the city was burned to the ground, but the people stubbornly are rebuilt it. The bloody battle for mount Megiddo, and Armageddon lasted for thousands of years.

The inhabitants of the city worshipped on the God Baal also known as Beelzebub — the Prince of darkness. The locals believed in the power of Baal, that he can not only bring rain but also to protect them from enemies. Baal sacrificed cattle and human blood. People to the blood lashed himself with a whip, considering that Baal like it.

The only image of Baal on the territory of Armageddon was in the basement of the temple of Siamese brothers. None of the residents were not allowed to see the face of Beelzebub.

The town grew as each hour arrived all new and new tribes; the brothers had to give the command to surround the city a high wall, because such a quantity of half-civilized people they wanted to live in Armageddon it was impossible to organize into any semblance of community.

The city quickly grew and was organized. All the best that the men knew they were incarnated here. Quickly erected temples, palaces, housing for domestic animals which were revered as sacred here, the city had its own system of Autonomous water purification system of sewage.

…As we see the Sun breaking between the clouds, Golden rays light on a surrealistic landscape: blooming valley, in the dead desert, far away green palm groves, on the field busily to scurry, like a toy tractor. Nothing portends the end of the world to this city.

Here, as not in any other place, there was an indissoluble link of times. The whole body was filled with life-giving energy, which gives the gentle sun, and surprisingly clean air.

Конец формы

The End of Armageddon.

…Zous, with its own Board and Mysticus of course were not dying in the mouth of a total nuclear explosion. Their voice and image, on the mount Zion, was a hoax a holographic image. They sat quietly in their room on the island, it called in ancient times Australia and hatched their plans on the Improvement of man, and Zous couldn’t to think about anything else.

Zous has hearing about Armageddon he decided to destroy it, and he using climatic weapons left by scientists of Cronus, Zous created a large hail on Armageddon. And each hailstones were the size of a sack of potatoes and weighed at least 77 pounds. There was going 3 days, not a stone was left of the town near the mountain Megiddo.

The Destiny Ishtar.

Finally, after a long search, the agents of Zous had found his mother Ishtar, which  

She managed to survive in the midst of the Bedouin tribes in the great Sahara desert. Zous decided to judge her for what she has inspired Zous enemies.

Agents of Zous found Ishtar she when was sitting on the couch, dressed in their most expensive clothes and gold jewelry, her hair been is decorated with strings of pearls. Beside her feet is servants lays a strong and beautiful young men, holding the bowl with the aromatic spices and ointments for feet of Ishtar.

Zous seeing that his mother is crying exclaimed “Old Babylon fell, abode abominable of all abominations, I killed the opponents of the idea of Improvement. This world was a refuge for every unclean spirit, a refuge of all the unclean and disgusting. All people been drinking her wine, all nations she gave her fornication, and the kings of the earth fornicated there, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from the great luxury”.

Nothing said Ishtar to her son, only wept bitterly when the Zous gave a command to his soldiers kill her, take genetic samples, will be made the new Agonius from her flesh and Zous’s Agonius. This New Agonius will be so great and wonderful that there is no will be no better beings on Earth. And it was done. There was sent new genetic material to reproduce from the genes of Ishtar and Agonius for the perfect creature.

Part of the genetic material of Ishtar went to the Mysikus. His dream of a new perfect being the crown of creation, his son Hermafroditas, could finally be implemented.

Mystikus set out to create a being so perfect that would no longer waste the energy for anything only a pure creativity. Zous enthusiastically accepted the offer Mystikus and genetics made the New Great Thing the new Agonius and Hermaphroditos.

The New World.

1 year later, all the people were destroyed by these fanatics of Improve people Zous and Mysticus, only the cloned descendants of the New Agonicus and Hermaphrodites lived on Earth, a period of prosperity lasted 1000 years.

There is a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Everything has been restored and improved with the help and under the control of Zous and the Mystirus and clones New Agonicus and Hermaphroditus.

All of this what we read here startled John saw in the wards of Zous on the monitor screen.

…Here all members of the Board of Improvement fell prostrate before the wisdom of Zous, Ian was also started to fall, but Mysticus picked him up and said, don’t do this because we are your fellow servants, you and with your the brothers prophets. The Zous have commanded thee write what you are saw here and do not seal up the words of the prophecy of book because the Time is closer than you think.

With these words shocked John was returned on island Patmos to the place where he came from.

The conclusion.

What happened with the planet Earth?

Hermafroditas the crown of creation and his fellow New Agonicus no longer are need in the supervision of the rulers and the cyber’ service. Needs for the management of pain slowly eroding. New Creatures were loyal, they not tormented with doubts and fears.  All their free time they devoted to creativity, invention and self-improvement. The genotype of the new creatures for 5 generations stays simply unbeatable.

Huge amounts of genetic information of the living and the dead were redesigned them to improve themselves. Finally these creatures lost all fears and suffering, after 2 generations Hermafroditas and New Agonet are not feel the pain. Gradually Hermafroditas and New Agonicus came to the conclusion that Zous with Mystikus, being imperfect beings, possessed of passions and negative emotions and only in vain consume energy. The Palace of Zous was disconnected from all energy sources. The Zous and the Mystikus were invited to go for recycling.

That’s when Zous and the Mystikus are remember their last reserved method, but this World History of Improving Mankind while is silent…

To be continued.
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