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Yeşim Ağaoğlu

Очень плохоПлохоУдовлетворительноХорошоОтлично (2 голосов, средний бал: 4,50 из 5)

1Born in Istanbul.Studied University Of Istanbul, Department Of Archaeology and Art History.Master of arts degree at the University Of Istanbul, Faculty Of Communications, Department of Radio-TV-Cinema .Attended a part time film lessons using super 8 camera at the New York School Of Visual Arts.

Poems have been published in literary journals since the age of 18.Has seven poetry books published in Turkey and two poetry books published in Azerbaijan.

Used to be a board member of the Turkish PEN Club ‘‘Writers at banishment’’ and Turkish PEN Club ‘‘Women Writers Committee’’.Biographies are in some literature and art encyclopedias and poems in some anthologies.Some of her essays in collective books.Participitated numerous national and international literature and poetry festivals.

Also has been  continuing contemporary art activities combining different disciplines( specially poetry and language ) since 1996.Participated many solo and group exhibitions in such countries like Germany,Norway,Italy,Bulgaria,Bosnia,Azerbaijan,Georgia,Uzbekistan,Korea,etc.




ı have flown on ships in the sky

swam in seas of by-gone times

lived in dark tunnels

and strolled on the backs of rats

ı dressed in stark black then

blood seeped from my smiles

ı made love with snakes

my nails a scorpion each

used to spit razor blades

bats took off  from my eyes when ı gazed

a nest for owls my hair

the screech of vultures my laugh

and then, you know, ı saw you

ı got down from the backs of rats

ıt was a dolphin brought me here

ı laughed and made roses for you

stars sparkled from my gaze

ı took all my clothes off

the scorpions fled, the bats flew away

then suddenly what should ı see

a snake was nesting in your bosom also