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Жыргал Турусбекова (Кыргызстан)

В данное время работает преподавателем кыргызcкого языка для волонтеров.  Любит писать стихи на кыргызском и на других языках.
Поэзию со школьных лет и по ее словам, Жыргал очень нравится писать о родине, о любви и т.д.


Miraculous  season “Autumn”


Among the four seasons of the year the fall is the season that requires a great labor – fall wrestling begins during this time.

When the fall comes the abundance arrives in each house spreading its prosperity, the snowcapped mountains wall breaks and the skinny cattle fatten in this season.

The lambs born in spring leave behinds their mothers, foals and baby horses’ gain weight, whether animals or souls are in peace. The land is grassy and the sun is warm. In the fields the wheat are cropped, fruit trees are benched from their lots of fruit, melons, water melons and grapes are ripened, when the pomegranates are ripened with cracks, when walnuts are ripened with falling into the land and the pistachio nut’s  shells also cracks and falls, in short all the fruits magnificence adore the eyes of the human-beings.

The fall’s abundance you will know from this, all the feasts and parties will be started, every day the bride will be taken by, the daughter’s farewell parties begin, people will get wealthy with the pleasures, every day is feast and fest will go on, people will spend all the gathered gains for these fall events.

The most interesting point, some times per day there are two or three invitations will be received by and then which parties should go first makes people hectic. In fall “peasants and farmers”, fall yields will gather early, what is extra, they sell them at the market, they buy for these funds the clothes, get prepared to the holiday: “The first of September” the day of education day. So regarding the workaholic farmers grow: potatoes, beans, barley and wheat, they are keen to harvest each of them individually in time.

These types of people are not interested in only with their own businesses, but also they think about the people’s interests, they benefit from their honest labor, they themselves live in abundance.

Concerning the shepherds, returning from the fall pastures to their settled houses, fattened extra animals will be sold at the market, they are trying to prepare woods, wheat and grasses for the winter season.

When fall comes, especially the hunters are happy!!!

Because, remote and far from distance mountains, where no one goes there,  mountain  sheep and goats and are fattened so much, it is high time for them for “free slaughtering the animals”!!!

Then these hunters will organize and manage among themselves, they will head for hunting!!!

Oh, oh the mountain hunting’s adventure is separate adventure and the shot wild sheep, hunters during the night times will get pleasure, they will cook by boiling them and eat, they will sleep under the open sky!!!

Oh, oh, this is the night, for them is the “Super Pleasure!!!”- the most special night and the what a “ Beautiful night” would say anyone!!!

Some of the hunters, majority amount of meat, shot goats’ guts will stuffed by cutting them into pieces and add salt, pepper, black pepper and garlic, make very strong fire and the gut that filled with the raw cut meat will be buried with the burning coal of the fire and it will stay during the 2 or 3 hours and then they will get a great pleasure from that cooked meat!!!

Hunters who were lucky, they won’t be backing their homes with not empty hands; they will feed their own families with the Deer’s meat!

So, the hunters are getting accustomed to eating the “free of charge meat”. There is the expression among the Kyrgyz nation: “Count your chickens in autumn!”.  That’s why the deep fall season is the most special one among the four others and the most fruitful, and the most beautiful one is called. The fall season is not only abundance and yield time.  That’s why, it is necessary to win the fall by wrestling then you will lose a lot, that’s the true thing.  Because of this reason I like the fall.

Complimenting that, “fall season” is not simply said by the people as the time for “snowcapped Mountains’ wall will be split or will be broken”.

There are a lot of feasts and fests during only the fall season, because the crop harvest will be complete, the all the ripen fruit and vegetables will get cheap, this time of the year made by Kyrgyz nation as a plausible and appropriate time for celebration of the all holidays from ancient times.

At present, in each village “Harvest fest” will be held, there will be played the national games too.

The villagers will be split into two groups easily child’s wrestling, children’s racing; during this event the children’s “cord cutting” tradition will be arranged.  During the race who will be the first runner he or she should cut the cord that tied on the baby’s feet who just started to walk on foot and the first runner will get the best prize.

The sense of the cord cutting tradition implies the will or intention – in the future, that newly walking baby’s life walk will be smoothly, will live a life without obstacles.

As well as one of the games where the people assemble or gather to compete are:

– closed or tied eyes, i.e. “koz tangmay”

– there are two players will be on the ball,  and they will beat each other with pillows, who falls will be the looser.

– women’s  wrestling

– brave’s falling

– cord or thread pushing

Also because of our forest canyons:,

– Swinging,

– Lady or female catching by horseback riding between the man and woman

– Goat, without head lifting on horseback riding games will be held on the wide open areas.

According to the Kyrgyz tradition, in the biggest “prize” for the winner in the game “goat lifting on riding the horseback is given a very important meaning.

So all the “Kyrgyz games” from ancient times, the future of the young generation will be given the education and bringing up them, the national traditions and customs will be kept and forward them to the next younger generation.

At present the fall season’s  “Fall holidays” are as follows:

–  The first of September – «Day of Education»

–  The first of October – «Respect the adult (well-deserved and respected people»

Also, the first Sunday of the October month is the “forester’s day”.

As well as in fall Kyrgyzstan’s famous individuals “100”; “150”; “200” and even “300” anniversaries, there is also the in the year 2015 our forefather “Manas’s 1020th anniversary” will be celebrated.

So the miraculous fall season will be ended, then it will be taken over by the winter season.