LR-19Мой псевдоним Замира. Я дунганка. Я не могу сказать что всю свою жизнь писала романы либо участвовала в конкурсах такого масштаба. Я не спортсмен, не певица. Я обычный бухгалтер. Я просто плыву по течению. Может быть у меня и скучная жизнь, работа, но у меня есть мечты, и я умею мечтать.
Я не мечтаю о крутых машинах, домах. Я просто мечтаю о красивых сюжетах, романах, которые сделали бы наш мир интереснее и добрее.
Но почему все мои истории в моей голове. Я не пишу их, возможно по причине того, что я не умею передавать читателю те чувства, которые сама испытываю в своих рассказах.
Я люблю фильмы, Вы не представляете сколько фильмов я просмотрела и смотрю. Временами я могу предугадать следующий шаг в фильме, а все потому что многие фильмы так предсказуемы.
Узнав про этот конкурс, я все-таки решила написать один из своих рассказов. Надеюсь на положительные отзывы.

My nickname is Zamzam. I am Dungan. I can’t tell that all my life I am writing stories or participating in some competition like this. I just flow on the stream. But I can tell precisely that I can dream, on my dream I even can be a writer. I have so many interesting stories and all of them on my head. I never do them in writing way because I can’t express them as beautiful as in my dream. I can’t choose precisely words to do this story as much as interesting.
I like movies. You even can’t imagine how many movies I watched. Sometimes by watching movies I can guess next step. Because most of them almost has the same sujet. And by sitting in the opposite of big screen in cinema I am criticizing.
Today I understand that it is enough to dream. I have to move on. To put some effort to write although one story. In my second sentence I mentioned that I am Dungan. Most of you never have heard about my nationality. One of the reason why I am writing the origin story of my nation. May be even this is not the story of my nation. May be it is just a legend, myth. I don’t know. But I know precisely that more people should know about me and my nation.
I have dream that one day one of producer will be interested in Dungan history. And there will be cartoon of the birth of new nation. Or there will be children’s book with illustrations, glamorous pictures on children’s bookshelves.
I just have feelings that I have to try to write.
Please don’t criticize too much.

Legend “The history of Dungan

Once upon a time in the Tang dynasty  the emperor Li had a terrible dream in which the emperor was trying to escape from a large monster. For a long time he ran through the forest. Neither court nor guard was there. When the emperor lost all his energy from nowhere appeared  young man in a green dress. The young man quickly overcomed the monster and disappeared into the darkness.

Early in the morning the emperor Li called his wise advisers. He told everything in details about his dream: about a monster who chased him, about a young man in green dress who rescued him. And the most important thing is that the young man in green dress had no face. The emperor Li was convinced that a man in a green dress  had no face, even though his flesh was human.

For a long time the advisers could not reach a consensus. They could not find a logical explanation of the dream. Many days have passed. The Emperor Li called the sapients from different countries to explain the meaning of his dream. There were many ideas and explanations but the emperor wasn’t satisfied.

Finally one of the sapeints from foreign country suggested that the monster is his enemies – nomads, and the young man in green – is the symbol of Islam that appeared in the west, the new religion from which depends the rescue of the empire.  As that sapient advised the emperor sends envoys to Arabia to invite the Prophet Muhammad to his empire.

Prophet Muhammad in response to the invitation sent three thousand Arab soldiers to help the emperor to overcome nomads. Arab soldiers’ weapons were goodand varied. Their physique were strong and  soldiers themselves were well prepared.

The fight with nomads were hard and cruel. The number of Chinese soldiers were decreasing when Arab soldiers arrived. The Arabs have a decisive role in that fight with nomads.

During that time when Arabs were in China, the Emperor Li adored Arabs customs and traditions. And he did not want to let the soldiers go back home to Arabia . For a long time in the service of Emperor Arabs proved their good and unusual side. The harmony of pure of body and soul, fivefold ablution and praying seemed to him a miracle.

Shortly after the victory over the nomads Arabs rushed home. Most of  them wanted to return home to the native land, to their families.

Emperor Li was unhappy to hear this decision. He immediately instructed his wise advisers to find a way in which Arab soldiers will stay in China as long as it is possible. After long discussions, sapient advised to Emperor to do big celebration in honor of the victory over the nomads. Moreover, they offered the Emperor to present to the winners as a gift, the most beautiful Chinese women. Thereby the Arab soldiers will be bound to China.

Thus Arab soldiers stayed in China to raise a family.  The children from these marriages are the Dungan, new nation with a language like Chinese and religion islam.

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