Шапиро Татьяна

Татьяна Шапиро Шапиро Татьяна (Израиль) Живу в Израйле в городе Офакиме. Пишу стихи на русском и английском языках.   _____________________________________       Aa   Yes,an APPLE Is a fruit. It is nice And it is good!   Bb    This is a BALL. And it can hop. Don,t, don,t Don,t stop!   Cc    I have a CAT. And she can purr/ I pat the CAT. She says-Once more!   Dd    This is my DOG! He is my friend. He gives me his paw. And I give him my hand.     Ee    Ear,Ear, EYES And mouth. Johny draws A little mouse.   Ff     I see a FROG In the grass. It is jumping Very FAST.     Gg   It,s a GOAT- GOOD and GAY!     And we give the GOAT Hay!   Hh   -Chicken,chicken,- Said the HEN,- Count please From one to ten!   Ii       John ate ICE-CREAM- He IS ILL. Doctor asks to take A pill.   Jj      Jane likes JAM. So does Sam.     Kk    -Kitten,KITTEN, I love you! And the KITTEN says- Mew-mew! Ll      It,s a LETTER Ftom my friend! England is his Native LAND!     Mm  I like cheese. I live in the house. Who am I- I am a ...MOUSE!     Nn    It is NICE in the NEST. A NIGHTINGALE Is a guest!     Oo   -How OLD are You -I am ten. So is Nick And so is Ben.       Pp   -Pencil,PENCIL! Draw a PIG!   -I,ll do it Very quick!     Qq    This id Alice. She is a QUEEN. -Will you take a Tangerin.     Rr      ROSE-RIVER- RING and RAIN. I can READ These words again!   Ss     SANTA-CLAUSE Will come and SAY- Take my presents Nice and gay!!!   Tt      This ia a TIGER. And this is his TAIL. He brushes his TEETH And he lives in a TALE.     Uu     My UMBRELLA Is so brave! He is not afraid Of rain!     Vv      Yes- the rose is for us/ Will you put it to the VASE!   Ww     WIndy WEATHER Is today! WIND is blowing All the WAY!   Xx       My XYLOPHONE is very nice! I hit it with a hammer twice!     Yy       These are flowers In the YARD. They are YELLOW, They are smart!   Zz        I see a ZEBRA In the ZOO. And the ZEBRA Sees me too.       What is your dream What is your dream/ -I want to plant To plant a tree. And then I,ll come And see my tree. And it will smile And bend to me.   ***   Postman Harry Postman Harry Is again in such a hurry. Lots to bring And lots yo carry. And we call him Postman Hurry. Just for fun! Oh don,t worry! Uncle Harry, uncle Hurry!!!   ***   Little Dick Is very rich! You may call him Rick and Rich. Rickie,Dickie is his name, Call him Richard- It,s the same.   ***   At supper, At supper A fly ate lots of butter. That is why, That is why She is now a butterfly.