Шапиро Татьяна

Татьяна Шапиро Шапиро Татьяна (Израиль)

Живу в Израйле в городе Офакиме. Пишу стихи на русском и английском языках.






Aa   Yes,an APPLE

Is a fruit.

It is nice

And it is good!


Bb    This is a BALL.

And it can hop.

Don,t, don,t

Don,t stop!


Cc    I have a CAT.

And she can purr/

I pat the CAT.

She says-Once more!


Dd    This is my DOG!

He is my friend.

He gives me his paw.

And I give him my hand.



Ee    Ear,Ear,


And mouth.

Johny draws

A little mouse.


Ff     I see a FROG

In the grass.

It is jumping

Very FAST.



Gg   It,s a GOAT-




And we give the GOAT



Hh   -Chicken,chicken,-

Said the HEN,-

Count please

From one to ten!


Ii       John ate ICE-CREAM-


Doctor asks to take

A pill.


Jj      Jane likes JAM.

So does Sam.



Kk    -Kitten,KITTEN,

I love you!

And the KITTEN says-


Ll      It,s a LETTER

Ftom my friend!

England is his

Native LAND!



Mm  I like cheese.

I live in the house.

Who am I-

I am a …MOUSE!



Nn    It is NICE in the NEST.


Is a guest!



Oo   -How OLD are You

-I am ten.

So is Nick

And so is Ben.




Pp   -Pencil,PENCIL!

Draw a PIG!


-I,ll do it

Very quick!



Qq    This id Alice.

She is a QUEEN.

-Will you take a






I can READ

These words again!



Will come and SAY-

Take my presents

Nice and gay!!!


Tt      This ia a TIGER.

And this is his TAIL.

He brushes his TEETH

And he lives in a TALE.



Is so brave!

He is not afraid

Of rain!



Vv      Yes- the rose is for us/

Will you put it to the VASE!


Ww     WIndy WEATHER

Is today!

WIND is blowing

All the WAY!


Xx       My XYLOPHONE is very nice!

I hit it with a hammer twice!



Yy       These are flowers

In the YARD.

They are YELLOW,

They are smart!


Zz        I see a ZEBRA

In the ZOO.

And the ZEBRA

Sees me too.




What is your dream

What is your dream/

-I want to plant

To plant a tree.

And then I,ll come

And see my tree.

And it will smile

And bend to me.




Postman Harry

Postman Harry

Is again in such a hurry.

Lots to bring

And lots yo carry.

And we call him

Postman Hurry.

Just for fun!

Oh don,t worry!

Uncle Harry, uncle Hurry!!!




Little Dick

Is very rich!

You may call him

Rick and Rich.

Rickie,Dickie is his name,

Call him Richard-

It,s the same.




At supper,

At supper

A fly ate lots of butter.

That is why,

That is why

She is now a butterfly.