Роситца Копукова

Очень плохоПлохоУдовлетворительноХорошоОтлично (3 голосов, средний бал: 3,33 из 5)

Rossitsa Kopukova, born on the 3rd of March 1958 in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a journalist. She lives and works in Sofia. She is an author of 32 books of poetry and prose. There are 2 monographs, written by the Doctor of philosophy, the poet Jordan Vatev, who was awarded in the USA as a “creator’2002”: the first prize is for “To the poetry of Rossitsa Kopukova” and the second one is for “Poetics of Rossitsa Kopukova”. There are also a lot of reviews of her works, as a part of them is united in the book “A view to the creativity of Rossitsa Kopukova”. The monographs and reviews were published in 2001 and 2002 in Sofia. Her poetry touches eternal world themes and people, love lyrics, social poetry.

Her works – novels, essays, articles on different problems of life, were published in the Bulgarian press. Rossitsa Kopukova was awarded with the international prize for poetry by the European poetry institute “Aldo Moro” in Italy, Lecce – the 1st prize /2001/ and the 1st prize /2011/. Her book “Your child is growing up by my side” /issued by “Gilik” publishing house in 1994, Sofia/ was mentioned in the annotation in the collected articles of the Intellectual property, Geneva, Switzerland. She began her career as a teacher, then, in 1993, she became a journalist. She can speak French and Russian, deals perfectly with astrology. She was a guest of some radios and TVs as a speaker on literature and astrology themes.





(The extracts)


I’ve come a lot of times here, on the Balkan,

there isn’t any unknown rock to me,

to sit in silence and bow down

before those brave, heroic people,


before those eternal, spiritual giants,

left in glory under the blue stars.

The Sun is shining over the human’s memory

for a glorious battle and dead bodies.

Bulgarians and Russians in an unseen bravery

are defending Shipka with a gun and dignity.


Here our freedom remembers its cross,

its victory over the Turkish revenge.

Shipka talks to me with the words of Vazov,

bringing praise over meadows and highways,


fear over the centuries, memory in the future,

and we can make a bow

and pray for our native land,

gift from God, beautiful, but always tumultuous:


so that it can survive over the venal people

and tomorrow live with decent people.

12 March 2008, Sofia




The cruel slavery isn’t forgotten,

the Ottoman yataghan isn’t forgotten,

one nation, both beautiful and spiritual

was cursed, slaughtered, tortured for five centuries


and survived through the God’s will,

it probably paid a heavy karma,

don’t lie to the new generations, please,

that the Turkish man was a visitor here.


And today I don’t believe in the Turkish tolerance,

but I believe in the European Union,

and there is nothing lying on my conscience,

reminding me of dark Turkish revenge.


One king went to rescue

Bulgaria – the most sorrowful in the world

and Russian and Bulgarians fought side by side,

against the Finns and lost their blood


in the name of the red freedom

in each town, village and mountain,

there is left shared thankfulness

from all of us for eternity.


And I would like to know and to believe,

that the memory in us is not rubbed

for Shipka, for Batak, for Pleven, Varna,

Stara Zagora, Plovdiv. As always


glorious songs are sung over the centuries

and marches and flags are carried.

History doesn’t catch mud,

and today don’t sentence it to death.


13 March.2008, Sofia




I look like a beautiful snake,

that bites, whenever someone steps on it

and whenever I feel jealousy

I take it instantly out of my way.


I am poison for the bad person,

although I have beautiful color

and there isn’t cure from my poison,

if someone wants to scratch me with treachery.


This world is filled with bad things,

but God created me like a snake,

my soul is being filled with talent,

while I am standing spuriously meekly on the ground.


25. November.2009, Sofia




The climb towards the top is a risk –

you depend only on the wind,

and down, deep down, below

there are enemies, but also friends.


Sometimes friends also become enemies

or left unpleased, they stay silent,

just a few can understand you, but you are called

by the ambition to stay still on the top.


The climb towards the top is a labor

and a gift, and an endless inspiration,

there is nothing hot there; there is an eternal coldness,

above you – only God’s salvation.


And I know it, and I am walking forward,

up, I am not taking my sight down,

where the small person is scratching, pulling

in order to hurt the big hope.


Well, I am strong, free and good

for the bright souls. Invincible.

I am climbing up. And the top shall be mine –

in the art I am unbeatable.


28. November.2009, Sofia




I put my foot in the gallery “Uffizi”,

Florence opened up for me

and I stopped in front of Da Vinci’ s statue,

during May – during a sunny day, blessed.


Over the time, with glory beyond this world

he was looking at me with a dreamy glance

the artist, in the beauty made of stone

and it was as if he nailed me there.


The ordinary boy is using

a magical brush with his genius passion,

and Leonardo barely understood

that he was going to have power over the centuries.


What did he find in Mona Lisa?

What did he leave with her spirit?

But her image comes out very late

in history as an ideal.


Leonardo himself is a mystery –

the maestro is glowing with light.

With his lat work – “Iowan the Baptist”

he left alone toward eternity.


Over the statue everything is mythical,

and we are little living creatures.

The stature of this holly person

is stating for God’s hand.


20. April.2011, Sofia



Let it be, my God, the Earth always so beautiful,

let it always be like you created it,

in a happy earth dimension,

under God’s sky ideal.


Let it be, my God, in green, blue

and let each color remains a color,

let this world have indestructible

wonderful places, but also rich spirituality.


Let there be more humanity,

let us survive, making good,

and let us step across the Universe

towards the other cycle beyond.


And what will destiny put us through

in the other dimension, I don’t know,

I love the life on the Earth,

I hope we leave in peace in the other world.


Wherever, my God, you have sent us,

I want to live, I want light.

And joy. Give me power to fight,

let the fight goes as you wish.


And then give me a dreamy rest,

let me be social and good.

Not feeble, but courageous, attractive.

Let me create favorite miracles.


I like to be with you, I don’t want to get hurt,

I want only peace and light.

Let me be free both on the Earth and on the other side,

Let there be independence, wilderness.


8. July.2009, Sofia

Written in the church “Holy Virgin”,

where the marriage of Lora and Peio Iavori took place





The sea has its own philosophy

and its own will in our life

and, lead by the sky’s harmony,

it pulses here in its own way.


Whether it will capture or wash us away

no one can forbid it,

the most important thing is for you,

people living on the seaside, to spare it, so that it can give us


God’s mercy – with a generous catch,

with romantic and dreamy beauty,

to reflect the azure dome of heaven,

the road of the night’s Moon.


These things are all God’s gifts,

created for the Earth’s children,

so that their life here isn’t strenuous

and so that they can use God’s goods.


The sea isn’t for concrete and robbery,

it is infinity, peace and light,

it is a sublime Earth’s contact

with God, with the horizon, with infinity.


When it is raving, it pours rage,

then it is time to think things over –

whether God is terrified

by the unworthy among us.


13-14.October.2010, Sofia





“You haven’t created anything on the Earth but you own everything.”

From the Bible

I want this world to be exact,

exactly beautiful and exactly alive,

but people are living in illusions,

that unfortunately bring destruction.


The ambitions – too materialistic,

spirituality, is there any,

looking like people, but the souls – strange

and often preferring death.


And the prophets prognosticate it –

a new geography and order.

I don’t want this. Let God wash away

the fall of people today.


Let Him give signs, thoughts and signals.

The Earth – it is a blue fairy-tale.

I love this world in its wholeness

with different and rich beauty.


30. April-01.May.2010, Simeonovo – Boiana – Sofia