Paulina K.

IMG_20140905_174138My name is Paulina. Now I live in Moscow, Russia. My greatest passions are travelling around the world, playing the guitar, listening to music, reading and, of course, writing poems. Somewhy, when I started writing, it turned out that English was the language for me, the most inspirational, the easiest to use. That’s why all of my poems are in English.

Writing is a great source of joy for me. I think it helps you understand more of yourself and the whole world, doesn’t it?


A Day in a Million


 A Day in a Million consists of three poems. Is it an ordinary day? Yes and no. On the one hand, it’s a common morning, a simple afternoon walk and a sleepless night. On the other hand, every day is unique with its feelings, thoughts and doubts. Every morning, day or night can bring one something new.

Should one dream though dreams are so unlikely to come true? Should one go through old memories over and over again though past has nothing new to say? Do all questions need answers?

That’s what the poem is devoted to.




Morning dream

This happens just in fairy tales,

I wanted nothing more.

I took a look at flying sails

And then I came ashore.


I stood there, hesitating,

And slightly waved my hand

To someone who was waiting

For me in this good land.


I wished to walk along this road,

I dreamed to breathe this air.

It seems impossibly absurd

But somehow I was there!


Enough! The dream was tempting,

I’ll leave it all behind.

The same old room is empty.

The same old street outside.


Delightful Summer Day


It’s the same old road that takes me somewhere,

Tender flowers sway among the grass.

They remind me of another summer

And the day of happiness for us.


Singing birds, green meadows, shady alleys,

Dandelions brighter than the sun.

We were walking there, so calm and careless,

Sure that all we wanted could be done.

We believed each other, it was certain,

We were sharing all the thoughts we had.

Who could guess that later, in the autumn,

You would simply leave me and forget

All the sweetest hours in the forest…

In the past forever they will stay.


I’m alone. And once again it’s August,

Just the same delightful summer day.

Another night


Another night. Lights disappear in darkness,

The city’s lost in silence and despair.

Black tangled streets and lonely, empty houses…

Seems like that’s all a strange and long nightmare.


You’re getting lost in thoughts and fears – they’re endless.

The air is cold, the darkness is so deep.

What do you live for? Will you understand this?

Doubts hold you, it’s impossible to sleep.


The future isn’t clear, the truth is hidden.

You cannot see tomorrow in the haze.

Let’s wait… So you’ll be standing by the window

Till life comes back and brings the first sunrays…

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