Patricia Piggott Hickey

F_profileI have training, and work experience as a graphic artist. I have also taught art in private and public schools. My combined experience in the art field is over twenty years.

 Know I participate and show my artwork in exhibits in the United States.

While in Tajikistan I had the opportunity to exhibit art at the French Cultural Centre in Dushanbe.

I also enjoy Latin dancing, reading, sewing, crafts, and walking.


Synopsis for

Oscar Finds a Home

By Patricia Piggott Hickey

United States of America, Virginia

The inspiration for my story and illustrations is about a rabbit that actually lived in Dushanbe, Tajikistan at a guest house. I was told Oscar appeared at the gate of guest house one day. People tried to scare him away, but he just refused to go away. They finally decided to let him stay as a pet, since he was so cute.  Oscar spent his entire life as the happiest rabbit in all of Tajikistan because he was everyone’s favorite on the grounds. Even the other animals that lived in the garden liked him.

 I used my imagination to create a story starting with adventures before Oscar’s rival at the guest house gate, since no knows where he came from. At the beginning of the story he meets different animals and people throughout his journey until he reaches the guest house.

This story is written especially for children, and anyone who enjoy adventures.


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