photo (2)Организатор и актриса Поэтической театрализованной феерии на собственные стихи «At half To you…». Воспитанница студии пантомимы «Энергия – мим» центра театрального искусства Закарпатского областного дворца детского и юношеского творчества, а также театральной студии «Птах» (Львов). Участница международных арт-фестивалей, литературно-художественных проектов, литературных школ, а также ряда поэтических чтений и творческих мероприятий в разных городах Украины. Лауреат литературных премий 2014, 2015 (за рукопись сборника стихов “Фантазия”), поэтических конкурсов, фестивалей, творческого конкурса по философии 2011 (за философское эссе на тему изречения Гиппократа: “Жизнь коротка, искусство вечно”).

Organiser and actress of a dramatised poetic fairy show featuring her own verses «At half To you…». Graduate of the pantomimic studio “Energy – Mime” of the Centre of Dramatic Art at the Transcarpathian Regional Palace of Children’s and Youth Creation and “Ptakh” (“Birdy”) Drama studio (Lviv). Participant of international art festivals, literary and artistic projects, literary schools, as well as a number of readings of poetry and artistic events in different cities of Ukraine.

Magic boxes

boy with musical appearance

you have the unheard melodies underneath your shirt

you have a music box instead of soul

and if to unbutton the neckband of your shirt

everything will become a Music

girl with poetical appearance

you have the unreadable poems underneath your dress

you have a poetic box instead of soul

and if to untie the bow of your dress

everything will become a Poetry

boy with the music box instead of soul
keep your melodies in secret
walk amidst shadowdays

and as soon as you meet a girl with poetical appearance
don`t become embarrassed

thread it onto Music

girl with the poetic box instead of soul
keep your poems in secret
be attentive to strangers
and learn to see through the shirts
because when the boy with musical appearance came
all boxes will open

you will become a Music
you will become a Poetry
everything will become You


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