Дилора Мухторова

Дилора Мухторова

Родилась я в 1993 году Узбекистане.  Я – начинающая писательница. Интерес к этому виду творчества появился в прошлом 2012 году, после участия в международном литературном конкурсе «Золотая табуретка». Мне очень хотелось бы научиться писать такие истории, статьи и рассказы, которые учат других чему то, заставляют читателей задуматься и поразмышлять об окружающим нас мире, об образу нашей жизни и поведений.  Я  сама обожаю читать такие произведения. Хотя мой родной язык- узбекский, в этот раз вдохновение пришло ко мне на английском.


A fairytale for advanced grandkids

Once upon a time there lived two friends – Enru and Chiso. They studied in a high school. Enru was a hard-working and smart guy. He was very good at computers, at coding; he also loved Mathematics.  At school he did his best to get high grades on all subjects, but not always he succeeded in the subjects like chemistry and biology.  However, he never got angry about that. Enru tried to be gentle with everyone; people always said about him that Enru was a very kind boy. On weekends Enru worked and helped his family earn a living.

Chiso was also a very smart and handsome guy. He loved computer classes very much and always wanted to be the best in all subjects and in everything. It is good to strive for excellence, but if a person gets mad about that he is not the best in everything, or others are better than he, this person may start envying to them and this feeling was born in Chiso’s heart and started to burn it down every day when he sees that Enru is better than he at computers.  In order to make Enru sad and to revenge him, Chiso began sending him emails with viruses, threats and insults from anonymous e-mail addresses and creating new accounts and posting negative comments under Enru’s photos on Facebook.  Enru kept ignoring and blocking all these strange emails from this anonymous person and wondered to himself who that person is – who has so much free time, and spends it not on useful activities but on insulting others.

It lasted for 2 months, and one day Enru said to himself “WOW, this person keeps emailing me every day, and it is not just a stranger, he addresses his emails only to me and knows me very well. This person must be someone around me”. So Enru checked IP-addresses of these emails in order to find out whose IP-address these all emails are coming from and… Enru did not believe his eyes. He saw that all these emails were sent by his classmate- Chiso!  What a great disappointment, what a betrayal! Enru decided not to do evil to Chiso, although Chiso kept doing it to Enru for a long time. Enru wanted to talk to Chiso and ask why he was so angry at him.

One day after classes, Enru accidentally found a flash-drive on the floor in their classroom. There was no one, whom he could ask whose flash drive was that, as other people had already gone home. So he inserted it into his laptop and saw that this Flash-drive belongs to Chiso. There were all the projects and presentation of Chiso. Chiso was working on them for a quite long time. A very evil thought come to Enru’s mind:”Man, now you can revenge for all the insults, and evil that Chiso did to you, just copy to this Flash-drive a very dangerous virus, a virus which crashes down not only Chiso’s Flash-drive but his computer as well”.  Enru scolded himself for having in his mind, even for a moment, such evil thoughts and went to Chiso’s house to give him his Flash-drive.  Chiso smiled hypocritically and thanked Enru for bringing him his Flash-drive. Chiso was about to close the door, when Enru said: “Hey Chiso, wait a minute, please. I know that you have been sending to me threatening and insulting emails for a long time and I just want to ask you why you are doing this. Why are you angry at me?” Chiso was shocked. It was an unexpected fiasco, so he started to behave aggressively, naively believing that anger would help him to control the situation. He told Enru that he hates him because everybody respects Enru and he is better than he at computers.  “It really irritates me, I always blame myself that I cannot do the things that you do”, – Chiso shouted. Enru listened to him calmly and answered with kindness: “Chiso, look, we are friends and I do not want to lose my friend. You are a smart guy. You should understand that talents that everybody has are different. Maybe I am good at computers as you told, but you are also good at other fields; however this does not mean that you cannot succeed at computers.  Let’s not envy but help each other. With an impure heart no one can truly succeed”.

Enru with his kindness and love helped Chiso to see his talents and with pure heart to strive to achieve success. They became really good friends after that.

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