Morozov Alexey

Foto M.A.Закончил Московский авиационный университет. Инженер. Руководил испытаниями ракетной техники. Во время войны во Вьетнаме обучал вьетнамских зенитчиков боевому применению ракет. Инвалид. В Англии мне изготовили протез. Закончил Московский педагогический университет. Историк. Работал Директором Христианского лицея. Работал в издательстве “Протестант”. Член Союза Писателей России. Пишу рассказы, романы, стихи и пьесы. В России издал два романа, четыре рассказа, одну пьесу и книгу стихов. На английском языке не публиковался. Рассказ “Follow me” перевёл на английский язык самостоятельно.

Graduated from Moscow aviation University. Engineer. Supervised the testing of missiles. During the war in Vietnam taught Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunners combat use off missiles. The disabled person. In England I have made prosthesis. Graduated from Moscow pedagogical University. Historian. He worked as the Principal of a Christian lyceum. Worked in the publishing house “Protestant”.Member of the Union of Writers of Russia. I write stories, novels, poems and plays. In Russia he published two novels, four short stories, a play and a book of poetry. In English was not published. The story “Follow me” translated into English independently.

Follow me


Once he saluted her and (what a miracle!) the woman bowed. Another time when he saw the charming Asian woman, Andrey held out a bar of chocolate taken from his own emergency ration (chocolate was a real luxury in Vietnam those days) under the barbed wire fence. When the woman approached the dainty, she stared at the lieutenant who blushed under her attentive gaze, laughed melodiously like a little bell, graciously took up the bar and went away royally.
The next day a soldier on duty brought Pushmin a small parcel wrapped in a palm leaf and explained that some woman had left this for him at the entrance check-point. Andrey unfolded the leaf and saw a tube of tooth-paste and a pack of American water-purifying tablets. This was a luxury indeed! The battalion lacked basic hygienic means – water was delivered once a week in rusty tanks, half of soldiers and officers suffered from shitters. Partisans who came back for a vacation from Southern Vietnam, used to barter such a trophy pack for 2 sacks of rice. One tablet disinfected 20 liters of any water. The lieutenant lost his head completely. Nobody had ever taken care of him with such great consideration. He started waiting for a chance to get to know her better and probably open his heart to her. And he soon got his chance.
He was appointed officer of the day and suffered at the entrance check-point, trying to hide from the burning sun, when suddenly he noticed his all-in-all. She was walking in the company of village girls and chatting. Suddenly the alarm sounded. Neplokh rushed out from a tent in underpants and ran to the launching site. An air raid. The girls scattered running in all directions and jumped into the ditch along the road. The beauty was left alone standing. She turned her head around helplessly as if searching for protection. And the lieutenant made up his mind. He opened the gate and shouted: ‘Follow me’. The woman approached. Pushmin grasped her hand and they quickly got down into the darkness of a bomb-shelter. He stopped not knowing what to do next, but feeling that something was going to happen between them. The first explosion rumbled above. She pulled out some secret lace out of her clothes, gnawed it apart with her pearl teeth and her dress fell to her feet. He almost suffocated: a Sheer Beauty was standing in front of him! She threw her arms around him and whispered between the kisses: ‘Faster, faster…’. The lieutenant considered himself as an experienced man. He had already had 2 affairs. The first one with a girl from his class in school when he was doing his 10th year, the second one with a female cook at the Air Defense college – besides the short visits to the Vietnamese nurse. But what he was feeling now, bore no comparison with anything else. It was neither love nor sex, and certainly not a bonk. It was a complete unity of two bodies and a formation of a new Almighty Being. For half an hour he felt himself a Creator making a new form of existence. At that time Pushmin knew nothing about Kamasutra, qedeshas, joy therapists, or virtually about any such things, but he understood that he had proved to be a whippersnapper before this Goddess. The miniature Asian lady captured his big body, controlling him imperiously, and he submitted totally to this irresistible power. Despite his admiration, and probably because of his humbleness, Andrey’s pride was hurt. Suddenly he wanted to sting her, let her feel that she had bargained herself away. With his fist he knocked out a wooden board from the food store wall, pulled out two cans of stewed meat and put them on her knees.
– You lady-killer? – she murmured surprised.
– Do you think I am light-minded? – replied Andrey.
She understood what was happening in his soul, only after the wire gate was closed after her. The woman turned and looking mockingly at the rumpled and defeated lieutenant she said: ‘Blooming fool!’
The next day Pushmin got a roast – was blown up by the captain (from where this story is beginning), and after some time it seemed to him that his life returned to normal. But it only seemed so. The poison of love had already penetrated his blood, overcoming his will-power, his physical forces and remnants of his masculine pride. From the food store keeper the lieutenant got half a sack of rice in exchange for a double-edged dagger taken from the body of a shot-down New Zealander, then wrote a humble letter to her, in which he offered her everything a man in love could offer and mentioned his full name, rank, Moscow address and telephone number. On his way to Vietnamese gunners he pulled up beside her straw hut in the village and threw the sack into the open doorway. When he made sure that the sack reached its destination, Andrey drove away. No reaction from her followed.
Andrey caught a scared monk in the jungle and had great difficulty in explaining himself, but managed to talk the monk into giving over to the witch a golden watch received by Andrey as a present from his parents on the day he got the lieutenant grade – it was his only treasure. The Vietnamese lady did not appear.
Then a wild plan appeared in Pushmin’s head: he would creep into the village at night and rape the sleeping Asian beauty who was so insolent. But the inevitable destiny soon put an end to the story. One morning the lieutenant was summoned to the entrance check-point. When he came nearer, he saw his beloved beside the gate with the usual reed fancy bag in her hands.
– Follow me, – she said. Pushmin couldn’t believe his ears.
– Follow me, – repeated the beauty. Neplokh came up, his hands playing with a bamboo stick equipped with a sharp arrowhead.
“Follow me, follow me!” the Vietnamese woman was almost shouting. The captain filled his lungs with air, getting ready to say everything he thinks about Andrey, but suddenly he waved his hand and said in a low voice: “I give you half an hour. If you are not back in time – you will undergo court-martial. I mark the time”.
They were running in a random direction. The Vietnamese woman was leading Andrey somewhere deep into the jungle. Finally, they stopped breathing deeply. Suddenly, six “Phantoms” came roaring above them on a low-level flight, the air wave bending the trees. The Vietnamese antiaircraft guns started firing, but too late. “They missed them, – Andrey thought, – Now our battalion will be knocked out. Our guys won’t have time to turn the antennas”. And he made a step towards his battery. The woman opened the top of her bag with a click, and a cobra crept out of the bag and placed itself behind the lieutenant. He made another step. The cobra raised its head threateningly, opened its hood and hissed. “Well, – Pushmin thought, – at least I will die as a man, and not as a shit-head hanging myself in the toilet of the court-martial”. So, guarded by the cobra and hearing the uninterrupted explosions of missiles they started copulating like monkeys, spreading sperm and spittle around, terribly abusing each other in their native tongues, thus getting more and more excited and taking the most obscene postures that their flexible bodies could permit them to. Then silence fell, and the cobra disappeared.
Deliriously, Pushmin started running towards the battery, while putting on his uniform on the move. He saw Neplokh first, who was lying on his back squeezing the bamboo stick in his hands. His body was torn in two. There were no missiles, no people at the launching site, there was no site either. A huge pit was gaping where the battery had been. The ground was still falling. The whole place was stinking. Only the inexorable sun was stubbornly sending its burning rays towards the ground.
‘She knew, – the thought flashed through Pushmin’s head, – she saved me, but did not want to save the guys’. He pulled out his pistol and rushed back to the jungle to kill his beloved.
A week later, a Vietnamese patrol found Andrey covered with scars and scratches.

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