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I am an open, friendly person with many interests in life, including writing, foreign languages study and international relations. I like to express myself in many ways. Which makes my life bright and awesome.

First day of my life


First day of my life


 It was a dark, lonely night, I only heard that someone is calling my name. I woke up from the sound of an echo, he was there I realized. He and the gangs were already looking for me. What he was? In fact, just a usual cop, the one you meet every day in the city streets. But now he looked to me more than that.  He was the darkest power leader, wanting to kick someone called me. And I had no time to wait. It only meant for me to run, run without stop..

                                                              Chapter 1.

 Awaited trip.

 Before it’s important to say who am I. My name is Tora. I was born in a usual family. My mom is a nurse at the hospital, currently working in Sweden. And dad is a University professor. They both are my best friends. I also have an identical twin sister, Julie. We are very close, but have different characters. We like to spend our time with friends, but I’m more into my hobbies, while Julie is a young scientist. We are both a great contribution to our family. Excited, but my life started at the local hospital in Stockholm just a few minutes before my sister’s. We were born at the same day, but have such astonishing parallel diagonals in our lives.

 My biggest interest I put into is my work at the police department. I studied Criminal science and can say that it’s all I ever wanted to do in life. First, I decided to work at the economic crime department, but then moved to criminal investigation. How I supposed, my work got filled with different level of what people call “danger”. Burglars, killers, abusers and drug control. It’s just to name a few. Now I’m moving toward making final reports based on the first-hand evidence. It helps me not to put it into the long list of awaiting a final review. First, I get the evidence, then try to use logical techniques and to identify potential criminals, which could hide so well, you never know. So, better to keep my eyes open on whatever comes to my hands.

 Second, I’m really eager to get the final verdict exposing a person convicted of a crime. It means that if he is guilty, he has to take the burden. It’s my personal belief and I’ll never be settled with the option of non-obligatory work suspense. Well, it shows my devotion and it played a huge role in my life further.

 And also, it’s only for today that I plan to concentrate on something important. Like being at home with my family. Oh, here she goes: “-My dear sister, what do we have to do for today? Just to rest at home? Or any other plans?”. “Hmm.. let’s go to play tennis! I’m willing to! Since it’s my day-off.”  -“Good, I bet you win! According to the tone of your voice, it is obvious.” –“Yes, absolutely, Jul”. Then I raised myself and smiled. I knew we would have a great time. Both me and she.  Then Julie left to our mother’s room.

And then at that moment I got a call from Robin, my chef of department. –“Hello, how are you today? I’ve got some news for you.”-“Hi, Robin, what’s up? Do you have something good to say”. –“Obviously, I have a new task for you. Do you remember Mr.Simple? He is our biggest suspense in a terrorist attack happened last month.“-Unfortunately, I do. Was he found?”.  –“Yes, now at Lebanon. A long lasting effort need its ends to meet. And you have to be sent for his rescue over there.” –“I’m looking forward to find what’s the place of his residence”. –“Then come to the office in the morning, and we’ll discuss the details”. –“Till soon, Robin”.

How can we find him? He is a genious of conspiracy! But if it’s him who needs to be found, I’m ready to go! I felt notorious and only had a slight touch of concern to my familiy. What will happen to mom then? I wished she would understand. I came to her door to knock and heard: -“Tora, I was told you both go to play tennis”. “Yes, Maam. And there are some news- I’m sent to Lebanon this week.” –“I was hoping to hear that you stay with us, and then.

But nothing from my side, if you fell like going, then go!”. She sighed, but she always supported me in my work-related tasks. Now this one was so special for me!

Clinch.. and I hear like a ball is flying from my rocket to Julie’s. How often we could play tennis together from the time we were small. And now this one is like a last one. I felt resistant and shallow during our game. She is my twin sister and we both need to help each other. How good! Wish I could come back in one day and never leave!

Chapter II.

On the road to Lebanon

Missing them already! But… time to fly away! I was standing at the airport touching the window, and then I was called to come to the air-gates. Time to leave, but not for too long.

-“Miss Lettel! You are awaited for a passenger’s control”. I came and handed my passport. The lady put a stamp and transferred my luggage. How ready I felt and how glad we could pass the border. My companion Danny set close to me and smiled. –“All I ate for today was a plate of a boiled rice.” –“Me, I didn’t dream about eating”.  He laughed and turned back to the window. I tried to look through some journals, but it wasn’t what I looked for. I ordered a drink.

 After an hour I heard a voice saying: “-Please, fasten your seat belt! We are going through a turbulent zone!”. I heard it through my dream: “- Turbulence. It’s a long trip.” Then, for a couple of hours, I sat reading a journal.”-Miss, would you like something to eat?”.   Another half of an hour.  I raised and realized we are landing! Lebanon is there and I’m about to get out from a plane. Exciting! Long trip is over, soon he will be caught! Sigh..

 Then I got out from the plane. We waited for about an hour in a queue and were allowed to enter the airport. My colleague was singing. I listened to him and imagined where we could catch our suspect. He was a well-known conspirator. How we could accomplish our goal it’s a mystery. For we planned for 2 years, and we lost his trace. He is supposedly close to Beirut, just 20 kilometers away. I’ve looked the maps- it’s a huge mass of land, where he could be found in 12 hours if searched for.

 Now I only prayed I would be given exact instructions on him. What would be his companions, where he was seen last time. Never wanted to be late on the news, so I waited for a certain plan.

It’s a matter of time and also the best advice for me would be relax and wait what could happen. The large opportunities are usually hidden under the ice. When it melts, you see the cover underneath. What a big challenge. But Danny told me we have a certain plan we can accomplish. Thanking him in advance for now.

 The Arabian speaker met us in the terminal. We gathered a group of people, and then the speaker, Ahmed, turned his head towards the entrance gates. We looked around and followed him. He spoke to Danny, in Arabic a couple of words: -“We are allowed to go the local police station, they are ready to cooperate. You only submit your details, and will search for him in our database. He is supposedly based in a hospital in South Lebanon.” –“Good. Me and my assistant, Ms.Lettel, are ready to take the steps toward the internal review. Hoping, we can go to this area in the morning”. We were both tired, but optimistic enough. My expectations were confirmed next day. The guy under cover was in fact Mr. Simple. But no one knew he had falsified documents. That one guy is such a coward, we never expected him to reveal, even when being caught. My highest concern was whether he changed his physical personality to unrecognizable sizes. How good it would be to have some proof that he made these changes.

 Once we got to the police station, our colleagues proofed that he is really a traitor. He only seemed to be John Simple, but in fact, no longer he was. He looked like one of those terrorists on the screen, Abdul al Farradjee. That was easy to see he no longer believed in anything related to Christianity. But I recognized his main business- drug control and sales. What it meant we could tell by his history. Long traffic miles and no sign of any kind of legal activity. Danny inspected his criminal record:-“So, our guy is almost caught. Everything is confirmed, and Tora, we go to the South next week. Thanking to God!”. –“I’m always surprised with your intellectual capabilities, Dan. But wasn’t he going to any surgery hospital on his trips?”.  I laughed a bit, then Dan only moved his eyebrows. Eyes were deeply raised in a surprise. We have to stay here a little longer. I knew Dan was even more puzzled now. –“He also had a partner for a drug trafficking in a police station in Lebanon. I will tell you later about it.”. I listened and didn’t want to believe it.

In the morning he woke me up with an alarm clock. I’ve raised from my bed and got to the bathroom. There were some changes in the place we stayed, it was now showing me signs of reluctant solitude and cleanness. There was a cleaning lady recently, and she helped us to get the things in order. That’s what happened in the last few hours. I started to search for my computer-we had too many things to do. First, I’ve looked through the manual on the physical appearance identification. If the person was able to make a surgery, we could compare his looks with the previous ones, and make a decision on how he might look now. Some people were really good at those changes and I was about right on the way that Mr. Lettle, now Abdul looked like.

It was the glory of my monthly experiments with the database and correlations, before I figured out what was done. His cheek bone was moved a little from the natural place, and his eyes were now thinner than usually. The arms of the plastic surgeons made it happen for him. I only wondered how much did it actually cost him. Maybe with the help of the local terrorists he got financial support and went to California? Everything is possible, I can tell he definitely changed his name officially. As I saw his new name appeared in the local police database, that I got an access too. Hopefully, we could really find him very soon. I even called to the last hotel of his residence.”-  You have reached the Bengral hotel, if you know the extension number, please, dial.” –“Hello, Miss, I’m a police officer Tora Gernwaald, we are currently looking for our suspent, Mr. Abdul al Farradjee, he is the one being searched for the drug abuse crimes. Did you ever hear of him staying in your hotel?”. –“Well, yes, I did. I can find you the details of his staying with us for 5 days last week.” “-Was he staying on his own? What if I could visit you for some questions to investigate it?”. “-I’m available for your visit every day till 18:00. Hoping to see if my contribution is going to be helpful.”  “-Certainly, we’ll visit you during the next week. Thank you!”. –“Welcome, Miss”.

  We both had to run for a meeting with colleagues, which lasted for about an hour. Dan asked a couple of his questions. I listened and then heard like one of the officers told us about his colleague- Edward Rutch, who worked with them before. “-Now I understand, he was the one to enter the information into the database, so I presume he needs to make his comments. If you allow us.” –“I’m very much sure he needs to be interrogated first. Then we can tell if he is helpful for us”. Have to make a decision again, how strange that even among police there’s always a feeling of a mistrust, arising at some points. And then I said: “-You have to give me his number, I’ll make an interrogation. With the script, I have to add.” –“Then it’s your responsibility, Tora, as I’m giving back my opinion only later on. Thank you for that.”. –“It’s just a matter of time, if he is connected with our man, we’ll get him pretty soon. The sooner, the better.” “-Yes, time to react for us!”.

 Next morning I met with the former policemen. He was very eager to talk, only stating that he knew Abdul was another person, but how did he know about it before. He was only working with the final information, not with the whole bunch of details. So, I tried to realize why was he silent, if he knew and where could he find the connection. In Lebanon? Quite unexpectable. So, seemed to me that somewhere in Europe. Or in the US, but they had a slight interest in it. So, whatever happens next, I’m willing to hear their comments. It’s a consecutive process, but now I felt the link was broken, so what next might happen.

 For me nothing seemed impossible, and as I went together with Dan to pass the hotel entrance, the woman on reception treated us greatly: -“Please, Miss Gernwald, sit down, I’ll show you the notes.” “-He was here, I can tell. But what else can you add? Was he staying here lately in the nights, or was he here the whole time??”. “-The whole day he was going to different meetings, only coming back at noon and then again after 18:00.” “-That’s how it shows he was actually the one to spread the drugs, I need you to give me contacts of the taxi company, where he used to travel with.”.  Now looking for that. Arabic continental company told us they are the one regular company, where he used to rent a taxi. “-What kind of a driver? Did you see any strange packs with him? Was he holding anything?” “-I’ve only seen a big package of something strange in his hands, sort of liquid. And then nothing else suspicious”. “-Thank you for telling. Did he stay in a cafes, or bazaars? Where exactly?”. “In a bazaar. Then in the lobby of the hotel Continental”.

 I looked at Dan and he seemed to process the information he got. “-I’m the one to say we have to find his opponents. Then, we can go to catch him”. –“Yes, he has many ties with the police, I feel we have to find it out too.”

                                          Chapter 3.

I have to do it, I need to find Abdul. Where ever he is. “-Now, Tora, I heard Dan talking to me, darling, I just wanted to tell you that it doesn’t matter if you either put your clothing for drying or keep it wet, as here it’s so humid in Lebanon, that it doesn’t get too dry..”. I stood and looked at the windows. There was a siren singing. It turned out that it shouted twice, before I heard a clasp. Bamsss.. Something huge has landed!

 Dan ran to the door: “An attack! Tora, to the floor. Fast!” . I ran and sat down close to him. We were really amused that here, in the city center we were needed to somebody. To the group of terrorists. And most popular point here is that they usually came to show themselves on. Just to scare people

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