Kuvaev Denis

9253Куваев Денис Борисович родился в 1971 году в городе Николаев. Люблю путешествовать, рисую, пишу стихи и прозу. Жил по несколько лет в таких станах как Болгария, Италия, Канада, Украина, Россия. Последние два год проживаю в Париже. И вот, в России, в Горном Алтае, который я считаю своим домом, у меня родилась такая сказка, которую я представляю Вашему вниманию.

Kuvayev Denis Borisovich was born in 1971 in the city of Nikolaev. I like to travel, paint, write poetry and prose. He lived for several years in such countries as Bulgaria, Italy, Canada, Ukraine, Russia. The last two years I live in Paris. So, in Russia, in the Altai Mountains, which I consider it my home, was born this tale, which I represent to your attention.


Agnia’s Adventure


Agnia was standing in front of a huge oak with a big branchy crown. It appeared to her that two very big and attentive eyes were looking straight at her.

“Hello, Wise Oak!” Agnia addressed the oak.

“Hello, little girl,” the Oak answered. “I know why you wanted to see me. The wind already brought all your questions to me.”

“Yes, I would like you to tell me about good and evil.”

“I have lived here for many years, Agnia. For many years I’ve been trying to perceive the wisdom. My branches are so high in the sky and my roots are deep in the ground. The wind gladly talks to me and the creek tells me a lot. The earth which holds my roots tells me the secrets. Not many wise men can answer the question you are asking me. Sometimes you can easily tell evil from good. But in reality, you have to find a very thin line that divides them. This is why from time to time people fall into a vortex of life to master the verge of good and evil. I will give you the key that opens the door to understanding this question and everyone can find an answer to it. To do this, everyone needs to learn to listen to their heart. The KEY that opens the locks of all mysteries is hidden in your heart. The heart talks, but not everyone wants to listen to it. The heart even knocks, but not everyone wants to open to it. Learn to listen to your heart! It will always show you the line between good and evil!” The Wise Oak spoke with a triumph and the silence covered the whole forest for a few moments.

            Agnia was thinking of what was said and few moments later she asked again, “Now I know that the heart is a key to understanding of good and evil. But how can I see this ‘good’ and ‘evil’?”

“You can find good and evil in every country, my little girl. You are kind, and it means that you will see good in everything and good will be surrounding you in everything. An evil person will always see everything in dark tones and evil will be accompanying him. Since you so firmly decided to see and learn about good and evil you will have to decide to go on a very hard journey to the Sacred Land of Belovodye. The Land of Belovodye is the place where good lives. In order to get to that place, you will have to go through places where evil lives. The journey to the Belovodye has a lot of good and evil. The main thing you have to remember is to never be afraid of anything. Fear is something that does not belong to good. Therefore it can draw a lot of harm.  Fearlessness is a good power which teaches to defeat. This is why if you are not going to be scared of evil – the whole world will protect you. The journey to the Belovodye lies through a deep ravine. There you will find the first lesson of knowledge of good and evil. But always remember your heart – this is the most important thing!”

            “Thank you, Wise Oak,” Agnia answered. “I will go and see what there is in that ravine.”

            The little girl started her walk toward the deep ravine because she was always curious about anything unknown. Shortly after, a deep ravine opened in front of her eyes. When she came forward a little closer, she saw a little sheep which was peacefully grazing. Once it noticed the little girl, it shook, aimed its little horns toward the traveler, and dreadfully asked, “Who are you? Why are you coming here?”

            Agnia almost got scared, but remembered the conversation with the Wise Oak and silently and fearlessly looked at the little sheep. It was not expecting this bravery from a little girl, so it started to babble something looking all confused, “What is your nationality?”

            Agnia did not know how to answer this question because no one had ever asked her that before, and asked the little sheep, “What nationality are you?”

“My nationality is Sheep!” it proudly answered. “Sheep is the smartest nationality. If you are not sheep and you are a hedgehog of some kind, then I am not going to talk to you and I will not let you cross our border. All kinds of hedgehogs are crawling into our place and are sneaking around, deprive us of our places to live and take our jobs. Just like some kind of a cult. They are eating our grass and our mushrooms – you can’t escape them.”

“Where did you get it that Sheep is the best nationality?” Agnia asked.

“What do you mean where? Everybody in our ravine says so – they know for sure. They are ve-eeery smart. I am smart too. They also told me if I talk to anyone other than sheep, I will get a lot of stupid things from them. Now you need to tell me right away what is your nationality?  If you are not sheep and you are some kind of a hedgehog, look how many stupid things I have already gotten from you.”

“I cannot understand what you are talking about. I do not know what ‘nationality’ means, but I think that it does not matter what is your nationality as much as it matters if you are kind or not.”

“Well, if you do not know what your nationality is, then tell me what your religion is? Here they say that if you are not a part of our religion, we have to kick you in your horns.”

“But I do not have horns, nationality or religion! I have a heart and it beats and it talks to me.”

“So, what does it tell you?”

            Agnia thought for a moment, took a deep breath and said, “My heart tells me that no matter who you are – an ant, a flower or a little sheep – the same POWER lives inside of you. It makes your heart beat, it makes a flower grow from a seed, and it takes the little bird into the skies. So, why do you think that the POWER that moves your heart is better than other creatures?”

            The little sheep looked closely at the girl. His face has changed and it appeared to her that he understood something. Suddenly he began getting more and more transparent, and then, within a few moments, he disappeared into the air completely.

            Agnia was not surprised by what had happened and kept on walking…

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