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In the field of  literature I follow in my father’s footsteps, he is famous poet and writer of CIS. I write poems, stories and songs from my childhood, I have patents on a number of my poetry, prose and music collections that are written in Kyrgyz, Russian and English. I think that the main task of any work in any form and genre of art is to genuinely touch the human heart, in the mad bustle and killing pace of modern life make people stop at least for a few minutes, look, think about the meaning of what was happening around, encourage their reflection… And as William Shakespeare wrote: «It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves».


Socio – musical play

 GreTerra: to sell out and to be bought

by JisuElle



“We do the things we are fated to do… And our happy or sorry lot is predetermined long before our birth”, – these words streamline the lives of most if not all people of the world. A human being is used staying within certain limits of his essence and using objects surrounding him. He thinks that everything has its own goal centered around him: the fridge keeps his food, the microwave oven reheats his meal, and car is invented to make his travels comfortable… Man is right, though. And following this simple logic, politics serves to elevate him to the top, economics allows him to find a firm footing, justice helps him secure his well-being and culture raises his morale…. However, the real mission of these social phenomena is wider and deeper than we are able to grasp. If they had a chance to live independently and make their own decisions, maybe they would let us see our day-to-day activities in a different light.

So if we give them free play, how will they regulate their lives? There is belief that they will try to work for the welfare of the people. Anyway each one of them sees this weal in his own way.

According to present reality, working by the scheme “wares – money – wares”, the supermarket can become the best natural habitat for politics, economics, justice and culture. It should be their territory and be grand to enable them to move mountains. So this supermarket represents a sort of government house and goes under the name “GreTerra”. And our phenomena discharge their obligations in it. They are known as Phenomenads – Politican (politics – P), Moneyka (economics – M), Lawrence (justice – L) and Culturella (culture – C). Of course, man does not allow them to go completely without control and all the same he takes over GreTerra’s helm.

And now our story unfolds… The political, economic, legal and cultural characters – phenomena common to all mankind are ready to go through a struggle for existence and various mental tests. This process embodies inward and outward conflicts of all kinds, which come to the surface, become escalated and seek their own solution. The narration attains its high point when a character suggests his friends to listen to the song relating to their current situation.

Let’s see what will happen…. 

All Characters:

Politican – advertising stand, attracts

corporate clients and ordinary customers.

Moneyka – calculator, manages the cash desk,

does the bookkeeping.                                                                  All together

Lawrence scales, weighs goods.                                     they work at the

Culturella – fife, assistant manager.                                  supermarket

Mr. Presidy – the chairman of “GreTerra”.

Subversi young blonde lady, Mr. Presidy’s

probationer secretary.

Journo – bloom, janitor.


Investors; different teenagers, including drug addicted ones and juvenile delinquent; young loving couple; assassins; aged lady buyer; investigator; mysterious brunette lady; casino croupier; gang of three young people; different masses: insurrectionists, their active leaders, supporters, soldiers; unknown red-haired lady. 


1. Debatable reference

Characters: Politican, Moneyka, Lawrence and Culturella.


 Our heroes are alone in the supermarket on a cleaning day.

M: Ok, let’s rehearse our welcoming speech before tomorrow’s meeting with our investors.

C: Let me tell more about us. Our variegated oasis – the supermarket, which is situated in the heart of the fathomless capital-city of the universe-country, is called GreTerra. It is a sustenance centre, and it operates vital activities of all. It has its own charter, which is known as Constitutione. The name of GreTerra’s present chairman is Corrupeg Cowardes Presidy, we call him simply Mr. Presidy; his office is elective. Our supermarket is not large by territory but really mysterious and influential as are each of its residents. We are inhabitants of GreTerra and we are called phenomenads. And there are four main permanent dwellers. These are insolent fellow Politican, all-sufficient lady Moneyka, judicious but most of the time really tight-lipped gentleman Lawrence…

P: Yeah, of course, lady Moneyka is good, Lawrence is a positive hero, and solely I am a self-complacent negative guy… You want to just kick the ball into my goal. You break the playing rules, my dear… It’s terrible, you have to know how to play like “la-la-la”, it’s your job, ha-ha… And it’s interesting how are you going to characterize yourself: lovely, kind and beautiful?

C: Politican, why do you get angry at my descriptions?  I’m really an impartial phenomenad. Lawrence, say to him that I’m right, you can confirm my words because you are really good scales, you have a right to arbitrate us. Politican, you see, I call Lawrence wise but really silent, from my point of view it’s not good. And Lawry, you don’t mind, do you? And you Politican are too garrulous and overt for everyone, it’s also not attractive…For example, I can describe myself as a very sociable (not importunate) but frivolous girl, oh, by the way, my name is Culturella. Moneyka, take part in our discussion…

M: Guys, let’s stop this unpleasant and senseless talk. Each of us has his own white and black side. I suggest going on with our self – description. Culturella, if you don’t mind I will carry your work.

C: My dear Moneyka, I don’t mind, you are welcome. You are right, our disagreements are silly. You have guessed everything the right way; you are an unmatched expert at this.

M: So, as you already know, there are four of us: Politican, Culturella, Lawrence and me. We are old friends. You see, Politican is a splendid Advertising Stand, Culturella is a pin up Fife, Lawrence is irreconcilable iron Scales and I am Moneyka, an accurate and provident Calculator. My dear, don’t take it as a boast, I’m really a reliable calculator 😉

C: Yes, you are a top-level calculator, but I don’t understand why you admire Politican, calling him “an excellent advertising stand”, he is so bombastic?!

P: Fife, and you are a lickspittle, you permanently impose your friendship on Moneyka, and you try to follow her wherever she goes… If to talk about me, I am always popular and have enough funds to be independent. Nowadays everyone needs a good verbal promotion and it works 100% of the time; sometimes it seems that you envy me, the position I have achieved…

C: Politican, you talk nonsense… Firstly, I have never bothered Moneyka, I don’t need it; secondly, you always have your nose in the air. By the way, you strut just like a peacock in front of Moneyka and everyone else.

L: Guys, don’t start again, what is the point?

M: Lawrence, you are right, why have you kept your silence up to now? You are good scales… So, weigh Politican and Culturella’s arguments and settle the dispute between them. Let them at last become quiet.

L: Dear Moneyka, it makes no sense at all to gain an understanding of their argument. Each of them will remain with his own opinion. As many phenomenads, as many points of view. The main thing is saving order and finding a compromise.

P: Oh, and now our blameless Lawrence will read us a lecture about our social rights and forbearance to our nearest and dearest… It’s the same old story…

C: My dear Advertising Stand, you are envious… Lawrence is an excellent talker, sober-minded man and you are a light-weight, in this case you are irritated by his reasonable words.

P: Oh my god, you are a real intruder, and you don’t even feel shy about it. Now you decide to set to Lawrence. Great! Maybe, I’ll have a rest from your caustic remarks.

C: Politican, you are really narcissistic. Ok, I don’t want to argue with you. I will follow Lawry’s advice and won’t pay any attention to you.

L: Moneyka, you see, as I said they continue sorting out their relations and each acts up to his own opinion…

M: I see, Lawrence. However, we have to do something to reconcile them with one another. We should live in peace.

L: Culturella, if you don’t mind taking my advice, I ask you to be broad-minded and take the first step on the way to reconciliation…