new1I’m writer and the winner of the first prize in International Contest for Asian Creative Story – 2012 (Korea). I’ve published nine novels in Russia.



The blurb: “Not any eagle-owl flying into your window at night is the envoy of the enigmatic Prince. Not any girl, like Angelica, will dare to a long and dangerous travel to the mysterious Kingdom of Night. But the promises must be carried out! Even if for this purpose it is necessary to become the girlfriend of Goblin, to go down to the Underworld, to meet with blood-thirsty pirates and Sandy snakes. It is good to have two souls, but sometimes you need to give your one soul to seal a portal to the Other-world…”


Angelica, 16-year-old girl, who by chance finds herself in a mysterious Kingdom of Night, where she falls in love with Prince Edward. However, in the body of the Prince is the soul of Goblin’s King Swein.

The girl asks the witch Margo to return the soul of Edward into his body, and the soul of Swein – into his. It is required the blood of a vampire for the ritual, and the girl goes to the vampire’s ball, where she meets their ruler – Lord Arthur. She gets the blood and Margo carries out the ritual. Angelica begins to understand that at the same time she is in love with three men: Edward, Swein and Arthur.

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of the Kingdom the pristine evil breaks out of the caves. To stop it Margo asks Angelica, Edward and Swein to find her brother witch-pagan Huron. Because of an accident Swein remains in the Kingdom, and Edward and Lica go after the witch.

After many adventures, our heroes arrive to the country, where Huron lives. Angelica scarcely avoids harem of one rich nomad, and Edward nearly is lost after a meeting with the beasts of the desert – the sand’s snakes. However, having overcome all difficulties, the Prince and Lica find Huron and persuade him to go to the Kingdom of Night.

For the final battle with the forces of evil Swein, Edward and Arthur gather their armies, and Huron prepares a pagan ritual. But the affairs don’t go according to their plan, and Angelica has to enter into a deadly fight against evil and to save her friends.

Очень плохоПлохоУдовлетворительноХорошоОтлично (79 голосов, средний бал: 4,34 из 5)