Hope Silver

serebrennikova-27 лет назад работала журналистом в отделе социальных проблем одной солидной питерской газеты и регулярно выдавала статьи на заданные темы. Но когда жизнь стала напоминать расписание, мне очень захотелось убежать. Вместе с мужем и двумя детьми в конце 2013 года мы перелетели на другой конец света, в Калифорнию, где я стала писать только о том, о чем хочется: мой блог о нашей жизни в Америке, короткие рассказы, где оживляю самые обычные предметы, а также истории для детей.

I love changes and traveling and cannot work within limits for a long time. After I stopped being journalist in one respected but boring newspaper in Saint-Petersburg I became a freelancer and felt myself so free as if I was Jonathan Livingston Seagull I wrote my first novel novel “Born, Against All Odds”.
When I moved to California in 2013, I write only about things I want to: stories, for kids and adults and my blog.

Перевод произведения “Родиться вопреки”

Born Against All Odds 


The novel Born Against All Odds  is written in the first person – by the soul of an invisible baby – one of the many souls who have to choose their future parents.

Having seen and fallen in love with a charming and cheerful girl named Lera, the soul of a boy decides that she is the one who must be his mother. To his misfortune however, Lera’s boyfriend does not want to have children with Lera, causing her to choose abortion. According to the rules, because of his error in judgment, the boy loses the ability to choose his parents during the next 2 years and completely loses the opportunity to re-select Lera as his mom.

During this period of time (again, according to the rules), the soul of the boy becomes an assistant to a guardian angel, one who doesn’t seem to be able to handle his duties well. His “boss” gives the little boy soul the task of protecting three people. While performing the tasks assigned to him, the little soul encounters Lera, the woman he once longed to become his mother, but now, can no longer see.

There are three stories in the book, each of them about birth. The novel describes two planes: the earthly and heavenly. Guardian angels and the souls of unborn children are completely real, and even though people cannot see them, they can sense that they are close by.

The soul of the boy not only fights against his own challenges, but he also fights to be with his mother, who he loves and wants to provide with a second chance. The boy decides to break the rules and follow his heart, no matter how great the obstacles he faces.

This book comes full circle: it begins with the birth of a child, who in his early days is able to remember what happened to him while he was a soul, and ends with his birth as well.

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