Giorgio Fiacconi

On the 20th Januray 2012, Giorgio Fiacconi launched his semi autobiographical book “Kyrgyzstan, 20 Years of Independence: Between Scandals and Corrupt Elite”.

The book chronicles not only the birth of an independent sovereign nation, The Kyrgyz Republic, and its struggle to come to terms with a forced separation from its communist parent, the former Soviet Union, a foundling seeking to establishment a new governmental constitution based on democratic principles and a quest for a national identity, but also the trials (at times literally!) of a businessman with a vision to see opportunities, with a bravery of his own conviction to invest considerable sums of money in a country at a time of great uncertainty economically. It’s a story of love and hate, success and despair. But mostly of love for this smallest of Central Asian countries and a loathing for those elite power brokers who have, through their selfish and avaricious actions, stalled socio-economic development, foreign investment and impoverished their own people, materially, educationally and health wise.