Felix Mort

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Musical Evening

an excerpt of the story

...- She began to hate me after this -  A short pause. A smile. - I don't regret anything, don't feel any inconvenience even if you're thinking now that I'm a scum. You know, for me it's alright. It's OK. I had been doing this with many other people, and I remember, at the same time, each of them. I store them in my memory as trophies, I even don't know why. Just as it is...

- They were special.

- Like you, but I... Don't think I'm doing to do the same with you. Because I've told you and therefore you're protected… I need you.

- It sounds phony - Will laughed looking at me.

- Now I feel inconvenience for this.

- So, shut up. It's easier.

I paused. In silence now proceeded the day, chocking because of the lack of air, which, in the summer is like a fish bone in a throat.

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