Dina Mukhamedzyanova

10731050_10204879490894578_5583801779303694315_nМухамедзянова Дина Шамильевна.
Родилась в 1983 г. в Казани. Пишу стихи с 1994 года.
Поэт и переводчик c английского и испанского языков
Член ЛИТО КГМУ Белая Ворона с 2002 года
2003 г. – Лауреат фестиваля имени Вероники Тушновой «Галактика Любви»,
2004 г.: – финалист онлайн конкурса «Voices Net» ( США) за написание стихов на английском языке( «First Fiddle», «Guardian Angel»).
– II место на конкурсе «Talent Show» в городе North East штата Мэриленд (США) за прочтение стихов «First Fiddle», «Guardian Angel».
– финалист конкурса переводчиков «Казанский форум» за переводы стихов Пабло Неруды и Генриха Гейне.
2006 г. – победитель конкурсов испанской поэзии в рамках недели испанского языка в КГУ за переводы стихов Густаво Адольфо Беккера
2009 г. – победитель конкурсов испанской поэзии в рамках недели испанского языка в КГУ за переводы стихов Федерико Гарсия Лорки
2013 г. – Победитель конкурса поэтов и чтецов “Во весь голос”.
2014 г.- Дипломант XVI Открытого творческого фестиваля “Галактика Любви” в номинации «Специальный приз фестиваля».

Dina Mukhamedzyanova. Born in Kazan in 1983.Poet and translator from English and Spanish.Winner of Spanish poetry translation competitions : works of Gustavo Adolfo Bequer (published in Granada in 2006) and Federico Garcia Lorca (2009). Winner of special prize of the Festival “Galaxy of Love (Galaktika Lyubvi)(2014) and winner of poetry competition “At the top of one’s voice”(2015)


The Tehran tragedy



Alexander Griboedov, Russian writer and diplomat

Nina, the wife of Griboedov

Prince Abbass Mirza younger son of Fath Ali Shah

Maltsov, secretary of Alexander Griboedov,

Mirza Yakub, eunuch in Shah’s harem

Sashka, the servant of Griboedov

Armenian women

The mob of religious fanatics


Act I

Persia. XIX century.The mint of Prince Abbass Mirza.A cold stony building, which bears similarity to a grave.Enters Griboedov.



(To himself)

It’s getting dark. The palace is like a grave,

It’s full of ghosts and evil’s everywhere…


Enters Abbass Mirza and makes a formal bow to Griboedov.


Abbas Mirza

Just be my guest. The Mint is rather safe.

Don’t be afraid of darkness…



(Trying to hide his anxiety)

I don’t care…


Abbas Mirza


Oh, no, you do. I’ve seen it in your eyes.

They cannot lie. You seem a bad pretender…


You are afraid! Someday you will surrender…



(To Abbass Mirza)

Oh, no, Prince.

The Mint seems rather nice…


Abbass Mirza


Oh, no it was! It’s ruined by the War.

And poverty is knocking at the door,

(Looking coldly at Griboedov)

You know, it’s true and Persia is broken,

We cannot pay. It seems too much for us.

(Showing the way to his caskets, taking the diamond Shah in his hands and trying to give it to Griboedov)

Talk to the Tsar and give it as a token

Of my respect and loyalty…

In spite of his expectations, Griboedov doesn’t take the diamond. His love for Russia is greater than Mirza’s lust for money and the price he should pay for it is his life. He would sacrifice himself for the prosperity of his country, although the diplomacy seems treacherous. He always knew that his diplomatic mission in Persia is rather an exile than any kind of honorable commitment. Griboedov was a friend of Decembrists who stepped out against the Tsar in 1825. Although he didn’t take part in the rebellion, he was considered to be a dangerous person. So he was sent to Tehran intentionally, the Persians hated him afterThe Treaty of Turkmenchay.It was signed on February 21, 1828 by Abbas Mirza, the crown prince, and Allah-Yar Khan Asaf al-Daula, chancellor of Fath Ali Shah, on behalf of Persia, and General Ivan Paskievich representing Imperial Russia. By According to Article 6, Iran promised to pay Russia 10 korur in gold or 20 million silver rubles (in 1828 currency). Gridoedov was one of the persons responsible for the Treaty.





You’ll have to pay. The Treaty is in force.

There is no way in spite of your remorse.


Abbass Mirza


There is no way?! My people have to starve!

All Russian seem just slaves of golden calf,

Your hearts are stones. Your promises are fake…

That stupid war!



(To himself)

It was a great mistake

To leave Tiflis and then come to Tehran!

(To Abbass Mirza)

The case seems hard and something should be done…

I’ll try to write. That’s everything I can…


Abbass Mirza

(Trying to flatter but fails)

Just tell the Tsar. He’ll be New Solon then,

Just let him judge, his politics seems clever.

God give Him joy and bliss that lasts forever…



(With all his heart)

God give Him joy, I wish you just the same.

We need no war and life is not a game

We used to play in our childhood gladly,

And all your words which sound rather sadly

I understand. In Russia life seems hard;

It gives much pain and sorrows in my heart.

I love my Land and people I adore

Have suffered much because of silly war!


Abbass Mirza

(Almost laughing)

You love your land but nothing in return.

It gives you then, just banishment and scorn.

You’d give your life and last drop of your blood

To keep it safe… Your mission is too hard…



So here I am. Decembrists are on trial.

Ambassador, but living as exile…

That is my fate and Persia is my grave!

I’ll give my life to make my country safe

And all my blood, and love it till the end…



Abbass Mirza

(Looking fixedly at Griboedov)

Diplomacy is treacherous, my friend!

Someday you’ll be the hostage of the Treaty,

That work of yours will kill you. It’s a pity!



(To Abbass)

Perhaps, it will. God save you and Tehran!

(To himself)

So I’m in trap, there’s no way to run!


Griboedov gives a formal bow and leaves the room.



Act II


Persian night. The city sinking into the darkness… The wary steps near the house of Griboedov. Enter Armenian women guided by Mirza Yakub


1st woman

(Standing on her knees)

Oh, God, please, help and do not let us die,

Show mercy now, to shelter show the way,

Oh, please, be kind and try to hear this cry

Of broken heart, oh, please, don’t let this day

To be the last and save us from the chase!


2nd woman

(With all her heart)

Without your love the Earth seems empty space,

You are the one to stay with us in grief,

Show mercy, please, Almighty, and relief

Is what we need in this hostile town?

Oh, Jesus Christ, oh, please, don’t let us down…


Mirza Yakub

(Coming up to Griboedov house)

No time to pray, let’s try to enter here,

We’ll be safe. The embassy is near!


Mirza Yakub is knocking at the door. The voice of servant heard from the backstage



(With displeasure in his voice)

Hey, who are you? What devil brought you here?


Mirza Yakub

(In a low voice)

Armenians…Two refugees lived neаr;

We’ve just escaped from harem of the Shah.




It will just stir the wrath of their Allah…

They’ll try to haunt and then will cut your head,

Just come along. The Master is in bed …

I’ll fetch him now; the case is rather hard,

He’ll try to help. He has the greatest heart.


Enters Maltsov looking coldly at the servant.  He has been hiding his hostility for years, but this night made the cup run over



(Looking coldly at Sashka)

It’s late at night. You fool, what brought you here?

Just let us sleep, make shadows disappear!




There are no shadows, sir! These people are in danger!

They came for help…




But I’m an utter stranger.

For help they came, no money is to give.

Just tell those beggars that it’s time to leave,

Oh, what a shame! The paupers in this house!




Don’t make the noise! The master is in bed,

If not for him you would be like church mouse,

Whose lot would be to ask for crumb of bread!


Enters Griboedov with a candle in his hand



What’s all this noise? Explain to me you two!



(Not expecting to see Griboedov)

Oh, master, you? No reason for ado!

Two beggars came, I told them go to hell…




But that’s my place.



I thought it’s mine as well…




And you behave as well as Roman Pope

In Vatican, but it’s beyond the scope….


He brings the candle closer to the newcomers and sees the faces of crying women. Their sufferings touch his heart



(To women)

You are my guests; let no one make you cry!

Again in life. You’ll find a refuge here.

I’ll never let you suffer more and die!

Just pray the Lord, he always will be near…


1st woman

(Standing on her knees)

I’ll pray for you. God save you, holy man.

The greatest heart I’ve ever met in life….


2nd woman

(Seeing the wedding-ring on his finger)

God give you joy and bless your loving wife!




She is too far. Eternity it seems

A day without her! We only meet in dreams…

(To the servant)

Please, show the way to ladies and the stranger,

Let’s try to help to those who are in danger….


Everyone leaves, except Griboedov


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