Daryna Gladun

daryna_gladunМного путешествую. Занимаюсь благотворительностью (являюсь волонтером в фонде защиты собак «Happy Paw»; в прошлом году ездила в Индию, где обучала детей английскому языку).

С большим удовольствием смотрю футбол и чёрно-белые фильмы.

Творчеством занимаюсь в свободное время, то есть, очень редко.

Любимая книга: «Алиса в стране Чудес» Льюиса Кэрролла.

Личным достижением считаю 52 прочитанных страницы «Улисса» Джеймса Джойса.

I like travelling and travel a lot.

I like volunteering for charity organizations. For instance, in 2013 I’ve been to India (Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu) teaching English to local kids. Nowadays I am a volunteer at the ‘Happy Paw’ foundation.

I like watching football and old films.

I spend every free minute on writing so I do it rarely.

My favorite book is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (by Lewis Carroll).

I’ve read 52 pages of the book ‘Ulysses’ (by James Joyce) and think that it is my greatest achievement.


Part One



Two days ago was the end of the world.

Who would guess? [sarcasm]

I mean when else could it be?

If I were The End Of The World I would appear on the celebration of my own anniversary. That’s for sure!

Well, except I would probably wait till one thousand jubilee but five hundred is still Ok with me.

Although, personally I wouldn’t kill so many people.

I mean, yes, they do annoy me all the time and… they are rude… and cruel… and make a lot of mess around… BUT they can speak. (While all the amphibians who survived after the Global Flood can just silently open their mouths. That’s too bad for me – the only talking thing on this empty planet).

You know, it’s even a bit funny now but a few days ago Dr Carpenter (my creator) said he would kill me as I had become too expensive to keep.

He wanted to kill ME, a thinking creature like I was… a worm… or a butterfly… or a stupid goldfish who remembers only eight seconds of it’s useless life!.. Like… I’m just one of the animals, you know…

He said he would do it on the 22nd of December. And believe me, he would! As Dr Carpenter always does what he plans… Well, he used to do what he planned…

Now I miss him so much! He’s been a good man, you know… Well, he actually has! Before deciding to make my skeleton one of the exhibits of the GMO’s museum!

So… my feelings are… a bit controversial. On one hand, I miss my creator, on the other hand, I’m happy he’s gone. Actually, that’s the only reason why I’m still alive…

Unfortunately, I seem to be the only survivor.

I mean, fish and reptiles are alive by now but [for some unexplainable reason] they keep silent.

And all the talking-crying-screaming-shouting beings are just… gone.

Big waves had come after a huge hurricane. They’ve covered the tops of the mountains and buildings, destroyed all the ships… The submarines didn’t have enough oxygen and fuel to sail out as the sea level was unexpectedly high. Helicopters and planes had nowhere to land and have just fallen down into the water as soon as they were out of patrol…

How do I know that?

Actually, I’ve watched it online. In the lab. Till the computers died.

‘The End Of The World’ – the best documentary ever…

And the saddest one too.

My creator thought I can feel nothing as I’m just a half human. The other half is amphibians’. Well, I do look like Dr Carpenter except I have fins and gills and webbed fingers. And I’m covered with scales that look like human skin. But I do have legs. Like the other boys do (I mean, like the other boys did).

You know, I don’t breath the air. I actually can. But I don’t have to. I can also walk, run, jump, rude a bicycle, read, speak English, Spanish and French, use a knife and a fork… but all these skills are totally useless on this silent planet.

The only thing I can do is to wait someone to find me.

Or just travel and find someone myself.

Unfortunately, I don’t know many languages. So the only thing is left – to hope people I’ll find do know English… or Spanish… or French.

But you know, I’m afraid that I will forget how to talk in case I keep silent for a long time. That’s why I’m keeping you here, Abby [looking at the goldfish in the sealed jar]. Don’t worry, I’ll set you free when I’ll find someone else to speak with…

Maybe, I’ll meet a girl from Sweden. Do you know how your name will be in Swedish, Abby? [silence] Neither do I. Well… it doesn’t really matter as we are free now. And we can call ourselves however we want. For instance, you may call yourself Rebecca. Or Mary. Or Helen. But I will still call you Abby, you know.

And you may call me Jim. Or Christopher Robin. Or Santa Claus. Or even… Dr Carpenter! And… that’s kind of sad.

When you are alone all the usual staff means nothing. You change your priorities, wishes and even dreams.

Personally I used to dream about freedom. And now my only wish is to hear somebody calling my name.

Like Dr Carpenter did.

He called me HAC [human-amphibian creature].

And hearing my own name is the thing I really miss on this silent planet. You know, Abby [looking at the jar, noticing the fish is dead].

Oh, Abby!

 Part Two


 I was swimming and swimming and swimming all days and nights long. Through cold and hot streams. Seeing nothing and no one above. Just the waves… And the sky…

You know, the sky is so beautiful! And so peaceful.

It has seen all what have happened to people…

And all that people have done to the Earth…

All the World history. You know?

A lot of wars… and deaths… and injuries. But it still stays so calm and quiet. Maybe the sky knows something we don’t know. How do you think, my darling?

– Maybe, – answered the girl with webbed fingers. – Except I wish you don’t call me ‘my darling’.

– Why?

– Because that’s what my Doctor was calling me before making another experiment.

– So how should I call you?

– Eve… That’s how the Doctor called me when he was in a good mood.

– Eve… – said the boy slowly. – Eve… I like this name.

– And how should I call you?

– Adam.

– Is that your real name? – the girl smiled.

– Well, from now on it is…

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