Cristina Plamadeala

Я делаю свою докторскую степень в области гуманитарных наук в Университете Конкордия, Монреаль, и в философии, в EHESS, Париж.

I am doing my doctorate degree in humanities, at Concordia University, Montreal, and in philosophy, at EHESS, Paris.

Children’s book “Ally and Chick the Peak Are Friends”

Ally had a friend, a small, puffy friend name Chick the Peak. Chick the Peak liked to follow her around, wherever she went. In the garden, to smell the roses. In the orchard, to eat apples. In the fields, to catch butterflies. Wherever he went, Ally followed him along.

And so they spent summers after summers, under the warm sun, under the blue sky, under the green trees and beautiful flowers.

When I look at the Sun, you are mine forever, Ally sang to Chick the Peak.

When I look at the Sky, you are mine forever, Chick the Peak sang to Ally. And together, they were inseparable.

–Ally, said Chick the Peak once, will you ever stop being my friend?

–Never, said Ally.

–Never? Responded Chick the Peak.

–Yes, never, she assured him. Once a friend, always a friend.

–Ally, but how do you know I am your friend?

–I don’t know it. I feel it in my heart.

Ally and Chick the Peak always smell roses together, when they go to the garden. They eat apples when they go to orchards. They catch butterflies when they walk through the fields. Being a friend is being together, if not always together in the same place, together in one’s thoughts.

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