Бакыт Азимканов

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Бакыт АЗИМКАНОВ родился в Бишкеке и пишет с девяти лет на русском, английском и кыргызском языках. Вдохновлением ему служит его детство, которое прошло среди пастбищ Тер-Суу на Тянь-Шане и бассейн реки Кугарт в Ферганской долине; природа и взаимоотношения людей. Его мать писала стихи на русском, отец пишет стихи и прозу на кыргызском языке. Увлекается темой индивидуальной идентичности в условиях глобализации, путешествиями и кулинарией. В настоящее время занимается творческой деятельностью в Лондоне.




These are seven poems in English by Bakyt Azimkanov, a Kyrgyz journalist living and working in London, written during 2008 and 2012.


Through these poems, the author tried to express his feelings and thoughts about unhappy love, happiness, peace at heart and soul, conflicts, love, home, dreams and desires, children, travelling, tranquillity, chances in life and difficulties. The author tried to open his inner world by sharing his utmost and deepest emotions about matters that concern him the most.


The author writes in English, Russian and Kyrgyz languages. He wrote his first poem in English in 2008, many years after his first works in Russian and Kyrgyz.
My First


My friend, I love you for no reasons but only odd.

How much I wished you loved me but you do not.

To only cry myself to bed every lonely night –

You are caressing someone now, as I quietly write.


Why did we meet and form this bond?

For me to mask my feelings like I love thee not.

Or to pretend that we are friends but we are not.

Respond to me!

My heart is not of steel. It’s bleeding and it’s cut.


My soul mate, I am forever yours but your love is taken.

My heart is racing from just one look. My world is shaken.

Forgive me, my voice is trembling, I can’t continue faking.

My palms are sweating as I write. My heart is breaking.


It’s cold tonight. Some stranger is in your arms –

I only wish we were together as I close my eyes.

If you could only hear tears falling and my sighs.

No option left for me but keep my feelings in disguise.



November 14, 2008

London, United Kingdom


A Kiss on London Bridge


On the last day of this July,

We had our very first kiss.

But our eyes met a year before –

Your smile I cannot resist.


I did not have the courage,

To come and say hello.

And your surprise message,

Changed things forever more.


We walked along the River Thames,

Exchanging glances and a few smiles.

Your eyes of blue familiar yet enigmatic,

So pretty!

As if azure joined forces with turquoise.


On the cheek I gave you a tender snog,

And then all started – our lips were locked.

We could not get enough of us,

And continued kissing under stars.


We kissed goodbye and parted,

And then we did again at work,

As elevator engines started.

Und dein Lächeln macht mich

Sehr glücklich, liebe Schatzi! *


You breathed life into a stalled romantic me.

I cannot forget nor get enough of thee.

Oh, darling, if you only knew –

I fell so heavily for you.



August 4, 2009

London, United Kingdom


Bonjour Love and Loneliness Adieu


A gentle autumn mountain breeze lifts,

Yellow, orange and red falling leaves,

As cold November slowly creeps,

While cows freely roam on hills.


An unimaginable three months feel –

Like a journey of ages. So unreal!

Yet, it is always new, a fate,

A life that took us to Aldgate.


After Miranda’s wedding and more champagne,

My Schnuggi’s* tears fell on me like rain,

As she readied to jet off to Bahrain.

A few days later, we were on the banks of Rhine.


On a Saturday morning a jumbolino flew,

My heart raced faster as in Basel I’m soon due.

Over clouds and France I rushed through –

Finally, a touch down, and here I am bonjour!


Through dark tunnels I ran to you.

My love, I now say to loneliness adieu.

The World Report of CNN I turn on with a grump,

Under a warm blanket you utter “I want a hug”.


We’ll walk through road of life hand in hand,

You are my soul, my heart and my kismet.

I am forever yours, my gorgeous joy,

Please treasure and cherish our love, forstoi**?




November 5, 2009

Basel, Switzerland


Scarred Nation


What happened to our Home of Peace –

Once praised for Liberty and good deed?

Young lives lost but nothing gained.

Streets full of blood have scarred our Nation.


“Chaos in Kyrgyzstan” again a headline news.

It’s hard to watch, again, but it’s the harsh truth.

Political ambitions–wild and big, and greed,

Destroy the trust of our People in need.


In need of Peace and Freedom we are.

Our struggle is one!

Kyrgyz, Russian, Uzbek and all–united we are.

Justice needs to be done!


I can’t sit idle no more –

As provocateurs continue to roar.

And roam serene streets of

Osh, Jalal-Abad, Bishkek –

To turn them into stages of picket.


Death toll updates on television –

Like in the times of war.

In Unity and Peace we lived for ages so far.

Wake up! Come to your senses!


I plea to you, my fellow countrymen:

There is no ethnicity, religion, nation

Above the Human Race! We’re One!



June 11, 2010

London, United Kingdom


To My Unborn Child


I query myself if you are a girl or a boy,

I ponder what will be your favourite toy.

You are not even born but bring me joy,

I mull if you will be easy like me or coy.


You are not even born, my child.

I wonder if you’ll be like Adilet – wild,

Or like Anna – well-behaved child?

I will love you to bits, care, be kind.


To see you take a first step and walk,

To hear you utter a first word and talk,

I ask the fate for it around the clock.

You’ll be in my heart forever adored.


Will you call me papa, daddy or father? I wonder, I ask.

How will you look like? What colour will be your eyes?

Brown, hazel, azure, turquoise, green or colour of skies?

It doesn’t matter to me. I know you’ll grow up to be wise.

To give you only the best will be my number one task.


Last evening I thought of names for you,

Of all fun activities you and I will do:

Seeing the world and Schönbrunn Zoo.

We’ll have adventures, lots, just us two.


My love for you has no condition,

To raise you well will be my mission.

I am no typical father’s definition,

But I have skills and erudition,

When misbehave to give you admonition –

To be your parent, my unborn kid.


I know it won’t be easy but I’ll cope.

My Schnuggi will be with me, I hope.

I know it’s worth the effort, struggle:

All pain forgotten when you I cuddle.



October 18, 2010

London, United Kingdom


Reykjavík, thank you!


A beautiful Icelandic spring day,

Snow is falling on Faxaflóy Bay.

In Reykjavík, not a single sun ray –

But love and hope light my way.


Unfortunes, pain forgotten, I feel serene –

Thanks to Iceland’s tranquillity I’ve seen.

In Tjörnin Lake swans swim in peace,

Twinkling stars my tired soul they tease.


I explored the town, ate at Café Babalú.

You gave me joy, strength. Yes, it is true!

Your lakes and Elliða River – sapphire blue,

Reykjavík, you breathed life into me. Thank you!



March 25, 2011

Reykjavík, Iceland


The Ultimatum


It is hard to experience loneliness and separation,

When times are tough and you are in desperation.

I have a pulse, love to give and sincere motivation.

You kill my admiration for you with a confrontation.


You have given me conditions, a final offer, an ultimatum,

I have no choice but repeat my dedication to you verbatim.

I have a great deal of patience, best interests at heart.

Do you have that too? Or do you want us to get apart?


Believe me, there is nothing better than being in love with thee –

If the feeling is not mutual, please tell me, and I will set you free!

You are cold and distant. I love you, please hear my silent plea.

The last thing I would want to see is our love to become debris.


Starting a family isn’t easy; it is like climbing a steep slope,

It requires patience, effort, hard work and the best of hope.

What happened to us, darling? Let’s restore our romance,

Believe in better. Please give our love to flourish a chance!



October 7, 2012

London, United Kingdom


* Und dein Lächeln macht mich sehr glücklich, liebe Schatzi (German) And your smile makes me very happy, dear sweetheart.

* Schnuggi is a Swiss German word meaning honey, darling or dear.

** Forstoi is an invented word resembling German verstehen (understand).