Asylgul Kenzhebaeva

АсылгульAsylgul Kenzhebaeva (Kyrgyzstan)

 Currently I am a student at American University of Central Asia majoring in Business Administration.

I started writing poems since I was twelve years old, however, that times I was writing only in Kyrgyz language. Nowadays, I write in Kyrgyz, Russian, English and Turkish languages.  “Life’s games” is my first novel in English. I wrote it when I was studying as an exchange student in USA about two years ago. The novel is about young university student, who is trying to determine priorities and his place in the whirlwind of life.


Life’s Games



Next day when Bakir came to the hospital Lucy was talking with her mom. He gave his flowers to her and asked, “How are you feeling?”

“I am good. Can you sit with me or my silly mom is worried about me and refuses going to have a lunch. Probably, she didn’t have a breakfast either,” she said and looked at her mom.

“Mom, don’t worry. I am all right. Bakir is here. He is a good guy. You can trust him,” she told her mom.

“Yes, I know. We met yesterday. He was all day here yesterday. Ok, then. I will be fast,” she said and took her purse from the chair and glanced at her daughter warmly.

“I like these flowers very much. Thank you for your care,” Lucy looked at him. Bakir was still standing. “Are you going to sit or are you going to stay like that?” she said and laughed.

“Yeah, I am,” he could not believe in what was happening around him. He took the seat near to Lucy’s bed.

“What is the doctor saying?” Bakir asked.
“He said that I am doing well,” she replied.

“By the way where is your father? I guess he was also here yesterday,” Bakir wondered.

“Oh, yeah…He went to get some medicines for me. He should come soon,” she answered.

“My parents thought that you were my boyfriend,” she said and smiled at him.

“Oh, yeah?” he said smiling and got red.

“My parents are saying that I should go with them to Maine and continue my studies there,” she looked at him with questioned eyes and waited for his “reaction”.

“Well. You should do something better for yourself. You need to have some rest. Firstly, you need to think about your health. If you are healthy, you can do everything you want; rich your aims, and write books. We will keep in touch, won’t we?”

“This is the question. I do not know what to do. I do not want to go to the Maine University. You know, MIT was my dream from my childhood. And other thing is I don’t want to lose my friends as you,” she said and took deep breath.

“May be, you will come back after you get well…that…”

“I am feeling well,” Lucy interrupted him.

Lucy was clever, beautiful as well as stubborn girl. She told her parents that she was going to stay at MIT and continue her studies. Her parents could not do anything, because if she said something she would do that for sure. However, they got a promise from Lucy that she would be very careful with her health and move to the apartment (do not stay at university dormitory). During time when Lucy’s parents stayed with Lucy, they really liked Bakir. Even once, they talked about how it would be good have such a son-in- law.                                                    Lucy was becoming better day by day. Her parents thought they could leave since both of them had jobs. They asked Bakir and other Lucy‘s friends to look after their daughter. It was hard for them to leave.

After the university classes were over, Bakir went to the hospital as he always did; sit with Lucy and talk about everything.
“Here, I talked with different people, who have different problems, but every of them have hope. The only one thing we have in common here, at hospital, is the hope. Yesterday I went to walk around the hospital. I saw one girl, who was sitting on the coach in hospitality room with a pen and white papers. I looked at her about fifteen minutes, but she did not write anything. She was just whispering some words and was staring at the snowflakes through the window. I came to her, and asked if I could sit with her. She nodded her head.

“Are you writing poems?” I asked her. I guess she did not expect that I was going to talk to her. She dropped her pen and started searching it by her fingers; then I noticed that she was blind. I took the pen from the ground and gave it to her.

“Thank you. I wish I could write as other people, but I can’t see that,” she was holding that pen so hard in her palm.

When I asked, “Do you have your own created poems?” She told me this poem. Here the words,” she gave the paper to Bakir.

My Colorful World


I do not know how others’ world looks like,

I have my own world.

Do not think I am living in darkness,

I have my colorful world!


I do not know yours, I can’t see yours.

Inside of me, I have my own world;

The sky is green, makes my eyes have a rest

And it is always helpful for escaping from the stress.


My grass is orange, giving me energy,

Every time when I look at it!

I can see the white river,

Which is “travelling” through brown land.

I heard the white is sign of the clean.


I love winter; I like how snow melts in my hand,

I love snow, but I cannot see that!

I painted my snow in red,

Because of my love toward this wonderful snowflake.


My sun is colorful: red, green, yellow,

Purple, pink, orange and blue.

It is equal for everybody.

I can see my sun,

When there is no war, hiding with steam.

Sun is my peace! My everything!


I cannot see your world.

I had to create my own,

I could create in what color I want.

May be my world the same as yours,

May be different, who knows?

I do not know it, because I am blind.

But I like how my colorful world looks like.”


After Bakir finished reading Lucy said, “Exactly, they have their own world. May be way beautiful than we could imagine. All these people open my eyes toward the world and make me appreciate what I have. Can you imagine the red snow? Of course, for us, it is weird. The main thing is she is not living in darkness as she said. I will be OK. I can see this beautiful world and create my poems on paper. Those people have wonderful creation of poems world.”