Фокина З.А.Институт я закончила еще в прошлом веке и стала преподавателем английского языка. Проработав в разных институтах 33 года, ушла на пенсию, чтобы помочь воспитывать внуков. Люблю музыку, искусство, литературу.  С 50 лет я стала писать стихи на русском языке, иногда – на английском.

The University I graduated from   last century and became an English teacher. Having worked  at different institutions for 33 years, retired to help  to raise grandchildren. I love music, art, literature. Since  50 years I began to write poems in Russian, sometimes in English.

A letter to my friend


Spring has come and the birds are flying.

Alone I am in my bed lying,

You are far enjoying your life

And cannot imagine how I  need your love!


I have understood rather well now,

Life is performance and we should learn how

To play our parts with the best result,

But who is to teach us, who can consult?


Life without you, your warmth and love

Means poor existance  and my hearts starfe?

I can live only in the bright sun’s rays,

Do you remember those beautiful days?


When we could drive, laugh and talk

Along the river or green bushes walk?

When our hearts were full of life,

The sun and sky seemed happily smile!


Has anything changed? We seem not to part

But what is the matter with my poor heart?

It aches and cries in the darkness alone,

I am afraid it will turn into stone.


Do, come to me as soon as you can,

Though life may play another great fun,

But now we should be clever enough

And the troubles meet with the laugh!

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