Алиса Терехина

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Алиса Терехина (Узбекистан)

Мне 13 лет. Я родилась в Самарканде, позже я жила 2 года в Алматы, 5  лет в Швеции, в Стокольме, теперь я вернулась обратно в Самарканд. В Швеции  я училась в Вальдорфской школе Штейнера. Увлекаюсь живописью и литературным творчеством. Уже несколько лет я пробую писать на английском языке, обычно мои произведения более крупного формата, повести и романы. Чаще всего в жанре фентези  или мистического романа.


Spirits of Afrosiab


So, salom*. I am Tomaris and there was a very interesting event in my life that happened a few month ago and I would love to tell it to you. And now I have an opportunity to do so. It all happened on the 1st of September, the Mustaqillik day* in a city named Samarkand.


* * *


“Aya?*” I called as I was putting on my sneakers. “Is it fine if I go to Afrosiab with Malika and Alisher?” I stood ready on our sweet purple rug that had ‘Welcome’ written on it but my mother was still not answering. “Aya!?” I tried a little louder this time.

“Tomaris, what?” I heard my mother’s voice from the kitchen. “Am I allowed to go to Afrosiab with my friends?” I asked. “Hay*, but don’t stay late and can you buy some qaimoq*, please?” My mum said. “Sure!” I yelled and closed our flat’s door. Down I went all the way from the 3rd to the 1st floor. As I reached the 1st floor I went out of the house and immediately saw the beautiful view of Registan — the view I see every time I go somewhere. I met Malika and Alisher near The Art Gallery and I really recommend it to you.

“Salom!” I called when I saw them. “Hey!” Malika answered. “Greetings.” Alisher said. “So should we start our journey?” I asked. “To Afrosiab?” Alisher said. “Why do you think we are here for then?!” They both said. “Let’s wait for a bus then.” Malika said and we all walked to the bus stop. In a little time (about five minutes) the bus came. A little boy came out and yelled: “Mikrorajon! Bulyvar! Registan! Afrosiab!”  It was Afrosiab we were heading for. We came inside the bus and tried to find some empty seats. “There aren’t any.” Alisher said. “Guess we have to stand.” I added.


So for a couple of minutes we were standing and as you can guess we were all very glad when there was an empty seat. “Look there!” Malika said. “There’s one place!” We all quickly headed to the empty seat. Alisher got there first, so he got to sit there. At the next stop an old woman came in and Alisher as a gentleman (who sits on his seat while two girls are standing) gave his seat to the old woman. “Thank you, young man. May I ask you where you are heading today?” she said with a very mysterious voice. “We are heading to Afrosiab!” Malika chimed in. “Really? That sounds nice,” she said even more mysteriously. “I wish you luck.” From the front of the bus we heard a strange sound. We turned our heads but saw nothing. As I was going to look again at the old woman, she disappeared. “What was that?” Malika asked us while making big eyes: on the seat where a few seconds ago sat the strange old woman. “That was not something okay.” Alisher said. “Hay, this is the only time I am with you Alisher.” I said, taking the seat. “You are going to sit there after that?!” Malika looked at me as if I was wearing vampire clothes. “Yeah.” I said shortly. Oh, and we all almost forgot that it was our stop. “Oh, it is our stop.” Malika mumbled. We were still in shock after the event.



“We are here!!!” we all yelled together as we entered Afrosiab. “Awesome! Who’s first to the oasis?!” Malika said and we all started running through the sands towards that only green part of Afrosiab. Malika was ahead of us and there was a little hill that went up. Malika ran over it and “Aaaaa…” me and Alisher heard Malika scream. “What now?” Alisher asked. We were running towards the sound. “Where is she?” I asked because, when we reached the top of the hill, we saw no one. “Hay, this is strange.” Alisher mumbled. “Maybe she is hiding somewhere. I am sure she is going to jump out of there somewhere any minute.”

To the bad, no one did. Me and Alisher started to sink down into the sand and that was not the best idea. It was our turn to scream: “Aaaaaaaaa!” I felt as I was falling somewhere, so did Alisher, I guess. “Bam!” I heard myself falling on the ground. “Wow.” Alisher whispered.

We were under the ground, the only light came from a little candle. To our left there was a big green door with a little dark purple handle. “Should we go in there?” I asked Alisher. “Hmm-“, he didn’t have a chance to finish — I ran towards the door and tried to push it. Closed. “There must be a reason it is closed.” Alisher said, coming to the door and trying to push it with me. Still closed. “Maybe there is a key somewhere?” I thought and started to look around. “What are you doing?” Alisher asked. “There must be a key!” I said settling down on some rock. I guess it was some kind of button or something like that. But it surely opened the door with a slam! “Come on!” I said standing up. “We’ll miss the fun!” “Sure of it.” Alisher mumbled as we went inside. As I figured out it was a corridor, we went forward and then left, forward and then right. “Is this a labirinth or what?” I said. “Guess so but we don’t have any chances to turn.” Alisher answered. “You know what, I saw a movie where a boy was going in a labirinth and he marked the path with signs so he would not get lost and after that he figured out he was walking in a circle.” I said. “I mean that maybe we are going in a circle. I had a marker somewhere.” I took out a red marker from my pocket and made a little “X” on the ground. “Strange, but OK.” Alisher told and we continued to walk, as our reader can now guess we were going in a circle. “What now?” Alisher asked me looking at the red “X”. “Maybe a secret door again?” He asked hopefully. “May be.” I quietly said. We started to search through the bricks on both sides of us and after all we actually found it. Guess where? Under the red “X”! To the left of me a doorway opened. “Boys first.” I said waiting till Alisher went through. We entered a room with strange symbols on the walls. “Ancient,” I thought. In the middle of the cave that we went in there was a glowing throne, a dog was sitting on it and smiling at us. “Salom* and thank you, I was the voice of the old woman. Not always the spirits of Afrosiab are well handed.” she said, her voice echoing. “Where is our friend?” I asked her. “Oh, she is already outside. As well as you are going to be soon. Here are some gifts for your kindness.” she handed us two sacks. “Come back soon.” And then I began to see everything blurred. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I was standing at the spot where I started my journey. In front of the door to our flat. I opened the sack and it was full of golden Sums* and a pack of qaimoq was lying at the top. “Interesting,” I said to myself. “Aya! I am home!” I yelled and opened the door…


*Salom-Hello (Uzbek) *Mustaqillik-The Independents day of Uzbekistan *Aya-Mother(Uzbek) *Hay-Fine(Tajik) *Qaimoq-Something alike cream.*Sums-Money(Uzbek)