Вера Николенко

4H6A0678Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Вера. Я учусь в 10 классе. Самые любимые предметы русский и литература! Я занимаюсь в театральном кружке, пишу стихи и прозу. Люблю очень читать стихотворения ! Так же изучаю английский язык, это единственное мою произведение на иностранном языке. Надеюсь вам понравится! Всем спасибо и удачи!

Hello! My name is Vera. I am a student in the 10th grade. I am engaged in the theatrical circle, write poetry and prose. I like to read a poem! Just learn English is my only work in a foreign language. I hope you enjoy! Thank you all and good luck!



Always it is necessary to trust.


For half a year has passed, as two single atoms together in the whole molecule. It can not be without it, it can not be without. They complement and harmonize with each other.

– I love you very much, Asechka – low voice Misha – thank you for today, we have not seen for a whole week! I was very tired in the five days of labor … Tomorrow, thank God, the output that we will spend together.

Michael studied at the Moscow State University Physics Department. At school he was an excellent student, graduated with a gold medal. Also during the school years studied karate, went to extra classes to broaden their knowledge and horizons. The present met at school. Although not … Or rather she met him. Now she is studying at the Moscow Art Theatre at the Theatre Faculty of the first course. This gorgeous couple, so many different branches of science, but similar interests and attitudes, found each other! But you do not think that everything is so beautiful began …


It all began when Nastia was in 9th grade, and Misha was in the 10th. Learned our heroes in the same school and met at school events dedicated teacher. Theatre capacity Nasty seen everything, and teacher stuffed her in all competitions readers and various performances. And Michael, well versed in technology and always sat at the apparatus. It was then that the naive, pure and chaste girl fell in love with a boy named Misha Hude.

Of course, it was not love at first sight, because the sense of waking up slowly, with each of his eyes, with his every joke, with each sentence. Finally, the heart beat at the sight of him Nastia so that she could no longer live with it … No, she did not kill herself, for her it was a lower degree of selfishness. She decides to confess …

I would like to, with your permission, to add a little description of the person to whom our heroine decided to confess his love. He was tall and very thin (up to its names), hair of medium length, short, he never let them sheared, dark chestnut color. He had a harmonious face with blue as the morning sea eyes, pale pinkish, thin lips, a flat nose and a delicate rosy cheeks. By nature he was very correct and boring, spoke of him as his friends.

So, she was someone else at the sight of his face stretched smile that it would be difficult to pull off, even after Michael had disappeared from her sight. Nastia is already very tired and she decided to take this opportunity to: St. Valentine’s Day, and send, on the advice of friends, anonymous valentine.

Valentine came to the recipient. According to his classmates, it was the only valentines sent by Misha. But guesses our hero was not, and Nastya in despair Screw himself that he does not even think about this homemade hearts made ​​of red velvet paper Nastusha hands.

  By coincidence, the best Nastina girlfriend Tamara, was a close friend and classmate Misha sat with him at the same desk. At the request of the girls, she started a conversation with Misha on anonymous valentine:

You’re guess who sent you a valentine? – Inadvertently asked Sasha.

-Net.- Dry and unquestioningly Misha replied.

She’s from the ninth grade and has long blonde volosy.- hinted classmate.

-Yasno … Tell her that I priyatno.- with a certain smile and grin said Misha.

– This is the ninth class of Nastya sent you a Valentine! – Broke neighbor.

-Nastya? – Misha asked, calmly and confidently added – well, I’ll deal.

Classmate tried to quote her conversation with Misha Nasty. From all the foregoing it, Nastya decided to wait. What? She did not know herself. After all, she had never been in a relationship, she looked at them only from the outside.

Wait turned out longer than I thought Nastia. And she could not stand, writing to his beloved first. They struck up a brief correspondence. In response, Nastia was told “I’m sorry, more friends we can not move. Just friends and all. “

After receiving this message, Nastia heart sank, and she stood for a few seconds in one place, not knowing what had happened. Realizing everything flowed from her eyes wild tears. Realizing that she can not stand, Nastya fell on the bed and cried lying.

Time has passed. Heroes met in school, but not with each other talking. Of course, Anastasia knew nothing between them can not be. She was sure of it for one hundred twenty percent, because the first step is not going to do, and this coward who does not dare to talk to a girl face to face, do not move ever. But why is the heroine continued to believe. Believe in her happiness in their happiness …

Vera heroine was not in vain! The girl turned out to be wrong at the expense of Misha. He showed himself completely on the other hand …


A year later, when Misha was in grade 11, in February, Nastia in the theatrical premiere of the studio released under the name “Dulcinea del Toboso,” author A. Volodin. The main heroine of which was Anastasia. Student of his teacher invited her to the show. She liked it so much! Like directors and actors! She somehow differently became relevant to Nastya and even asked to play for some students. For the director and actors is only a plus and a joy! They gladly agreed and set a date and a low price.

Then came the day. Nastina teacher gained their students. And since she was a homeroom teacher Misha, most went it was his class, including himself.

After seeing the play, the children were in shock, as the actors played their ages at such a high level. Was shocked and Misha. After the performance, the audience dispersed, and Misha waited Nastya on the street while she change clothes and hear the comments of the teacher.

  After gathering his things, Nastya ran outside and saw in front of Misha. She stopped short, and could not utter a word.

Hey, – hardly utter it out yourself.

Hey – smiling, said Misha – You are very well played. Big fellow!

Thank you, – said shyly Nastya.

Let’s go? We are also in the same direction – suggested Misha.


Misha spent Nastya home. He knew where she was locked. All the way they talked … Nastya did not notice how the time has flown by.

Entering the apartment, to the end she did not believe his luck! Did not believe that there was a man who for so long she likes the street and talked, laughed, and in the end she even hugged him! One word it was magic!

Next Day Nastya resting, alternating your holidays with the teachings of the lessons, because tomorrow she has to go to school.

The next morning, coming out of the door, saw before her Nastya Misha. Looking into each other’s eyes, the heroes smiled and started talking as if every day he meets her at the door.

  That is so beautiful began their relationship Misha, eyes closed on an unsuccessful attempt to do so, the present …


Oh what are you thinking about? – Misha asked Nastya.

Yeah so. She remembered the high school years, – said Anastasia.

‘Well … then went for a walk! – Michael insisted.

– Why? – With surprise and a smile on his face said Anastasia.

-Come, Then you’ll know.

  They went out into the street, Michael took her to the park and bought them an ice cream, then they sat down on the grass, arms around each other, looking at the pond with fountains.

  This walk was a copy of those that were in their school years. On the way to the house, the characters stopped and kissed, but this time it was the kiss of a more experienced and passionate.

Thank you for everything, she whispered.

Do not. This thank you for everything. I love you, – he said.

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