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fCI3IegEvO8Всем привет! С первого класса я твердо знала, что никогда в жизни не буду учителем, но судьба распорядилась иначе и сейчас я влюблена в свою профессию. Переводчик для меня почти что соавтор произведения. В моем понимании основная задача переводчика максимально четко донести до читателя авторскую идею, не исказив при этом канву повествования. Верю в то, что на земле больше добрых людей. Считаю, что книги, песни Земфиры, шоколад и моя собака- самые чудесные творения на свете! Мечтаю выиграть в этом конкурсе потому что очень хочу порадовать свою маму и бабушку!

Hello everyone! I am an English teacher and I love my profession. I believe that the translator is a co-author and the most important thing in literary translation to convey to readers the main idea of the author.

Перевод рассказа  Дмитрия Вайсбеккера-Иванова 

“Слепая верность”


Chapa, a shaggy mongrel with curls on her hips, joyfully whirled around her master. His big gentle hands were holding two puppies. The dog with great emotions was licking her little whelps, jumping, trying to lick her master, and suddenly began to bark and rushed about the yard. The expression of great dog’s happiness was in her every movement.

In the morning, having fed the puppies, Chapa ran outside. Now all the local dogs will know that Chapa  has something that Alpha, a big and conceited sheep-dog from an opposite house, hasn`t. And let her not try to lick or smell, but also to close to her puppies. They are hers and only hers. How can this sleek and harmful sheep-dog know what is a great pleasure when two small and warm cubs nestled to your belly.

Having run down the street and barked with neighbour’s dogs Chapa proudly marched past the gates, from under which the sheep-dog stuck out her nose and shifty angry eyes. But when Chapa ran into her yard she suddenly felt anxiety. Having run around and sniffing the yard and garden, Chapa even screamed and whimpered in despair: her puppies were not there. There was only the smell, the smell of those for whom she was ready to give everything, everything, even the chicken bone which was buried under a burdock last week. She could not believe her eyes: the poor mongrel was running and running, sniffing the ground, until she suddenly got the usual smell of her master. “He! He took them! ” if she could, she would cry. But only barked with joy she ran towards the master’s door of the house and began scratching: “I am here! I came!” But the master did not go out for a long time. And when he appeared, the lower part of the door, or rather, leatherette which covered it, was torn by dog’s claws. Running around her master, yelping and barking, Chapa began to sniff his feet, squat and jump. Happily wagging her tail, she trustfully looked in his clever eyes. But he angrily glanced at the faithful dog and the spoiled door, suddenly grabbed the next standing shovel and hit the dog`s back. Whined from the searing pain and fear, Chapa abruptly jumped aside and confused by such a monstrous surprise, she saw a brick, which supported the door, was thrown to her with great force and hit hard her front legs. Whined louder and much limping on broken legs, Chapa hobbled to the far barn and hid behind the building rubbish.

Quiet whimpering, the brokenhearted mongrel was looking at her swollen legs and tears rolled slowly out of her big sad eyes. The dog was crying … The dog was crying and could not understand what her guilt was. Well, he might scream at her or even flip with a broom, but not with the shovel and the brick…

In her dog’s memory the events which had happened two days ago were still fresh when her master squashed the heads of Murka (their cat) and her three kittens with this brick. No, he was not going to harm Murka, he just didn`t expect that always obedient cat dared to attack his hand holding a brick. The master didn`t forgive the deep, full of hatred for the man scratches. And then there was a shovel … Chapa saw this ugly stick digging a deep hole in the garden and pushing there kittens and Murka. Since that time, the dog began walking by these terrible things very cautiously.

In the barn, where Chapa was laying motionless, summer twilight stole, and then the moonlight appeared through the wide cracks. Time was passing, and she was still waiting and hoped that her master would come in a minute, and having scratched behind her ears, would carry her to the puppies. So, lying alone with her thoughts and little weakened pain in her legs, suddenly Chapa clearly heard meowing and some romp in the other corner of the barn. Barked loudly, more out of habit than out of necessity, she saw the black kitten got out of the heap of old rags, and having noticed Chapa, joyfully ran to her. The sharp dog eye immediately recognized Murka`s kitten. “So there were four of them,” realized the dog, and something very big and clean, something like human compassion trembled in her heart.

Almost three days the hungry kitten was waiting for his mother and having felt the smell of milk, he ran to Chapa and poked in the nipple greedily. The dog felt from inside how she was needed to this small and helpless kitten in such a big world. Chapa guessed that she would never see her puppies again and this sense of loss and loneliness helped her to feel the tenderness and care of so unfamiliar creature. Only an hour ago she was ready to die of hunger, but now, when the kitten’s life became directly  depend on her life, everything changed.

Having waited  the kitten sucked milk, Chapa slowly,  lying on her left side, crawled across the garden to her bowl.  Soil was wet after watering and it got into her nose and ears, the hind legs stuck in the black soil, and every wrong movement caused sharp pain in her front legs. But she stubbornly carried on pushing her body with other healthy limbs and with a muzzle raking the ground, continued to crawl. And what her despair was when, after several hours of incredible, non-canine efforts Chapa was near a completely empty and now such a hated bowl. Howl… How she wanted to howl, so much so at once all of it was over, that cracked in half the damn moon, and the world crashed into darkness, but … Soon, very soon she must feed the kitten who was as lonely as she was. Chapa remembered about her hidden chicken bone, but she had no forces to crawl to the other side of the garden, to the bush of burdock and then back to the barn. But whatever, through the pain and weariness, she crawled. She wanted to stop and rest so much, and even to sleep a little, but she had no time. And only when the dog crawled to a secret place, she allowed herself to take a breath, and then slowly began to dig up ground with her nose. Digging up a hole and cursing herself for the bone being hidden so deeply, Chapa did not notice as the dawn came, and suddenly behind her back her master with a brick and a shovel in his hands appeared …

Four days later, whistling a cheerful melody, the man came out of the house and having looked around the garden, suddenly noticed something black on the top of a small soil hill. Having come to the place where quite recently the careless dog that dared to spoil his door was buried, he saw the kitten. “Probably it died of hunger,” muttered the man and having kicked a dead body, left the yard. And outside the life was waking up. And Chapa could not know that the neighbour’s sheep-dog Alpha that she hated so much, a minute later broke loose and attacked that man.

Oh, if only she could, even with broken legs, even at the cost of her own life, she would never allow anyone else to stick their fangs into the most sacred in the world – in her master …

“Oh, wow,” said Plinth affected by a story, “you worked as a journalist not in vain. You should write books. Hasn’t you tried?”

“I have tried but somehow that did not come to the publication,”  with a kind of nostalgia in his voice said Kagorych.

“Hey, why has he become blind?”

“Because he was growing up an orphan.”

“Is he from an orphanage?”

“Not him. The Khromonozhka …”

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