Шалыгин Николай

P1010110Родился 1950 г. в Магаданской области. Закончил восьмилетку и техникум в г. Новочеркасске. Работал на заводах и теплоэлектростанциях в России и Украине. Потом – университет, иняз, в г. Харькове. Работал преподавателем английского языка в вузах, переводчиком художественной литературы и техническим переводчиком. C 2007 до 2014 занимался волонтёрской деятельностью в странах Южной Америки и Восточной Африки.

Born in Magadan Region, 1950. Graduated from technical school in Russia and worked at various plants and power stations in Russia and Ukraine. In 1986, graduated from Kharkov State University (English Philology Department). Worked as an English teacher, fiction/technical translator. From 2007 till 2014, volunteered in South America and East Africa. Retired.

Перевод произведения Вероники Шиховой “Сказки” 

Fairy Tale

You’re a stranger today and your mood makes me grieve.
You all day just look like that white faraway lonely sail.
I’m so sad because you do not want to believe
In my stupid and hopelessly beautiful fairy tale.

All the time in my dreams I am flying somewhere.
And my everyday routine is only expecting my glory
I just hope that someday you will want it to share
But for now I regret you’re not ready to listen t’ my story.

I will take me in hand. I will stop t’ be insane.
I will not bother you any more in no way.
I could lock me inside, but I think it’s in vain:
If you have your own wings they will rush you away.

You’re a stranger today, and my heart’s all day trembling, a feather.
I will get from the wardrobe my old funny costume with veil.
I’ll be waiting; I’m sure one day we’ll be flying together,
And you’ll tell me, yourself, that my own beautiful fairy tale.
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