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IMGP0595ARTEMIYCHAYCOЯ регулярно вижу сны с готовыми произведениями от сюжета до имён персонажей, которые затем облекаю в форму рассказов. По образованию я эколог, закончил аспирантуру по геоэкологии, опубликовал ряд работ по гидрологии, геоэкологии, паразитологии и психологии. Творчеством занимаюсь с детства: рисую в двух техниках: карандаш и тушь, пишу рассказы, повести, стихи. Пишу музыку, являюсь лидером музыкальной группы “The Hyponeystal’ Project”. Веду видео блог. Люблю природу и группу “Кино”. Вот, собственно, всё.

I often see in my dreams the stories, fully completed, from the plot till the names of the characters, which afterwards I put into a shape of stories. I am an ecologist, graduated from postgraduation in geoecology, published several works on hydrology, geo-ecology, parasitology and psychology. From the childhood I create something – pencil and ink drawing, I write stories and poems. I write music and I am a leader of the musical band “The Hyponeystal ‘Project”. I have my own video channel, I`m fond of nature and the band “Kino”. That’s all.

Перевод произведения Королевство Адальир – Путешествие”



Alyona has dreamt in such a way for the first time. It was like a reality, like a magic vision. High grey walls surrounded her, she could see bonfire sites and flames, she could hear clanging and colors rustling as if she were at the mediaeval tournament. Everything round her looked like a yard of an ancient castle. Suddenly darkness was cut with the ray of a dazzling light, which almost blinded her. Huge shadows began to flicker through the veil of fog, their dancing was threatening and furious and reminded shamans jumping around some sacral fire. Now she could see clearly that the light, cold and dazzling, was proceeding through the open gate belonging to some unbelievable building. It was hard to estimate the size of the construction as the most part of it was covered with darkness, but the wall with the gates were really monstrous. It was at least two hundred meters high and its width was unable to be covered with sight. A figure in a cloak three times as tall as a usual man stood out in the doorway as though in the gates of the hell. The figure was slowly coming up to Alyona who was seized with fear. Being unable to move, she tried to look aside and lowered her gaze. In the pond, among sparkling stars, she saw her own image, but it wasn’t her, it was a stately young warrior in azure armor. Blond brown curls were seen from under his sparkling helmet. His moustache and beard were the same color. In spite of his being undoubtedly young, some grey hair glittered in his locks. A crystal locket connected sides of his silver cloak on his chest.

This sight shocked her. Her heart was beating wildly and was about jumping out of her chest. Lifting her eyes, she saw a coming giant who slowly, as if in the retarded film, unsheathed his sword, black like coal.

The body of the girl was trembling, all sounds disappeared and returned back with the roar of the crowd. The roar was so deafening, as though thousands of people gathered in the kitchen of her little so-called “soviet” flat and were chanting into her ears strange words, which were impossible to understand excepting just two of them: “The Gerddron is coming!” Suddenly something powerful snatched her soul out of this gloomy captivity. The darkness disappeared, the fear left her, and sounds of voices ceased.

Trying to overcome her alarm, Alyona carefully opened her eyes: slight fog was floating over young meadow, scintillating with emerald green dew, and gold rays were penetrating clear blue sky. Somewhere nearby, in the field, a quick river was running. Alyona couldn’t see it, but she could clearly hear its murmuring. And at the same moment the gates and the awful figure of an unknown warrior were obliterated from her memory. In some distance an ancient forest was rising, hundreds of butterflies were flittering over the meadow and incredibly tremendous dragonflies with pearl eyes, were fluttering, drawing with their abrupt motions short broken lines in the air. Bewitching trills of birds’ voices, reminding bells, were heard from everywhere. Feeling some unexpected drowsiness, Alyona instinctively sat down the meadow. She was touching cool dew and breathing fresh air of the fields but at the same time she was conscious of her sitting in the kitchen of her little flat in New Year time in the company of some wanderer and his outbred dog. In spite of her realizing that, all her seven senses proved her to be sitting on the meadow, listening to the singing of the birds and water murmuring. As we watch the world with just the help of our feelings, these tricksters have no difficulty to deceive us. Because you know that the world isn’t what surrounds you, it’s what you think about it.

“O, dear, how did I come to be here?” – she thought.  – You wished, and travelled; as a navigator in his plane crosses any space easily and rapidly, you cut across time, epochs and worlds,- explained aloud Ciliy, who appeared from nowhere and was sitting now in the grass opposite her. He seemed to have heard a question in her mind.

Alyona raised her eyebrows as she usually did in such cases. – But how can it be possible? – asked she in perplexity.

Siliy was slowly chewing a blade of grass and seemed not to be near but in some distance. He was looking in another direction with a philosophical air as though he was watching something in high grass, which made him smile with the corner of his mouth. Now he looked as a person having known everything in this world and because of it being in peace and harmony with everything and himself.

– When somebody really wants something, when it is vitally necessary and not just for him, but for general welfare, all being follows it. Simple wishes may become or not become true, but when it is time for certain events to happen, they take place in spite of anything. As Plato said: “adversus necessitatem ne dii quidem”. Now you are ready to comprehend the sense of things and connection between the world and the mind. Our world is just what we see and perceive. Without our perceiving the world remains itself, always the same. The only thing is important –  from which point of view to watch it. If our awareness is distorted with hatred, malignance and cupidity, all wonderful worlds turn into a desert, destroyed with fire. But if our eyes are open and assimilate sunlight with its cleanness, the world round us bursts in blossom. Imagine our meadow as a reality, believe it, and you will find yourself here. Touch with your soul far world of Adaliyr and sunny decoration of its temples and you will be able to touch this world with your hand…

– What are you speaking about? – Alyona kept on being in confusion.

– About worlds and times, – answered Silliy simply, – about their mystical connection through sensory sphere of creatures living there. It is enough to feel any of the worlds for finding yourself there. It is as simple as to look at the Sun but not everybody can lift his eyes to the sky.

The last words looked like referring to Alyona, since she couldn’t remember looking at the Sun, stars and sky. She thought of her last time turning her eyes on where she and all other people had come from, and understood that she really hadn’t watched the Sun, stars and the blue vault of heaven for a long time.

The dream, or rather vision, which was so real, began changing imperceptibly: the sparkling meadow disappeared in the darkness, fresh flavor of the forest passed away, and just Silliy’s voice kept on sounding:  ‘The connection of the worlds through the sensory sphere…” Instead of field flowers flavor the stench of fire came, a cold wind brought it. The sky again got covered with black puffs. And again instead of birds’ singing and rustling of leaves, Alyona heard the roar of voices, prophesying the Monster’s coming. Frightened and disheveled, with tears in her eyes, she torn her head off the table and freed herself from the dream like from prison.

– He is here! Someone is coming! – cried she out, being half-asleep, and, having twitched, brushed a crust of bread off the table, scattering crumbs.

Siliy, looking concentrated and tensed, was sitting opposite her. He seemed to be waiting for her waking up. He slowly held his hand and touched her palm with his fingers, and at the same moment her fear disappeared.

Suddenly a strange dismal droning sound, resembling coming to a stop plane engine, rang out. City lights outside blew out, and the light in the kitchen blinked also. For some time all the huge megalopolis was plunged in the darkness: streets and houses were dark, just the line of car lights on the endless city mains was seen… Everything became dim, even brightening of skyscrapers and festival lights. The fridge subsided and immediately, after a squeak, started to work again. The floor gave a lurch, the kettle slid  on the burner, shifted to the side and with a metallic sound set against the edge of the kitchen range. Alyona with frightened air looked at it from the corner of her eye. Siliy looked around nervously, as if trying to realize what had happened. Strange silence set, which was blown away with the growing noise of the megalopolis. Something obviously changed, the energy of changing filled the space with some unintelligible anxiety.

– Could he really have passed?! – said Siliy in a whisper, asking seemingly the surrounding space.

– Who?! – cried the girl out in fright.

– Listen to me attentively! – Siliy dropped his voice and began to speak very fast – We must leave this place, leave just now!

– I can’t get anything! – exclaimed Alyona feeling panic. – Where to leave, are you joking?

– To run! Non est jocus! You have just seen the visitor yourself!

–  The monster from my dream? Is it following us?!

– Yes, dear, and it’ll be here soon!

In Alyona’s mind voices of infernal chorus began to sound again and the figure of the giant leaving the immense gate appeared in her mind’s eye.

– What shall we do?!

Siliy let her hand go and at the moment she began to tremble. She knew nothing about the Gerrdron, but horror made her get the shivers. Siliy again had to put his palm on her one to calm her.

– To run! – he repeated it with confidence. – To escape to Adaliyr!

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