Ульяна Паркулевич

Фото ПаркулевичМеня зовут Ульяна. Мне 31 год. Я очень разносторонний человек. Одно из моих увлечений – словесное творчество как на русском языке, так и на английском.

My name is Uliana. I am 31 years old. I am a very many-sided person. One of my passions is literature and writing both in Russian and English languages.


You won’t believe how easy and bright the life is when you just stop for a second, look around and think about the events which are happening right now or have happened just now, just a minute ago. If you just see the signs which life itself sends us every day, you will be the happiest person ever. Here are some true life stories, which could be as well forgotten if not a second of a thought… and that’s it, the whole life philosophy is open and very clear. Some stories which life has given to me as a present. I would love to share it with everyone.



(could as well be entitled “A trifle story” but you will see that this title suits better.)

     I like to embroider. So does my mum. Yes, we are as many other people fond of this art.

  One day my mum was going to spend a couple of days at her friends’ summer house outside of the town, near the forest, at the river side. Perhaps, the best place to talk, relax and embroider.

 It was late evening when she began to prepare for the trip and she asked me for help:

  • I would like to start a new embroidery, darling, I have a scheme. Can you help me to pick up the threads?

It wasn’t of course a problem and I began to pick up the threads from our small home stock……

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