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I am found of Enlish and other languages espessialy Spain and France. I have been starting to translate since I had studied at postgraduate program. I am also love to swim.




Перевод отрывка из повести “27 лет”


27 years old, it was the age when somebody foretold to Hans that it is the age, when he finds his destiny.

However, his fate constantly felt, and several times, he had prepared to connect his life with some.

However, every time that seemed irrevocable finishes.

At this time, an acquaintance was so quickly grew into love; it seemed incredible that people accepted each other so quickly.

It all started with a single glance. Her dark skin, dark hair pulled back in a hair tail, and the eyes of the “real” cat.

To meet such a miracle is not so often fails even on television, and there was in the real life.

Inga caught Hans eye and dragged him into a fairy tale.

They spend each other all their free time, they had a million of topics for conversation, there was not any conversation would have touched something minor or ordinary, and they are attracted to each other.

They had even a special word – “It’s sad.”

When they were at work, and wanted to be in this moment together, or when he did not sleep with her, instead of words – “I want to be with you,” they said that they were sad.

He was like father talking to Inga’s daughter from her previous marriage, apparently not very successful marriage.

Everything was unexpected, especially the fact that he ventured into a relationship with the girl, who already has a child.

Nevertheless, the child made him even more seriously belong to any relationship, and it is a nice little blond creation named Helen could give Hans another piece of happiness, which he could not know, not having children.

When Helen bred her hands, showing a big hello to him, Hans, and he answered the same gestures as well, in the soul of Hans something inverted and became very, very good.

At Hans and Inga was unearthly love, they had incredible passion. They were crazy about each other, and when they saw the first thing they did – tore each other everything that could prevent to be as close as possible.

Any separation has been taking them hours of phone calls, they lived together, and this fairy tale, fairy tale just for the three of them.

How amazing to think about life, not alone – but live in the family from three, and at the same time, Hans, seemed to have no idea of another life.

Once said, in the beginning of their relationship, if Hans is Inga, she will be the best for him. He will forget about all the other women, simply because he would not have the better than she would. Just because the best women is, near.

She knew all his aspirations, desires and he understood her as well. The ideal fairy tale dizzied, and there had only one desire, to the tale continued to be better and better.

In addition, it happened. They knowing each other, walking and enjoying the leaf fall of the autumn, made bouquets of fallen leaves. They cooked by turns the culinary frills, which they have only been able to, and each time they have enjoyed a romantic supper.

They turned out to turn an ordinary lunch, or watching a movie in the cinema in a real romantic date on which they were extremely happy.

From the day they met less than two months, Hans purpose Inga.

Inga was still lost in thought for a moment and said:

– Before I answer, I want to ask you two questions, can I?

It was her hallmark in their relationship, before asking an important question she always ask – “Can I?”

– Any questions and I will answer them honestly, you know.

– We know each other so little time, you appeared in my life, like a prince on a white horse.

– Well, I am not a prince, and I have not a horse – chuckled Hans

– Do not interrupt, you know, I do not like it.

– I am sorry, go ahead.

– You found a common language with my daughter, you have found the way to our hearts, but I know in the past you have already proposed, but while being in a cool mind, and in long-term relationships. Are you sure, you want this? Is important to you? Why am I?

– You are right, I have already proposed her, and I wanted to marry.  I thought we could build a fortune with that girl. After I recognize the new ones, I have never been greater occurred to build happiness, I thought it was just not my thing.

With an asterisk, all those girls had one drawback – they not be you, and I did not love them, because I love you. In addition, I want to spend the rest of my days being close to you. Does I answer to your question? What is next?

– You responded immediately to both, – she smiled and hugged him, then whispered to him,

– I wanted to hear how much you do love me, and what you want – just once again to try my luck, or make a big step and no longer collapse and retreat.

– Usually, such things say already at the altar, but you are very important to me, and I just want to be with you.

– Then “Yes”, of course.

The next few months were devoted to the preparations for the wedding. At the wedding were only close friends gathered, and friends, but Hans and Inga were so many of them, it was instead of 30 people, all 50.

Friends congratulating the bride and groom, and almost with one voice told that more people happy newlyweds they have not seen.

A couple almost never left each other, because it was their very first day of their happy life together as a couple, but both understood that this is only the beginning.

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