Сергей Бусев

Sergey Busev was born in Vladivostok; since 1950 has lived, studied and worked in Moscow; got graduated from the Moscow University, chemical department.
S. Busev is a chemist, the candidate of the chemical sciences, the elder research worker of the research institute; the translator…

The translation of the poem by Cassandra, the participant of the contest – 2015.

The waste banks resemble pyramids.
Pyramids are poplar-trees.
So, Donets Basin always meets
Us the Egypt’s visions with.

The black cupola of night’d stretch out
Over the world; keep silence, please.
While from heaven a star is falling down –
Try to whisper reveries.

Milliard remote glittering stars
Splash in water in the tub…
It is calm. The dog of neighbours does
Nothing, sleeping in the dark.

When spring comes – we put on overshoes,
Go to visit the ravine.
In the summer snapdragon’s “jaw” moves,
Poppies colour vermilion.

Our gladness is a shower,
We build sandy palaces,
Let soap bubbles in the bower,
The bright rainbows’re surfaces.

Here single-storey houses
Safeguard miracles. The fly
Of the paper planes of ours
Subjugate the azure sky.

Odorous wonder-apples grow ripe.
The dawn’s rising. Paper boats
Take off anchors, our vessels try
Always opening new spots.

Donets Basin region’s generous, nice.
I remember flower beds, –
Garden violets please our eyes, –
Conversations of the cats:

Their quarrels, disputes, clearings
In the midnight under stars…
I recall thee, framed by refuse heaps,
Dear beautiful Donbass.

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