DSC04948Я начинающий автор, творчеством занимаюсь не так давно.Это мое первое произведение, в жанре Фентези ,которую я хочу донести для читателей. Увлекаюсь медитацией, природой, творчеством, и писанием. Очень хочу закончить данную книгу, она для меня является смыслом жизни.

  Фэнтези “Люси”

.. As long as I live by the word and the power of eternal love,

and her breath gentle and pure, I realize that I am still alive.

Stars can also love, because they have the power of the soul.

… Lucy is the soul of the brightest star of the night sky, it is a mystery that a common man is not destined to unravel. She is like the light which gives great hope to all mankind, amidst this infinite space her soul is anxiously looking for her place in the world, she longs to understand the meaning of all human life.


            Part 1.


Chapter 7

The voice of a lonely soul.

… It was painful to imagine that someday I will also leave this world of spirits, and I will be there on the very ground, and that only my memories will stay with me, it was so hard, but I still believed that I will take away with me only those moments,

– My best friend, Mr. Key-keeper, who always carried the keys, and often wanted to get into the real world, but his uncompleted mission in the world of spirits, would not let him do it.

– Good old Mr. Bernardo who became the spirit, simply vanished in the vast space, but who gained great freedom, he had once dreamed so much, but finding the long-awaited  freedom he never stopped dreaming about life. He wanted to be incarnated in the image of anyone once again, but he could not because he had already found his great long-awaited freedom.

  • My first tutors’ Mrs. Taylor, who taught me how to live, and never make mistakes, so that not to pay for them in the future, to appreciate every opportunity that the life gives you. Due to her, I learned much about the meaning of life, and realized how important is the role of the teacher, for each person.

– My first friend Olivia who realized that her main role is to be a mother, and who deeply learned the subtleties of life. Who now lives her own well-deserved life?  But once she was here with us, and she often used to be sad, and she said:

– that at that time she had no opportunity to be there among the people again, she regretted so much to be here among us in the world of spirits, so that she  managed to return to the world of the living again, to be close to a loving husband and their children, she received forgiveness and found her own destiny.

  • My best friend Margaret, who could draw well, and remembered everything about that world of the living, but she did not remember herself in the previous life, who she was, what she was, but in principle it was not so important, – she explained to me, now she was in the world spirits – that was the point.
  • My new acquaintance Olsen, who happened to be here with us not so long ago, because she drowned in her past life together with her mother in one of the lakes, and who was saved by Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Steward from the dark world and so she hardly escaped being a victim of the avengers.  But, thank God, she was saved and became part of this world of light, and finally, she found a new friend, and recovered peace here. While the land of the living remained for us the most long-awaited purpose where so many of us wanted to return and to have our own destinies.

– And a little boy Jerome,who did not stand the only day to breathe in life back, he was so keen to be near his mother, and even he managed to be there, but his soul would not be able to become a human again, so his soul just turned into a small bird in the other life, and the bird sang a sad melody every morning there near the window of his beloved mother.

… All of them became my first friends from the spirit world. Each of them when being alive there had their own fates, their families and their favorite pastime. Each of them had his or her own destiny, but all of them once again wanted to be among people. The spirits were united by love for life itself, which they currently did not have, but they longed for so much to have an opportunity at least once to get to the world of the living. All of them have become part of my new world, and I would never have guessed about their existence if my soul had not got here. All of their past lives became my first lesson of vital importance and experience to love life again. Their fates have become part of my new world.

      – And me, Lucy from the starry world, namely from the Nibirius star turned out to be here among human souls, and they accepted me for who I am, and I am infinitely grateful to them, because if they did not, then I would never hear about human life on the earth. They all dreamed of the life, which most of them were not destined to recover again.

    – I also hoped to never forget about their existence, about everything that I experienced with them. I believed that I could take it with me to the world of the living, where I will share it with anyone who wants to learn about the world of spirits, how hard it is to live there without having an opportunity, but having the strength and hope, and believing that expectations would come true. Besides, I wanted to prevent people and all the humanity from making mistakes, so that they could love and value their lives. Life is not given accidentally, it is given only to those who really deserve it, it is just a huge force motivated and driven by love.

– And I knew that someday, I would be standing there by the very huge door, between the two worlds, between the two lives, between this world, the spirit world and the human world, and my new day would re-start, and I would be waiting for the ticket, and according to that ticket my future fate would be defined, who and what I would be there, how I would live on the earth, it was exciting to imagine what would happen in my future. The decisive day was coming closer and deep in my heart I felt a little thrilled and nervous.

  • I did not know who and what I would be there, what future I would have there among the people, what my destiny would be like, and who would be my parents, what kind of parents they would be, or I would have none of them like some other beings. I had to learn a lot through this world.
  • But Mr. Key-keeper was convinced that I would have a happier fate, I remember his words when he told me with confidence that I myself would be able to choose it.
  • But I was obsessed by a lot of questions. I had no idea of what was coming next. What ticket I will draw? I do not want to become a star again, – I repeated to myself. I did not want to be back there and to live in solitude.
  • Every night I saw different dreams, but in more detail. However I did not know what that meant, but every time weird images of a mysterious world appeared in my head, which I had never seen before. I saw them only in my dreams, and there were images of a whole picture of the world so beautiful, that I did not know whether it really existed or it was in my dreams only.

Firstly, I saw the picture of a beautiful world, but I was not sure whether there was exactly the same world as the one in my dreams.

  • In my dreams I saw very high cliffs and a beautiful lake that was clear like a crystal, it was so strange to me, maybe it was because of the fact that I saw them for the first time, the blue sky, and in the middle of the clear sky there was only one big sphere. It was gleaming and shining so much giving more beauty to the picture I saw.

… I could not understand what I saw, but it seemed so unusual, that I did not want to wake up, but I was awakened by a loud ringing of Mr. Key-keeper’s keys, who walked down the hall and held the keys to all the rooms in his hand. He often muttered under his breath, but his voice was not heard clearly as the mysterious jingle of the keys which he carried with him prevented the sound of his voice from being heard. Mr. Key-keeper usually guarded all the spirits so that they be in their rooms on time. The sound of the keys could be heard even at the end of the empty room, because they thundered strongly like bells ringing. Because of this noise I just had to open my eyes, but I wanted to see again the very picture I had seen in my dreams. I did not know what it might mean, but I decided to tell Margaret about it who was my next door neighbor because no one else could know it better, since she often painted everything she saw in her dreams, and she was great at it. I wondered, whether there was the same world as in my dreams, it seemed to me just magical. But I could only hope that the earth will be exactly the same as in my dreams.

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