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Имею высшее филологическое образование по специальности “английский язык” (бакалавр и магистратура). Работаю переводчиком-фрилансером. Увлекаюсь среднеанглийским языком, пишу переводы песен на английский, а также свои стихи, как на русском, так и на английском.

I have higher education in pholology, majoring in English (bachelor and master’s degrees). I am a freelance translator. I am fond of Middle English, I translate songs into English, and I write my own verses, both in Russian and in English.

Перевод стиха Нурбека Каменова “Ущелье Ведьм” 

Witches’ Gorge

In place Bayan Aul there is a clough

Where every year all witches laugh

And merry as they quest for flagon

Left once at fight. Beware that sabbath pagan!

As Tengri God was making humankind

We were all faceless, so He told his spirits kind

To grant all people with essential force

Of honesty, compassion, affection and discourse

All human qualities He put into a flagon large

And angels spread the good till farthest marge

But God of Darkness saw it and He bade to spread

The evil force – of force of good instead.

So filled He flagon with all human vice

And witches spread it by His ill device

Half-empty got the flagon, the world got dark

Uprose the angels skyward and was the battle stark

But dropped was evil flagon into the stony clough

And angels hid it knowing that witches all rebuff

The sight of beauty. On hillsides rose the brooks,

And plants and all that catches people’s looks

And wroth came God of Darkness unto the Tengri God

And said, his might he took and made a fraud

Of universal laws. To this Tengri replied

That he could take the flagon on seventh of July.

Bayan-Aul did celebrate July the seventh

Time of Midsummer it was called by them of

The Tzarist Russia who this custom brought

Finding the fern in gorge unwrought

And on Midsummer’s magical night-tide

When Good and Evil their force divide

There blooms a fern. It gives you might

To see all treasures clear and bright

It gives you grip on land and sea

And lets you creatures’ tongue conceive

But you shall quest the flagon there

Where fern is blooming once a year

This flower ‘s hard to get that night

Since Evil keeps it out of sight

With flower this decored is Hell

Beware lest you turn head to spell!

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