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Родилась в г. Губаха- Россия в 1966 году.Переехала с родителями в Украину в 1978 году.В данный момент живу в селе Винницкой области.Я мама троих детей. младшей дочке 5.5 лет.Практикую йогу,много лет вегетарианка.Занимаюсь воспитанием дочки и пишу сказки. Люблю путешествовать,прививаю любовь к природе младшенькой,она любит общаться с птицами.И первую сказку я написала про птиц. Персонажи к сказкам придумывает дочка.Я начала писать сказки 2 года назад.По профессии- медицинский работник-массажист.

I was born in Gubaha (Gubaha), Russia in 1966. My parents and me moved to Ukraine in 1978. At this moment I am living in a village in Vinnitsk Region (Oblast’). I’m a mother of three children, the youngest one is 5,5 years old. I have been a vegetarian for many years, practicing yoga. I write fairytales, enjoy travelling. I teach my youngest child to love and respect nature. She is fond of birds. And my first tale is about birds. My daughter creates the characters for the fairytales. I started my writing experience two years ago. I am a medician by profession.

Story “Angel’s land”


On a beautiful lake two white swans met each other. Their names were Laila and Paulo. They flew here from different lands, saw each other, fell in love and decided to be together.
The water in the lake was very blue and there were wonderful golden flowers around it.
The lake itself was in the heart of the amazing wood where there were not only common trees but some fruit trees too.
All its inhabitants, animals and birds, were great friends. The swans liked to swim in the lake and then sleep under the birch that grew on the bank nearby. That tree had extraordinary power. When someone was sleeping under its crown that one saw magic dreams.
One day Laila fell asleep under that birch and saw a dream. She is flying around the world… And then she reaches the Land of the Sun. The Sun is shining so brightly! Laila sees a beautiful palace in front of her and that palace is playing with a lot of different sparkling colors.
Laila is landing and coming in. She sees unusual people with the wings like she has.
“Who are you?”, Laila asks.
“We are angels”, one of them answers.
Laila is walking around the palace and sees all the angels are smiling, singing songs, dancing. They all are magnificent and can fly, not only walk! And Laila would like to become like them.
She left the palace and met the Sun.
“Sun! Sun!”, said Laila, “How could I become an angel? I want to look like them”
“You will be able to become an angel if you fly around the half-the-Earth and find the mountains that are higher then the clouds. There is a cave in those mountains. You need to enter it. And you’ll find out what is going to be then…”
“What direction should I fly, Sun?” Laila asked.
“Where I rise. But listen! You have to be sure I’m always in front of you!’, the Sun replied.

And Laila has awoken here. She looked and saw Paulo swimming on the lake. Laila told him about her dream and proposed to fly together. Paulo agreed. All animals and birds have heard about Laila’s plans. They told her to come back here when she turns into an angel because they wanted to look at her.
So, there was the day when Laila and Paulo started their adventures. They were flying long without having stops.

When they were flying above the desert, Laila said: “Let’s have a rest. I’m so tired!”
“It’s very dangerous to stop in the desert. There is no water, no grass”, answered Paulo, “Don’t stop! Keep your strength. We will fly across the desert and we can have a few days to rest in the forest”.
But Laila didn’t take his advise and was getting to come down. And Paulo had to follow her. They landed and there was just sand around them. Just sand and sand-dunes. They walked on the desert hoping to find the only bush to satisfy their hunger but there was nothing there… They wanted to speak to someone but didn’t meet anybody.
They had a stop at some barchans to have a rest but suddenly the strong wind flew and brought some sand into swans’ eyes.
“What should we do?”, Laila said, “we will die here”.
She sat on the sand and started to cry. And Paulo started running around her and screaming “Get up, Laila! Let’s go and find a shelter”.
Suddenly a lizard got out off the sand and said: “Who is making such noise? Who doesn’t let me to fall asleep?”
The swans told her their story. The Lizard said, “I’ll help you. The hurricane is going to start and you have to wait out it somehow. So stand opposite each other, raise your wings over your heads and you will have some air to breathe. I saw people doing like this”. In fact, it was about people’s tents, but the Lizard didn’t know about it.
The swans followed the Lizard’s advice so they were able to breathe. They were standing… The time was passing… The Lizard was running among their legs telling them different stories about desert life. At last the hurricane has got calm and the swans could wave their wings getting rid of the sand. They looked around and saw new sand-hills. Then they looked into the sky and there were a lot of grey clouds in it. So, it was impossible to fly again. It started to rain, but the Lizard got very merry and began to yell: “Hooray! Hooray! It’s going to be very joyful and you’ll see a desert Life”.
Laila and Paulo were surprised a lot: “Why have fun?”
All at once the desert inhabitants began to come out of the sand. There were a lot of them: snakes, scorpions, gophers… The swans have never seen animals like those so they didn’t even think they were hungry. Because of the rain the swans were able to quench their thirst.  
The Lizard said: “I’ll show you’re the shortest way to the forest”. So, they came to the forest, thanked the Lizard for the help and finally got the chance to have a rest…

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