Ред Гудвин

1Начала со стихов, потом начала рассказывать разные истории. Позже начала писать рассказы и книги.

Перевод произведения “Повелитель китов”

The Lord Of Wales


Reaching the place, I saw a girl, and it was slowly approaching something dark, vast and incomprehensible. The girl tripped and fell. I stood in front of the little girl, sharply pulling his hand into the mist into the unknown.

-No! Not allowed to touch her. – I said, as if you knew what to do. “Go away, we can’t go with you”.

I hadn’t been confident and I think the creature sensed my fear. But to my surprise, it turned and flew away. I told the girl that she should not tell about it anyone. She willingly agreed.

The next day I talked to a grandfather about it. He asked me to draw how the being looked like.

-Whale! It’s a whale! They came back, Oh, my dear – happily cheered the old man and started running around the room. Later I tried to tell about it to my dad but then I regretted. Because of the numbers in mind and a routine, he cannot see what I see. He said that the cuff influences on me.

And I ran away again. I was sitting and looking into the distance.

-Whale… I saw a whale… It is so beautiful!

Closing my eyes, I began to gain the whole breast and as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a whale.

-Hi! You are not desirable to be here. Why are you here?

And then the whale began to shout and to sing. I don’t know how it happened, but I I knew what he was singing. He was so huge and it seemed that there were only he and I, no one else. It was clear that he was afraid of me, as I was afraid of him. But we both continued to timidly approach each other. As soon as he flew, I pulled my hand and looked at his eyes. And I saw that pain which they had because of the people. The whale turned sideways to me. I thought he was going to leave, but he handed me the fin, I understood what he wanted to do. I sat down.

This incredible sense of freedom. The wind was waving my hair. I again felt that I lived, not existed. We raced above the trees through the fog. We rose higher and higher above the clouds. Birds seemed so small compared to the whale. I could see we rushed over our gray town. They were all so sad and tired. Then he began to descend down, as if falling. I was scared. I just wanted to scream, but we went up to the top.

The wind burned my skin, I wanted to spread my arms, but remembered that I might fall. When he reached the desired point, which Keith apparently was waiting, he began to fall back doing my dance. But there’s the poser: I was sitting in the back…

…I opened my eyes and saw I was still on the whale about a second from the moment I closed my eyes. I looked up and saw my hair flying. Wait… So I looked down! He is still doing his dance, but I’m holding on. That’s fine. All this is incredible, like you’re in another place or even the world. I laughed, and the whale began to sing their unique melody.

I thought he was taking me back to shore, but it turned out that we sailed to the call of other whales, and it was not a song, and opinion for the rest. At this point I saw not only one desperate as I thought, the whale and the whole flock that was floating in his swimming. They were less than when they told me grandpa.

It was getting dark. I told to my new friend that I needed to go home. Keith took me to the shore.

I will return, my new friend. Now, please, hurry up, before they see you.

I returned home thinking that the parents would be swearing as usual. But in the house there were unknown people. I have not seen them before.

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