Пылина Ольга

DSC_0005 3MBЗдравствуйте, меня зовут Ольга. С детства меня увлекает творческая и исследовательская работа. В моей жизни всегда переплетались такие два направления как литература и иностранные языки. Еще до школы я поняла, что хочу выучить французский, в школе мне понравился английский. Книги всегда являлись целой частью моей жизни. Поэтому в качестве своей профессии я выбрала специальность лингвиста –переводчика. В процессе учебы на которого я поняла, что меня в этом привлекает -это две позиции, с которыми сталкивается переводчик: автора со своим личным стилем, и читателя- критика, который должен получить наилучшее представление не только о замысле произведения и об авторе, но и целой культуре.
Недавно окончив французский колледж по специальности бакалавра по истории, я осознала, насколько для меня важна тема разности культур и менталитета и, соответственно, роли перевода и переводчика в конечном произведении, где должны быть представлены страна, народ, отдельная личность одновременно и время. Поэтому я решила посвятить себя своей профессии.

My name is Olga. Most of all I like creative work and researches witch I’m fond of from my childhood. There were always two great inosculated hobbies in my life – literature and foreign languages. A year before school I understood the wish to learn French. In school I liked English a lot. Reading and endeavors to write were a part of my life. That’s why I chose the profession of linguist – interpreter. While my studies at university I understood its attraction – two positions of translator: the author with his unique style and a critical reader who needs to know more than just authors idea – the culture and country that are represented also in a literature.
Also, a year ago I graduated from French college of MSU in history. While this study I realized how the theme of difference in culture and mentality is important to me and the meaning of the role of translation and translator to show all the elements of literary work – country, nation, personality of author and represented time. That’s why I decide to steep in my profession.

Перевод произведения Анжелы Постниковой “Страна Ожившего Времени”

The excerpt from “The  Chaos. The planet of  Dreams”

It was warm and silken night in the country of Reawakened Time. A colorful variety of  Moonlights like soap froth rays were going up through the sky higher and higher where its glassy and luminous bodies were shimmering by the variety of colors. Some incandescent sparkles flashed on its bodies, slid down and swiftly flew reminding a silver star falling.

The Time of Desponding extended like a boundless valley covered by parched brown grass under the fierce sun. Endlessly repeating itself by singsonging an insect’s chirr put to sleep. Only sometimes in this dull scenery appeared small islands full of fantastic shaped trees with unexpectable for season fallen leaves. But anyway they whirled like in autumn without any sign of light breeze and  didn’t fly away. On some of trees were growing rose-flowers composed of four petals. Such flower had tremendous size as it was one another tree fixed in incomprehensible way. This image expressed the essence of Insights Time.

About the surroundings were strolling weird animals. Moreover, here, if you stroke a translucent cat with webbed wings you could become an omniscient man bothering the world with yours genius ideas. Some of creatures were flat and covered by wiry tan stubble, there’s herds were laying on the fields and waiting for a wind to be raising up as one dense cloud for hovering in the sky. And if just, accidently, someone step on such animal, he will soar on it and fly even if he didn’t want.

Huge craggy knobs were sluggishly walking all the time within the country. They had no such rule as to be immovable and fixed at the same place for long time. This rule was not definitely for them. They marched and folded incredible landscapes and crumpled all what they had on there’s track – that was the expression of the Time of Suddenness.

So-named the Pause or Remained Time formed a lake by pink, turbid and dense water where everyone can be stuck in if just tried to swim.

The poetic Time of Muses sang, played all exist instruments, read poetry, and, sometimes, it transformed itself in a breath of a wind passionately whispering some little stories from prose. There were the occasions when it was so excited by its creativity that the Time raved turning into violent hurricane that being gone through the country demolishing, crashing and destroying everything on its way. But then it shyly howled and suffered after recognizing its own uncertainty and became very quiet and calm.

The Sun in the country of Reawakened Time was always changing the colors. It could be yellow or green, even sometimes stripy. It could become a cardinal red spotted Sun or absolutely gauzy. It liked a lot to enjoy itself that’s why a man could see the Sun appearing at night and variegating Moonlight’s colors. Otherwise it frowned, went behind a dark opaque cloud for hiding there throughout some days. So, it was the Luminary.

On the Planet of Dreams the natives knew well the country of Reawakened Time but they were afraid of going there. And they were completely right: this country was more than just dangerous. It was unpredictable and hazardous. The brave men could come across such different occasions – from pleasant surprises to something frightful, it depended on chance.

It was inconceivable how the most usual and common little village stuck to the limb of this country. This was the place towards which the Mountaingardian Angel made his way. He was going with prudence and caution all the time holding in his hand a little vial that had been given by Grandkindmam.  A long the way the Angel used to look after his little flask because it had to warn him against the  danger flaring by bright emerald color. Fortunately, during this walk it was rather quietly. The Time of Serenity wrapped the ambiance with warmth throughout the night. Sooner, the wanderer noticed first small buildings highlighted by misty Moon rays. One of it was a little so usual for this places shop reminding a small snug house in the windows of which were a lot of antiques watches. Inside, nearby the watches was laying a very short list of offered goods: « Past, Present and Future». The Mountaingardian Angel opened the door and came in this shop that was as it had to be – cold and dark and while he was entering a bell jangled over his head. The owner was tidy with withered white skin – the Old Salesman of Lifetime who welcomed his guests with kind and pleasant smile.  All was as it should be. The Mountaingardian Angel looked around. The seller said to him, “ I think, you may be interested in our new goods: Past, Present and Future. It is for yours choice. For price we will find an agreement”. And added, “I see you are under effective protection of the country of Dreams. Like always Grandkindmam is extraordinary in her comprehension and sense of colors. As I remember she always liked trailblazing experiments”, and the seller grinned.

A boiling green liquid that was in a vial gurgled.

The Mountaingardian Angel kept silence watching the Old Salesman with unruffled calm and holding his flask where appeared melancholic and slipping little Moons.

 «So, the goods, – whispered the Seller –  It’s simple. When you buy Past – you will be returned to the moment of the birth. But it suppose the possibility to survive everything again in two ways: with changes or not, as you wish.

The Present is the cheapest product that we have. Almost free. What can you change in Present? And, above all, this is rather slight span of time. A minute or a second ago is the Past, only the given moment is the Present because a second later you’ll be in the Future. But if you want to change something now you can: please stop a current moment and use some of our services. We help everyone in everything. You see we are ready to every moment. So, you are welcome here.

And the Future. Here you have completely boundless opportunities. First of all, you can refuse from your Future but it means no time at all after the contract formation – you will die. Yours next possibility is to change everything, but the process of such transformation is very complex and costs a lot. The third variant for future – you’ll have been young till death, but, this is the most expensive pleasure and unuseful on our planet. On others– yes, but here on the Planet of Dreams all people live forever and have a choice for the age at what they want to live. And you have to know that the price is extremely high and the death won’t leave you: it will have been wait for long time but one day come to you.»

The old seller at the ages of centuries presented services of the shop succinctly and exhaustively after what he looked at his guest. The Mountaingardian Angel kept silence and quietly was waiting for something incomprehensible. But what for? The twilight penetrated the shop where now settled down the silence that intermittently was broken by ticking of the clock. Suddenly slight lilac color shined in the room and highlighted it. It was like a flow flooded this small building for some seconds and then was gone, only a sweet perfume of lilac reminded about the flash of light flow.

The Old Salesman of  Lifetime chuckled to himself.  The Mountaingardian Angel watched  tranquilly at  the seller.

“Yes – said the Salesman – the talent of Grandkindmam impresses and delights. I have what you need to save Greeneyed Girl. I won’t get a pay. Just bow low to Grandkindmam, she is great magician”, then he disappeared.  

But the Mountaingardian Angel was waiting in silence and didn’t move. Sometime later the darkness of the night got into the shop by flowing through the window. In the Angel’s vial tiny green suns of the country of Dreams were dawned. Suddenly, on the counter appeared a small grey parcel. The flask had been changed and became for some minutes of gold color. The Mountaingardian Angel took carefully his purchase and had been waited for a little time but nobody appeared. The old Angel bowed into the dark. Then he left the shop clasping acquired thing to his bosom at the same time looking at and watching for his guarding vial. A second after he had left, the shop was gone like it had never been existed. Instead it, the earth was covered by gold leaves. The traveller took one of them and saw the variety of compound colors and tints. Some snowflakes fell on the leaf and didn’t melt but also shinned brightly and emphasized sunny beauty of the autumn leaf by winter sparkles glowing. Like it was the Eternity itself beaming with a kindhearted smile.   

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