Попова Юлия

Попова Ю.А.Пишу стихи и рассказы с десяти лет. До сих пор помню свое первое стихотворение. Закончила педагогический университет. В 2014 году стала лауреатом конкурса “Северная звезда” в номинации “Проза”.

I write poetry and stories since the age of ten. I remember my first poem. I finished pedagogical University. In 2014 I became the winner of competition “The North star” in the nomination “Prose”.

Story “47 excess chromosomes”


When the car approached the house, my mother gave full value to each word:

– Victor, some days you will be compelled to stay in your room…

– No! – I surrended oneself to despair, – I don’t want it!

– You should! I put a wonderful fir-tree in your room, I bought many pencils and sketchbooks, and I want… – she continued to speak.

– And I don’t want! I don’t want! – I began to cry in an anticipation of full loneliness on the most magic holiday in a year.

– What do you want? – my mother shouted and shook me as if I were a doll, – What?

– I want… I want to be same as all! – I hung on her hands.

– You see, you don’t know what do you want! – mother cut me short. She released me and I fell. I lay so on the road until I was brought by the scruff in the house as the second suitcase.


What I was always afraid has happened: I was locked. When the door in the library was open, I could console myself in that I will be able to run away if it becomes absolutely lonely. Though I knew that I will never make it.

I sat on a bed and drearily looked at the sparkling fir-tree in a corner. From a corridor noise, footfall of feet and a voice of my sisters reached. Lola, my elder sister, gathered for a school ball. I decided that I will go to a ball too. I shall carry on to the end, live or die. I got a jacket and a tie from a suitcase. I carefully put them on a bed and waited. When the noise calmed down, I clung to the keyhole. I saw my younger sister and called her:

– Christine!

Looking around, she on tiptoe approached to the door.

– Christine, let me out!

– I can’t make it, Victor! Mother will abuse me!

And she escaped away. But I didn’t depart from a door, hoping for something.

The loud voice of Christine was distributed from other end of a corridor:

– I want to be on a ball too, mom!

– You are too little, my girl! After two or three years you will go to a ball. Don’t doubt! – mother patiently explained.

– And I want to be there now! Now! – Christine sobbed.

The entrance door slapped. Most likely mother went to see off Lola. I heard how Christine shouting and threw something on a floor. Suddenly knock at a door sounded:

– Victor! I pulled down keys from mother! I will let you out! Are you ready?

I put on a jacket and quickly tightened a tie on my neck:

– Yes!

The key turned in a keyhole with a loud gnash.

– Run! – Christine whispered, – Only don’t tromp!

Her face was lit up by a smile, and her eyes was crafty as usual.

– And how you? – I asked, – Let’s go together!

Christine waggled head.

– No! Go alone!

On tiptoe I reached a street door. Having opened it, I heard laughter of my younger sister:

– Spoil the fun, Victor!

I thought what “to spoil” is something it seems “to rejoice” and I nodded her.


In the big school hall music deafeningly sounded. On a ceiling multi-colored circles slid one after another. In the center of the hall girls in beautiful dresses with hats and fans danced with young people in tuxedos. I stood some time at a wall, having disappeared in its shadow, but then I safely stepped forward. I went on a hall, with curiosity considering the teenagers rushing by me. Nobody seemed paying to me attention. Suddenly before my eyes the beautiful satin bow in a light golden braid began to jump. I corrected a tie, clasped a jacket on all buttons and smoothed a palm my hair. I slightly touched a shoulder of the beautiful stranger.

– Can I invite you to dance? – politely as I was taught I asked her.

The girl slowly turned back. Her cold glance was late on my face. I smiled, hoping to knock her dead. All teachers of a boarding school were delighted with my smile. But the girl didn’t smile to me in reply, she… screamed. She screamed so as if she saw something terrible or something that shouldn’t exist. Once I so screamed when I hid at a teacher’s room door where nurses watched TV, and I saw a monster from the horror film.


I came to oneself only on the street. Lola dragged me after her, painfully squeezing my hand. She hissed:

– What did you do, the moron! Idiot! Devil’s Down!

All way she damned me, addressing to the sky.

– Mom, he spoiled me a party! – Lola began to cry and threw oneself on the neck mothers.

Then she pulled off a jacket from me and furiously began to trample down it feet. I thought that it was a game. I burst out laughing and began to repeat her movements. Lola reddened. Ink on her eyelashes became wet, her hairdress was disheveled. She looked at me sullenly. And then she approached and hit my cheek with the back of the hand. I began to cry and sat down on hunkers, having closed both hands my burned cheek.

– Down! I hate you! – Lola said this to my face.

Mother petrified.

Christine victoriously smiled, having leaned against a door slip-up. I thought that she supports me and I smiled  to her too.


That evening me and my mother talked about my illness. I asked her only one question:

– Why me?

She shrank as if from cold and answered nothing.

At night I blew nose with such force that my ears stuffed up. I caused myself vomiting, thrusting fingers into my mouth. I hoped that the forty seventh chromosome would leave my body. And then my mother, sisters and all many other people would love me.

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