Пачкина Мария

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Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Мария – Николина. Я просто люблю жизнь, люблю наблюдать за людьми, люблю созерцать мир. Мне нравится театр как Оскару Уайльду и Сомерсету Моэму. Я обожаю приключения как Жюль Верн. И я всегда в поиске истины как Вениамин Каверин. А также следую за мечтой как Александр Грин. Творить для меня – дышать, думать, дорожить. Одним словом, просто ЖИТЬ!

Well, a bit of Maria – Niccolina. I am addicted to life. I love communicating with people, I enjoy learning new things and I am really happy with new experiences. Sometimes our life is challenging and that’s great! It gives you an opportunity to try yourself. I love theatre and believe that the world is stage. I am crazy about adventures and I am keen on travelling (and it’s not only because it broadens our mind). Of all my interests, I love meeting NEW people the best, because they always teach you something new, they share with you, they enrich your life and they make you smile. That’s what makes me happy!



By Maria Niccolina

Oh, look! It’s a brand-new pair of shoes, high-heeled shoes, black shoes. ONE can hardly imagine how long I have been waiting for them. Mummy, dear! My first pair of shoes was when I was at school. My mum bought them and gave me as a present for my birthday. I remember that day very well. It was embarrassing. If it had not been for my Mum, I would never have worn them. One was hardly ever able to understand what I was feeling. All girls were in jeans and sneakers and I had to wear those black “awful and disgusting” shoes, as I used to think about them.  My friends looked at me as if I were a ghost. It was odd to them that I should be in shoes.

Ten years later I met a guy who fell in love with me immediately. I thought that we were born for each other. He was the best, the only one, my Prince. No matter what he might have said or done he was always the jolliest and the cleverest fellow in the world. For five years we had been dating and then one sunny day he called me up and asked if I could come to the “Queen Mary”. Can you imagine it? It’s the best restaurant in our city. When I entered he was ordering something to eat and drink. There was a small box in front of him. He proposed to me at once. I was in a black sheath that went with my black shoes.  Oh my God, it was the first and the last heel I have ever broken. I was so nervous that I could hardly stand still.

Now I’m his wife. My life has changed tremendously since that time. Can you imagine since then I have never worn black shoes? Why? I work for a company that produces sport clothes and goods for wellness. I should wear sneakers. Nevertheless the company isn’t the main reason. After  work I must do the shopping – can you do it wearing high-heeled shoes? Scarcely. It is challenging I guess. And there is one more obstacle. I can’t afford to buy high heels now. Not long ago my husband crashed our car and now we are to pay car-service bills – he didn’t have insurance. Well, I’m sorry to say that he is not the cleverest at all. If he were he would know that this month we cannot waste money. Sure, I am sure that I am still in love with him, but currently I realize that our dreams are not in the places where we are expected them to be.

Right now I’m absolutely happy. This pair of shoes, new shoes, high heels. They are my prize. I won a competition for housewives in our city and the prize was one item in the brand name shop. I’m blissfully excited. I feel I can fly. The sky is the limit.

The door bell. It’s Sarah, our 15-year-old daughter. I see she does love these shoes. They fit her very well. She’s having a party tonight. Her small black dress and black jacket look really nice. She is my Lady Di, my icon of fashion. But it’s my pair of shoes! And she is my daughter and her feet are gorgeous. What should I do? I hope, you know…