s10008aСергей Алексеевич Бусев родился во Владивостоке. С 1953 года живёт в Москве. Окончил химический факультет Московского государственного Университет имени М. Ломоносова. Сергей Бусев – кандидат химических наук, старший научный сотрудник; переводчик…

Sergey Busev was born in Vladivostok; since 1953 he has lived in Moscow; got graduated from the State Moscow University, named by M. Lomonosov; chemical department. Sergey Busev is a chemist, the candidate of the chemical sciences, the elder research worker of the research institute; the translator…

Перевод произведения “Убей меня, если сможешь”


Story “Kill me, if you can”

He loved life.

He loved sun, sky, grass, day and night, food and water. But all the more he loved his mother. And he was able to rejoice in all this, but only, when Deities did not see him, or when he thought, that they have not seen him. At other time he was either morose and angry, or scared andquiet. Because they hunted on him, they wished his death: Deities wanted him to die.

His mother (well, she was old enough) believed Deities implicitly. She worshiped them, served and obeyed them.  Her faith was so high and strong, that helped her to survive.

And he, he was very young. But now he did not believe any Deities, he had no faith in any Deities. His life taught him. It gave him a lot of lessens, too much knowledge of life.

For example: to sleep where it is necessary, to eat what is necessary, to keep away from Deities (because they are very insidious), and try to survive in any case. He loved life.

Beside that he knew exactly: if Deity smiled, it did not mean that you had nothing to fear. All is not as it seems at first sight.

That Deity, on whose land they lived, often smiled. Oh! Yes, yes, you see, he remembers, when his brothers slowly starved to death, this Deity smiled.

And when his mother, in a fit of regular stress fell to the ground, and it seemed she got cranky, that God smiled. He came to them occasionally, as he lived elsewhere. And he smiled, and smiled, and smiled.

A three full moons ago the New Deities had appeared. They settled down here, on this earth. And his life has changed: now he and his mother had food: they were fed for their job, now they had something to drink: they were watered for their job. And Deities never hurt them. They were not like the other ones. They were just. And yesterday, these New Deities gave him his name. The very real one! And, therefore, he is alive. After all only the living beings have their names. The dead have no names. A name is given only to that one, whom they want to see, to anyone, who is noticed by them, who exists and will live!.. His mother has her name for a long time. Her name is Dean.

Listen! That was really, that he was called by name.

…and quietly, gently, with great caution, he came to the call. Maybe, they are his allies in the struggle for survival? Deities, oh, Deities! Be merciful, let me believe in you! He took a step, another one and one more step. And, the most last, small one… The goddess bowed and said with drawl, caressing his head:

– “Li-i-sa, Li-i-sa, good dog! Li-i-sa, nice girl! Clever one”.

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