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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAЛитература является, пожалуй, одним из сильнейших инструментов выражения своего внутреннего мира и воображения. С детства я была очарована богатой палитрой образов и героев в сказка Братьев Гримм и Андерсона. С 14 лет я начала писать стихи на философские темы и небольшие рассказы. Недавно мой рассказ «Полнолуние» был опубликован в Декабрьском номере журнала Современная Литература Мира.

Я мечтаю написать книгу для детей, которая бы иллюстрировала силу позитивного мышления и подвигах доброты в ежедневной жизни.

Мир моих увлечений включает чтение книг, исполнение Русских романсов 19 века и путешествия.

Эссе «Небесная Почта» можно рассматривать как своеобразное руководство перед прибытием на Землю для молодого поколения ангелов. В этом произведении автор обращается с письмом к своему будущему ребенку-ангелу,  как если бы оно могло быть доставлено на Небесную Почту.

Literature is the powerful tool to express your inner world and imagination. Since early childhood I was fascinated by the rich world of images and heroes in the fairy tales of Brother Grimm and Anderson.  At the age of 14 I started to write poetry and short stories. Recently my “Full Moon” story was published in the Journal of Contemporary Literature of the World. My current dream is to write a book for children, which would illustrate the power of positive thinking in daily life.

The world of my interests includes reading, singing the Russian romances of 19 century and traveling.

 “Mailbox in Heaven” essay is the guide for the future generation of angels, who will soon arrive to the planet Earth. This passage I was addressing to angel or my potential child, as if this letter could be delivered to the mailbox of heaven.

«Mailbox in Heaven»

No, I never saw an angel, but it is irrelevant whether
I saw it or not. I feel their presence around me”
Paulo Coelho

 Beautiful Angel,

You are looking at me, dangling your tiny feet from the soft pillowlike clouds, and charming unearthly smile lightens up your childish face. You watch me in the darkness of night from a distant sparkling star, so I can sleep peacefully enjoying my colorful dreams. You already know a lot about me, yet we are still complete strangers. However, I promise to surround you with unconditional love and care from the very first till the last breath of my life.

I don’t know why and how children choose their parents in heaven, but I sincerely hope that during our first date you will tell me all about it, not losing a single detail. Haven’t heard your angelic voice yet, but it would definitely become my favorite melody, pleasing atmosphere with the cheerful sounds of singing flute. You cannot imagine my endless happiness and gratitude when you will enter this world one day.

Believe me, the Planet Earth is fabulously beautiful and interesting. The mother Earth is a home for various funny little and big creatures, like talking plants, the birds freely soaring in the sky and silent fish living in the deep saline lakes. This planet is also inhabited by ‘P-E-O-P-L-E’ actually a lot of them. So much that sometimes they are extremely scared of new ones. Humanity concerned that new born boys and girls will deprive it from the last stocks of healthy food, pure water and even air, and there would be nothing to eat, drink or breath in the entire planet.

It’s a big world with the seven continents of diverse culture and nature. People try to live in peace and harmony, but not always succeed. You would be surprised, but ‘W-A-R-S’ take place from time to time, where one group of people kill the other to acquire new land or power. And, it also happens that kids are dying out of hunger, poverty and incurable diseases. Earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes destroy the entire cities and even civilizations. But, dear child don’t be scared! When ‘M-O-M’ and ‘D-A-D’ are standing next to you, nothing bad will happen, because Love is the most powerful shield against all ills and misfortunes.

Please remember,

You are Wise, because the wisdom comes from the treasure of your soul,

You are Brave, there is nothing that can intimidate you,

You are Truth, there is nothing that you cannot comprehend or explain,

You are Eternal, because you know that death doesn’t exist for the eternal spirit,

You are Divine, as humane nature is inherently divine.

Sometimes I think that we, the human race are also angels, who incarnated with the special mission to undergo through human experience.  We were probably sent to this planet to master the human qualities of Kindness, Compassion and Forgiveness, isn’t it? You know better for sure.

To conclude, I beg you angel to arrive sooner and become my honorable quest in this planet Earth! Fluff your heavenly wings and fly towards the direction of righteousness, I will be waiting for you there. You will recognize me by the flaming red heart, tearing toward you!

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