Ольга Костюк

EIlW6Eg7fuc copyЯ родилась в маленьком городе на юге Урала. В 6 лет мама отвела меня в детскую художественную школу, что в итоге повлияло на мою дальнейшую жизнь. Именно там я поняла, что хочу связать себя с миром искусства. После школы я поступила в художественное училище в Екатеринбурге на театральное отделение. Сразу после окончания училища я поехала в Санкт-Петербург. Тем же летом сдала вступительные экзамены в институт им. Репина и поступила на факультет графики.
С детства я любила придумывать разные истории, а затем рисовала к ним картинки. Иногда, наоборот, сначала нарисую, а потом додумываю историю. В итоге все свелось к тому, что я решила заниматься созданием книг для детей.

I was born in a small town in the South of Ural. When i was 6 years old my mother took me to the children’s art school, that decision had an immense impact on my life. There i realized that i want to connect my life with art. After school I entered art college in Yekaterinburg, on the theater department. After graduation from college, I went to St. Petersburg. At that summer, I passed the entrance exams at the Repin Institute on the faculty of Graphics. Since my childhood I have been fond of inventing stories and to illustrate them. Sometimes, on the contrary, I draw illustrations first, and then try to come up with a story for them.

Сказка “The little asterisk


It was quite dark on the yard and the sky was covered with a scattering of small grains. Everything sank into the soft darkness of a summer night. A dog was sleeping in the booth and he quietly whined from time to time. He was dreaming about how he was chasing a neighbour’s cat. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a bright flash of light appeared and awakened him. He saw a little light fell on a leaf of burdock, bounced off it and landed in the grass. “What could it be?”, -thought the dog. From the thick grass faint glimmer made its way. He put his muzzle in the grass and found a girl, who was sitting and looking around .She was so tiny. Her skin was glowing from the inside with a golden-silvery light, and her hair was discarded small sparks in all directions. Dog out of curiosity decided to sniff her better.
“Oh!” said the girl and hid behind a leaf.
”Who are you? “ asked her dog.
“I am a little asterisk” clapping with her eyes she said.
“Did you fell from the sky?!” exclaimed the dog.
“Yes, I was flying above the clouds with my sisters and gazing at your fields and lakes. I wanted to fly up closer to get a better view of them. It was so interesting that I did not notice as I descended to much and caught on the branch of a tree.”
“Then let’s go and I’ll show you everything. You have nothing to fear with me .”
He picked up a asterisk with his big black nose, and she sat on his head, comfortably settled in his thick fur. They got through the hole in a fence and turned out to be on a country road.
“Who is it” the asterisk asked, pointing upward.
“This is a cat, she lives in our barn and there catches mice” answered the dog.
There was a black cat sitting on the fence. Sparkling in the dark with her yellow eyes, she was curiously looking at the asterisk.
“Come on, there is nothing to talk about with her” grumbled the dog. ”She is terribly arrogant and always teases with her tail.”
Cat grinned and disappeared behind the fence. In the barn, there were kittens waiting for her, they can not be left alone for long.
The village has been left behind. Only one window of the last house, was glowing with a dim yellow-orange light, and there was going a thin stream of a blue smoke out of the chimney. An old shoemaker lived in that house. During the day he often played his harmonica to entertain local children with his songs, and they danced and jumped on a warm puddles, laughing with delight.
The dog and the asterisk came in a wide field. The grass rustled, gently swaying above their heads.
“This is the field that we were flying above” suddenly said the girl,- “From bird’s-eye view, it seemed like a little speck, but now I feel like a little baby among it.”- she giggled loudly, apparently she thought it was very funny.
Suddenly, in front of them a dark silhouette appeared, barely visible in the starlight. It stood alone, towering in the tall grass. The dog stiffened and stopped.
“Let’s go and say hello, we should be polite” the asterisk said.
“Well, let’s do it” timidly said the dog.
And he carefully moved toward the stranger, sniffing the upcoming wind. The hair on his back lifted, and the tail was pinned. When they came closer, the dog said:
“It’s just a scarecrow! Old fool I am, as i did not guess that ?!”
Asterisk looked at the dog, and then at the stranger: “They must be old friends, if the dog so happy to met him.” And she hurried to greet his friend.
“Hello, I’m an asterisk. Nice to meet you!”

But the scarecrow did not respond, only gently in the wind swung forward, welcoming a star.
Once the field was not covered wild grass. There were growing tall and thin stalks of corn, raising to the sky it’s cobs with funny yellow tassels at the ends. A scarecrow guards them for the villagers, from the impudent сrows, who were trying to eat sweet corn. One day drought came,corn started to grow badly and then it ceased. People eventually forgot about the corn and now just a lonely old scarecrow is a feeble echo of those times.
Asterisk was very curious. She wanted to ask the scarecrow if he saw how she and her sister were flying in the sky, was not it boring to leave here alone, for how long they are friends with the dog and what was in the letter, that was protruded from his pocket, but she decided not to impose the stranger with her inquiries. She said good-bye, and they continued their trip with the dog. Finally she wanted to take another look at the scarecrow, she turned around and saw it quietly rocking from side to side, it seemed as if it was waving them. Asterisk smiled and waved back.
They continued to walk further and further, chatting with each other at the same time. Asterisk was so interested in the local’s way of live here, that she literally filled up the dog with questions. The dog was a pleased with such attention, he felt very happy and meaningful and replied to all her questions. He told her about his live and about the kindness of his masters, that when the owner goes to the town for some business, he always brings him something delicious. Dog proudly told her that once he bit thief, who had the habit to steal their peaches, and then the whole week he was eating only meat. And one day the neighbor’s boy gave him a pile of sausages and he could not remember a happier day in his life. Asterisk noticed that many of his short stories were somehow connected with food.
They have been talking for a long time and would probably continue to do it, but the sun begun to rise. And a cricket’s sounds were replaced by birdsongs. The dog looked at a star and saw how she began to fade. Asterisk lifted up her tiny hands and looked through them at him. She said:“ What a pity , but now it’s time to say goodbye. I have so many questions that i would like to ask you. ”Dog was very sad, he had become attached to the girl in such short period of time. After all, no one has ever listened to his stories with such pleasure. The girl noticed how sad was her friend and she tried to comfort him.
“Do not be sad, we will meet again. Now I have to go back to my family” – she looked up , and at the same time a couple of stars flashed in the sky. -” From now on look in the sky at night more often. And among the thousands of stars you will surely find me.”
Asterisk tenderly embrace the dog and at the same time she disappeared.The dog was looking up in the sky till the last star vanished. Only then he sleepily went home.
Since then, every night the dog looked in the night sky. From the depths of which one little star shines brighter than all other to him.

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