Олеся Кущенко

Олеся КущенкоЯ художник-дизайнер, и очень люблю свое дело. Занимаюсь графическим дизайном от разработки логотипов до создания рисованных билбордов и обложек книг. В свободное время стараюсь как можно больше рисовать. Почти во всех моих картинах есть цветы, т.к. для меня это символ прекрасной, доброй, счастливой жизни. Именно такие положительные эмоции я стараюсь передать своими работами. Осенью 2015 года я нарисовала рыжего волшебного котенка. Он так понравился мне и всем моим близким, что я решила сочинить про него сказку. Ее я и отправила на этот конкурс. Сказка настолько понравилась деткам друзей, что я пишу новые истории про это маленькое чудо. Так же мной нарисованы красочные иллюстрации к сказке. Надеюсь, читая ее, вы и ваши дети, получите много положительных эмоций.

I am an artist-designer, and love their job. Specialise in graphic design, from designing logos to creating hand-drawn billboards and book covers. In my free time I try to draw. Almost all my paintings have flowers, because for me it is a symbol of the beautiful, kind, happy life. Such positive emotions I try to convey in your own work. In the fall of 2015 I drew a red magic kitten. I loved it so much and all my relatives that I decided to write a story about him. I sent for this contest. The tale was so pleased with the children of friends that I write more stories about this little miracle. So I painted the colorful illustrations to the tale. I hope reading it, you and your children will receive many positive emotions.

Детская сказка “Рыжее счастье”


This wonderful and funny story was created for shared home reading by children and their parents. It reminds us about totally forgotten and magic world which still lives in the age of cutting-edge and digital technologies.

Dear adults, let’s remember how you had been dreaming in the childhood, believing in wonders and magic, fantasizing. There are no historical geographic limits because the scene is the fairytale forest. Let your journey to this forest be magical and wonderful! This is your first introduction to the characters and there are lots of interesting adventures!

Have you ever seen house goblin taking care of a house? Or the wood one gathering mushrooms? Or have you seen Baba Yaga cooking up a potion? It is very interesting! But you would better stay out of their way at that moment. Why should you? Otherwise, how are we going to discover their secrets? So let’s open up a bit these mysteries and get acquainted with the magical characters. Once upon a time, there was a hut on chic legs deep in a dark forest on a black meadow among amanitas, toadstools and unknown giant forests. Thick green smoke and sparks flew out of the hut’s pipe. Only when you got closer, you were able to smell delicious food. It looked like Baba Yaga was cooking not a potion but something edible. Delicate spicy flavor floated in the air and tickled nostrils. If you carefully took a look through the hut window, you would see how chicken, white mushrooms, red pepper got into the boiler. There was a pitcher of cream, flasks with smelly grasses. Sage, mustard, basil, vanilla, lemon balm were stores in little pots. What a great variety of grasses hanged on the ceiling beam! Then Baba Yaga added some golden powder from a little beautiful sack on her belt to the boiling bouillon. Something totally unknown followed the powder. It looked like some white flesh covered in black seeds similar to scattered poppies while the shell was tight and pink with green teeth reminding of dragon scales. Suddenly, the boiler hissed, the brew started seething and bubbling and… BOOM!!! The room got full of smoke. It was almost impossible to see anything. Windows wide opened and fresh air flew inside. Breathing became easier. All in all, is not it great when your house is magic and all the things in it know how to manage with difficulties? What a mess after such an explosion… The boiler is almost empty lying on a floor. The soup is poured out and ginger fur is everywhere.

-Where did all this fur come from? I don’t remember adding…

Baba Yaga got over fright and – while looking around – noticed a ginger tail crawling away behind the turned over boiler. She leaned forward and reached for the boiler. The long ginger tail hided again. After a little while, she moved away the boiler with soup remains and saw a little kitten. He was ginger and very fluffy. A big head with large green eyes was sitting firmly on a little body while his tail fidgeted on the floor carefully moving everything on its way.

-Where did you come from? – Baba Yaga asked in wonder.

-I don’t know. – the kitten answered feeling shy. He was trembling. It was the same surprising to turn up in the Baba Yaga’s hut which used to be the subject of many different rumors.

What do you mean “I don’t know”?! I was cooking a delicious soup and then there was an explosion! And here appear you from somewhere unclear! It beats all – turn up without invitation with such a noise! Is it acceptable at any rate?!

-I don’t know… – the kitten’s voice sounded more confident. He looked around, stopped being afraid of Baba Yaga and smiled kindly.

Baba Yaga’s heart melted. She softened her anger and asked friendly:

-What’s your name, kid?

Baba Yaga supposed that this unusual kitten with human eyes is magical and being friends with such an animal is valuable, especially nowadays when people don’t believe in magic, even in the very Baba Yaga. The other magical habitants stopped strolling into here meadow too. But how much did she want to have a friend? To talk about everything, scare people together, who are very hard to get amazed…

And this little creature could change Baba Yaga’s life for better.

-I don’t know… I don’t remember someone calling me by name. – the kitten answered. By this moment, he fully got used to the hut investigating things lying around by his tail.

Baba Yaga started cleaning up the kitchen muttering spells. Right in front of kitten’s eyes the room became shining clean. The boiler turned up just on its place. The walls and floor glittered and smelled mint. Yaga came to the kitten with a dish of milk, placed it in front of him and sat on a bench by the window thinking and muttering spells.

-Which name is suitable for you?..

And all of a sudden she heard the sound of broken glass. Baba Yaga turned back and saw that the kitten had already finished milk and gone in search of adventure. He climbed onto the shelf with potions and the ginger tail pushed away the flask with mint leaves and so it fell over. Jars of raspberry and dandelion jam followed it.

-So, why are you breaking everything?! – She shouted unhappy. – Exactly! You’ll be Hellion! As you are so naughty and always smash everything, you will be called this name! What do you say?

-I like it. – the kitten answered smiling without any shyness. The fright had waned. The kid looked at Baba Yaga and trusted her. Despite the outburst of anger, mischief in her eyes, she smiled so wide that it seemed like you could see all her iron teeth.

Without any further questions, Yaga picked him up and carried to the soft stove-bench. She gently got him to bed, kissed in a cold and wet nose. So she made sure that he was healthy. She went out but left a small slit of light. It’s worth noting right away that the kitten was very curious. However, you might have already noticed it. He was examining things in the hut closely – the ceiling and a bench covered with red fabric, flasks on shelves, dishes and curtains. But finally sleep overcame him and he sniffled so sweet on the stove. Well, there is nothing surprising – the passed day was quite shocking. The kid remembered neither who he was, nor how he turned up near the boiler in Baba Yaga’s hut, nor relatives. He was not even sure that they existed. Thoughts were in mess. Hellion had a dream about Baba Yaga baking him a fish pie and then going for a walk together. The Granny was gathering grasses and flowers telling him about their curing qualities. And then he dropped into the dandelion field running after butterflies. Baba Yaga was a very wise granny. She did not make a mistake while choosing the name. In the morning as long as she was cooking rich breakfast (pancakes, fish pie and soup), curious Hellion had torn all her nets. They were drying on a fence and he got stuck in it while running on the fence. Furthermore, the kitten had managed to crush all the flower beds. These flowers were very unusual for Russian region, a whole kingdom of overseas plants! He had broken all the dishes when he was examining patterns on plates and the shelf crushed because of his jumps. The naughty fluffy was chasing mice but when they all hided he sneaked into the fireplace and dirtied himself with soot and accidently dirtied all the furniture in the hut. And he managed to do all this during just a day! Baba Yaga scolded him for crushing and breaking everything, then felt sorry for him and he promised to behave himself more quiet and carefully. And so days passed by. After a month, Baba Yaga understood that she could not manage with this creature. She was so tired of Hellion’s fuss that it even did not matter for her that the kitten was magical. She wanted her usual silence and order. Nobody knows how this story would end unless something unusual happened one day.

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