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DSCN8977Мои интересы включают историю и славянские языки, особенно русский и сербский. Я также играю на гитаре и сочиняю музыку. Я пишу давно, но я еще не опубликованы много – всего несколько коротких рассказов, стихотворений и две статьи в области сербской этимологии.

Russia Will Save the World

This essay does not include alternative history or any area it deals with that is nowadays termed as such. The reason is very simple. ‘Alternative’ is a gigantic misnomer and it was deliberately twisted by the forces that shape our tragic civilization or, possibly, it was taken from the beginning to carry the meaning of something secondary (in Latin alter means ‘the other’ or ‘otherwise’). Truth stands on totally different grounds. If one uses, e.g., the term alternative medicine, meaning that methods of healing and therapeutic substances different from the official medicine are concerned, he is wrong historically, because the natural medicine he is talking about used to be the primary, or the first one. On the confusion of concepts much of the social and cultural pathology that we see around us is grounded. Along these lines I propose in this booklet a new reading and interpretation of the old, forgotten, suppressed or deliberately omitted and twisted facts.

The writing is meant primarily to be an essay on misunderstanding and misapprehension of Russia and Russians by the West. My main argument is that the Western World has systematically been building a Russian wall, an invisible barrier meant to put Russia into a kind of dangerous-animal cage. However, Russia, not an exception among the nations of the world in this respect, seem to deserves a more vehement treatment in an all-out war because of her importance and grandeur. Russia was and still is experienced by the most prosperous parts of the world as something unruly, wild, inferior but dangerous, a roaring bear that deserves to be placed in a zoo for the scrutiny of the civilized and kept under control. It is not possible to write such a work and touch upon the crucial points that produced or contributed to misunderstanding, while drawing upon the established sources and concepts (and misconcepts). Misperceptions and mistakes most often give rise to tragic clefts, as shown by history ancient or modern. The Western world, tragically enough, has almost totally failed to recognize the beauty, potentials, powers and universal values that Russia and her people undeniably possess. A more logical and prudent way would have been to approach the riddle and mystery called Russia, lend a friendly arm to it and organically integrate it into the structure we all vaguely experience as Modern World.

An average reader in the West has been pampered up and brought up in an atmosphere of mostly soft (but therefore efficient) propaganda of the Western values, Western preeminence in most walks of life and the superiority of its culture in most of its aspects. My intention in writing this booklet is to open the eyes of the predominantly Western readership to a host of obvious facts about Russia and Slavs, the ignorance or negligence of which only intensifies the gap between East and West. We live in very dynamic times and many parts of the globe experience tragic consequences of the divide between the rich and poor parts of it. We often see meticulously engineered clashes of different value systems. Very often, with ever increasing frequency, clangour of wars local and more widespread is heard as time passes by. Noone would be amazed if, God forbid, a new World War errupted somewhere along the lines of economic, trading, geopolitical or other essential seams of the patchword called Modern Civilization.

I am not a Russian and I have not learned Russian at school. On the contrary, I studied the English language and I have taught it all my working life to school pupils in Serbia or translated for a number of companies once flourishing in now extinct state of Yugoslavia. Only recently have I plunged into the Russian language and reading of everything Russian, though I have always loved Russians, their literature, their Orthodoxy (Pravoslavje), their science and engineering, their truly magnificent music both folk and classical – in a word, Russian civilization. After going through innumerable pages on the Internet and piecing up my grasp of the rich Russian language, I began to realize that there is a tragic void between the Western European countries, now led by the US, and the Russians, whereas at school I had been taught that Russia belonged to the Western world both as a trustworthy British or American ally in two World Wars and as a giant contributor to the Western culture, science and art. After all, Russians are Indo-Europeans like the peoples of the leading part of the world concentrated in the West. So, something very important was very wrong.

I must admit that the picture from my school days and times of study started to wean and gain new shapes and colours in the 80’s of the previous century. From an easy-going internationalist and lover of jazz music and most values of the Western world that appeared to be universal, humane and acceptable to the majority of people of the average intellectual capacities, I was approaching a state of reinventing the national identity and the idea of being a Slav, a Serb or a person close to the roots of the peoples that are genetically related to the Russians in the first place. The breakup of Yugoslavia, my homeland’s name at the time, arduously assisted by the West, exposed the importance of narrower confines I belonged to – those of Serbia, that were emerging and still survive by God’s grace. The Soviet Union was dealt a heavy blow by the then president Gorbachev. Russians weaned and Germans waxed. Very strange indeed! The questions naturally popped in my head: who won in the WW II and who was whose ally?

The final drop in the glass full of superficial understanding and confusion came with the bombing of Serbia (1999). I know that the majority of people in the West do not understand what really happened, nor ever will. They picked the scattered patches of information from the press and TV, the new mighty weapons of war orchestrated by the forces that profiteer from all sorts of calamities that most often they initiate. I will not write about this dark part of the story of Yugoslav demise for it is not the subject of this essay. Any curious reader used to reading between the lines can find tons of information about it on the Internet. It goes without saying that the most vociferous sources and papers with circulation in the millions should be avoided for the sake of mental and moral health. However, I will touch upon this or other examples of Western hypocrisy whenever it be necessary, for it serves the purpose of my humble effort in contributing to at least slightly weakening the wall built around Russia. The Chinese wall is visible, but it was erected by the Chinese for known reasons. The Russian wall is invisible and it was made by the West. To what reasons – remains to be at least partly explained in the pages that follow, to the best of my love and knowledge of Russia. I will not restrain from verbal lashing of the West for its fallacies, hypocrisy and wrong-doing but I ask for tolerance from the Western reader. That is, at least, one of the passwords Western advocates of democracy and globalization incessantly repeat daily.

Dear brother in the West, whenever I mention the West and rant against it, I do not stand against you, the ordinary citizen or hard-working individual. I shout against the blood-sucking soulless capitaliststs who consolidate and monopolize their power and military, political, financial or technological influence with a sole aim of reducing our numbers and enslaving the rest of us all.  In the pages that follow I will not be able to avoid the use of the term Aryan, although it was made to be a shadow term by the wierd forces of this world. The same applies to the swastika, which used to be one of the crucial concepts of the various ancient peoples including us Slavs. However, I do not attach a racial veneer or suprematism to this term, only the factual, historical idiosyncracy that comes along with it, in the sense of the original predecessors of the once closely related Indo-European peoples now living in Europe and Asia and their diaspora on all the continents. Though their impact on modern civilization is tremendous, very important details have deliberately been dropped from the official historiography and other branches of learning, particularly the importance and contribution of the Slavs. This omission has produced much of misunderstanding and caused a lot of suffering throughout history and it still is. Although this is not another work on conspiracy, the effects and impact of this invisible pathological stream or counter-current of civilization will hover between the lines. This is the ground where I seek utmost understanding and patience on the part of the Western reader for all my passionate or perchance a too pronounced protest against the West.

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