Наталья Якименко

фотоЛюблю читать, узнавать что-то новое, общаться с интересными людьми. Творчеством занимаюсь с семнадцати лет. Примерно в это время стала писать короткие рассказы, чуть позже написала первую сказку. Последнее время стала пробовать силы в других жанрах. Как и все, надеюсь на успех.



Eva was walking down a dark narrow hallway. There were no windows, and only a dim bulb was dangling behind her back, near the door which she had just entered. It was rather dry and stuffy in the basement. Sometimes Eva touched the brick walls with her fingers probably to keep her balance or maybe to realize one more time that it was not a dream. The hallway led to a big room. With the left hand Eva groped the tumbler switch, the light seemed too bright for her. Along the walls there were stillages full of different things, some of them useful and some of them not. In one corner the shelves were not  close together, but Eva knew that the corner wasn’t empty. The girl swallowed, her mouth went dry, she was scared, and at the same time very curious, so she forced her way between the shelves. The rough brick wall of the room was about four inches from her but Eva knew her eyes were deceiving her. She reached out and felt smooth cold metal instead of rough stone. The girl lowered her hand looking for a handle and small keyhole. She took off a chain with a key from her neck, inserted the key, rotated it, and with a deep sigh and her eyes closed opened the door.

The darkness embraced her, darkness and silence, that was even more earsplitting than in the basement. There were two enormous yellow eyes with vertical pupils staring at her from the darkness. Full of fear the girl slammed the door and leaned on one of the stillages. She knew what kind of eyes they there, she saw them in her nightmares, and deep down in her heart she also was sure that she would see them behind that door.

‘I can’t do this,’ she thought.

But from the depth of her memory came Sebastian’s sad and scared face and beautiful but empty eyes of his uncle.

‘I’m not afraid’, whispered Eva.

Her whisper reflected from the walls in a frightening way.

‘I’m not afraid’, she repeated louder.

‘I’m not afraid!’ she shouted, pulled out the key and entered a nonexistent door.

The door swung shut with scary clashing and she found herself in utter darkness and silence. There were no eyes, but Eva knew, that she would see them again.

‘I’m not afraid’ she whispered once more and walked on

  • Chapter 1. Mr. RA

A ball painfully hit her head.

‘Ouch’, exclaimed Eva rubbing it.

Sebastian peered over the fence.

‘Hi, I thought you have left!’ he exclaimed happily.

‘And I didn’t know that you have arrived!’ answered the girl, forgetting the pain she felt just a moment ago.

‘Climb over here, my uncle and I are playing football’, said the boy and disappeared behind the fence.

When Sebastian was at his uncle’s place they usually visited each other like that, totally ignoring the gate, and his uncle did not object.

Eva picked up the ball, threw it over the fence and climbed over. The fence was old, its brickwork had fallen off in some places, and though it was quite high it was not difficult to climb over it.

‘Oh, Eva, it’s been a while’, said a tall man with a smile, when Eva appeared from behind the fence.

‘Nice to see you, Mr. Roy’, answered the girl sitting on the fence.

‘Let me help you’, said Sebastian’s uncle holding out his hands to Eva.

Eva took the outstretched hands, threw both legs over to the neighbors’ side, and easily jumped down.

‘When have you arrived?’ she asked looking at Sebastian.

‘Last night. My uncle called me on the way’, he explained.

‘But why didn’t you come to me immediately?’ asked the girl a little resentfully.

‘It was too late to visit somebody’, answered Uncle Roy, ‘so, shall we play?’ he cheerfully asked kicking the ball at the same time.

The children rushed to him trying to take the ball from him. Each of them played against the other two, and they scored in only one goal. Their aim was to take the ball away from the opponents, and to score the goal, marked by two stones,  as many times as you could.

Despite the fact that Eva was a girl, she played better than Sebastian. Uncle Roy of course always gave way but pretended that he didn’t.

When Sebastian ran into the bushes to get the ball Eva noticed that two young women were watching them play from the street.

‘Good morning, ladies’ said Uncle Roy.

‘Good morning, Mr. Adams’ the ladies answered in unison.

‘How long will you stay with us this time?’ asked one of them.

‘About two weeks, I suppose, everything depends on how quickly the construction will be resumed’ he answered and moved closer to the ladies.

‘This conversation will take a long time, let’s go home and drink some lemonade’, Sebastian offered approaching  Eva with the ball in his hands.

Eva turned around at the doorstep and looked at the women chatting with Uncle Roy.

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