713224335_49686 (1)Журналист, педагог. Пишу рассказы с 7 лет. В различных СМИ Республики Узбекистан начиная с 1984 года опубликованы свыше 900 журналистких материалов. Преподаю журналистику на факультете международной журналистики Узбекского государственного университета, автор 10 пособий по журналистике на узбекском и русским языках..Победитель более 25 конкурсах по журналистике в РУз. Также являюсь тренером Центра переподготовки журналистов.

Journalist and teacher. I write stories with 7 years . In various media of the Republic of Uzbekistan since 1984, published more than 900 journalist materials. I teach journalism at the Faculty of International Journalism at the Uzbek State University , the author of 10 manuals on journalism in Uzbek and Russian yazykah..Pobeditel more than 25 competitions in journalism in Uzbekistan . Also, I am a coach Journalist Training Center.

Фантастика “Крик”




Among the reeds just being on the watch for the deer, which are eating grass but sometimes  gazing round with startle on the boundless banks of the river, it became delightful finding food to eat. Reeds are shaking slowly, so it helped to hide itself.

Because of the wind his movement is not revealed, it is blowing from the side of his trophy, so while he is walking deer does not notice him even it is never  aware of its death if he is lucky to catch it. Three or four deer have come from the  thicket to the plain. With two ………. Mother deer  is rarely eating grass and watching out carefully,  its carefulness  impeded him to walk nearer to them. He stepped forward, but just stopped without putting his right foot on the ground.   It was his mistake.  Mother deer bleated in  low voice, turned around drastically to the thicket,   following its fawns.   The rest of the deer followed suit.   There    was not a moment to lose. He   strived forward   with all his strength.   Being hungry for two days, as well as losing his ‘ready   prey’ made him vexed too much.  At that moment a loud   thundered shot was heard in the sky which had been  clean several minutes ago.  His back paw burnt in pain and it affected his brain, made him numb. Shining sun disappeared, everywhere covered with darkness.

Wake up son, you are distracted, drink this water.

Hardly opening eyes, he did not realize where he was for a moment.  Then  he was calm seeing his granny, who was catching a cup over his head. He tried to get up and take a cup, but moaned because of  strong pain in his left leg.

– Yulchi, what’s wrong? Do you feel bad?

He opened the blanket and stared at his leg. There was a wound on his knee. The wound, seemed to be fired by shooting,  was bleeding.

– O my Gosh, who made it to you? You were well when you came home? How did this wound appear? Bleeding must be stopped. I will call ambulance immediately.

Sabiha elder run out to the next room. Yulchi was still gobsmacked about his dream: “what’s happened? Who shot me? Why was I going to hunt the deer? Was I walking with four feet? ….”.

By the way, I have to  call Vakhob. I wonder what  did he do with the corpse of the Turan  tiger which was found during the expedition on  setting up extinct thickets of Amu-darya. It should not be handed over to the museum without investigating properly. Both Vakhob and he was lucky that day. They began  working  together at the institute of science research, Vakhob is investigating on setting up the extinct thickets in the dessert area of Uzbekistan, and he is researching the life of Turan tiger, which had been exist in thickets, but became extinct in the middle of XX century because of being hunted violently by human who did not care about the future generation.

They faced with storm in Kizilkum just the second day of expedition. When the storm stopped they found the corpse of the tiger which died because of either thirst or losing too much blood.

In hot, dry sand its body was kept the same as it had been, even insects had not  touched it and its leather. It is also the secret of nature. Storm opened the dead body of tiger under his feet as a gift.

Turan tiger is said to have been seen last time in 1968 in  the thicket which is situated near the banks of  Amu-darya. Before starting the investigation, Yulchi had talked with elder hunters and fishermen. The people who had seen the tiger described it as clever, cunning, more than two meter high, and told that its thin black stripes suited itself as well as it had light orange colour.

His dream is to set up extinct Turan tiger,  to create the clone of tiger by finding its  whole cells.

How did  this wound appear when there was an opportunity to reach his goal?

His reveries disappeared just as his granny and doctor entered the room. While examining the wound attentively, doctor looked him suspiciously.

– I wonder, bullet hit you a little, but it didn’t bleed too much. Had you an argument with anybody? We have to inform the police immediately.

– No, no. I came home from work. We had dinner with granny. Then I worked on computer a little bit, and went to bed. Believe me, there was not any wound. I saw terrible dream and when I wake up, blanket was bloody.

– I am sorry, dear guy, it is our duty to inform the police. Tell your lies to the inspector of your district.

Saying that, doctor investigated the wound one more time, wiped it with medical alcohol, banded it with cure.

– now you will go to hospital with me, there we will stitch your wound, luckily the bullet didn’t hit your bone, just damaged the skin.

– But, I ……Аммо, мен..

– oh my son, who are you doing business with……..

Solikha elder began to cry. Yulchi soothed his granny, tried to step as hearty, but pain didn’t let him to walk properly, he followed the doctor. In a short time ambulance took them to the hospital. The young man accepted Yulchi as a patient from doctor,  the room  was covered with white tiles on the wall, smiling secretly he began to take off the bandage from Yulchi’s leg who was lying on the couch. Then looked  at Yulchi surprisingly:

– Where is your wound, brother?

– It was astonishing that there was not any wound despite the pain, just the skin turned green slightly.

– There no need to joke. Buriboy bro exaggerated this event as a criminal. It is not the April fool day?

– From  his appearance it was  clear that doctor did not liked being laughed at.

– May I return?

Yulchi asked the doctor, touching his green skin.

– You may go. Or are you going to stay here?

Understanding nothing, calming down,  Yulchi went out.

Hearing grandson’s words, Solikha elder prayed. She asked from God to prevent his only grandson from bad things, then went her room after Yulchi’s insistence. Yulchi lied down just after closing the door considering the mysterious event which had happened with him. He was still thinking about tiger’s corpse. Why hadn’t hunter taken it with himself? The skin of tiger was so expensive?! Or after being wounded, tiger run away thicket and hid in the desert. At that time there was sand storm and it got lost. Then tiger died because of thirst and loosing too much blood. Or when it  dragged itself along with difficulty under the wild oleaster at the edge of the thicket, sand storm buried the tiger. So lack of breathing, thirst, hunger, blood losing caused its death. This last guess is closer to the reality. Because there was a branch of oleaster near the corpse!

With such thoughts he had a nap.

Again reedy field. It seems he was a little unconscious. Opened his eyes,  he saw a man holding a gun with slanting hat. Next to him,  there was standing a short wrinkled face man, in green speckled cloth, just staring his hat submissively

– well done Kahramon bro. We can say it as a heroism, you defeated it by one shooting. It is very rare tiger, haven’t been seen for a long time. Recently I have come across its footsteps, during the hunting of poacher. It was your fortune to kill it. If you hung tiger’s skin on the wall, it will suit to your house…

– that’s enough, stop talking. You know well that hunting tigers is banned. Don’t tell anyone. Do you have any master friend to strip its skin off?

The man who was wearing a hat spoke to short man so rudely….


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