Медведева Маргарита

IMG_9313Данное стихотворение было написано мной в прошлом году в чудесной стране Норвегии во время ссоры с одной хорошей подругой. Вообще творчеством я занимаюсь достаточно давно, с детства. Первые стихи писала ещё в 8 лет. Постепенно хобби переросло в некоторую привычку, подогреваемую невзаимными влюблённостями. Теперь в моём творчестве затишье – я нашла свою любовь и, кажется, потеряла музу.

I wrote this poem in the wonderful country of Norway last year when I had a quarrel with my good friend. In general, I began to creat a long time ago, in my childhood, I wrote my first poems when I was barely 8 years old. Gradually ьн hobby grew into the habit heated by unhappy loves. Now there is a calm in my creativity as I found true love and it seems that I have lost the muse,

In the Middle of Nowhere

So, it may be that you were right

And I shouldn’t have been insistent.

It was a question just of one night:

All the closest became the most distant.


Now I want to find myself

In the middle of nowhere

Or just live in the depth of my cell

If no one is going to share


Such a life. I want to breathe in

And forget all the things that had happened.

But you’ll always be like a pin

In my heart which now beats so rapidly.

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