Марк Кассев

TE6UeKzHLWMРассказы были написаны в течение примерно 5 или 7 лет, как приходило вдохновение. Некоторые основывались на реальных ситуациях.  Автор, помимо литературных набросков, занимается музыкальной деятельностью. Он пишет тексты к песням своего коллектива сам.

The short stories have been written during about 5 or 7 years by inspiration. Some of them were based on the author’s life cases.  Except fiction sketches writing, the author plays in his band, he also writes lyrics to their songs.

Сборник рассказов “Pedestrian Crosswalk (пешеходный переход)”


Here’s a fiction storybook of 7 short stories written in different life periods, that’s why they are different in their mood: a couple of fantastic stories, ironic stories and some emotionally dramatic stories. Together with the author we’ll face to a mystery stranger and a cryptic palace on the street of Santiago. The story Gaucho is started with a Spanish epigraph:

«El alcalde participó del acto de inauguración del Palacio del Gaúcho

La actividad comenzó a las 10:00 en el hall del Palacio del Gaúcho cuyo edificio está emplazado en calle El Remanso de Santiago de Chile y contó con la presencia del alcalde y de las principales autoridades del Legislativo y demás instituciones de Santiago de Chile. “Con satisfacción y alegría inauguramos este Palacio en este solar histórico”, señaló el alcalde. Párrafo aparte, agregó que “Me invade una gran emoción. Este Palacio es símbolo de decisiones más importantes que se tomaron para transformar a Santiago de Chile en los últimos años y por todo ello es un día muy especial”, subrayó».

«El Diario Oficial de la República de Chile», viernes, octubre 10 de 1958”

The author intrigues us to show the magic realism Borhes-like story.

Then we’ll be carried away to a Russian town to smoke Chinese tobacco with a wise old man. Have you ever dreamed of visiting many places of the world in one day? Cause if you have, you are given the opportunity to try. The Thermometer is a dream of warm distant places where you want to be.

In the next one story, Children Play we’ll remember our children’s games and fears. We will think about the fastness of life, if its constant symbols, of speedy cars. It’s a brief sketch of  a red car as a metaphor of transience.

Later the imagination of Mark Kassev will give us an example of dramatic  situation, a hint of feelings and a fear of changes. What if – this thought can take away our calm, but still we haven’t brevity enough to change our lives.

In the next one short story as well as in the previous one, there is a narration of an emotional situation, and as in the 3rd one, we’ll meet face to face with the fast and sore process of growing up. The narrator is a child, we will try to see through his own eyes. The story is plain but rather minor.

Like in a pedestrian crosswalk, there are bright  stripes in the author’s palette, but there also are some black and gloomy patches. For example, the 6th short story is called Cirque du Freaks and it is totally pierced with a black humor in decorations of post-soviet life. And after it the author tends to soften the impression with a traditional Taffy-like story of a usual session discussion. You should be prepared to the change of mood with every next story. It’s really like a zebra: a white stripe gives way to a black one and again, like it is everywhere, like it is in our life.

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