Мария Петунина

Живу в Сибири.
Учусь на факультете романо-германской филологии, что позволяет совмещать те вещи, которые я люблю больше всего – литературу и английский язык.

I live in Siberia,
I am a student of the faculty of romano-germanic philology. It helps me to combine two great passions of mine – literature and English.

Novel “Lily”


I couldn’t control myself. Feelings overwhelmed me.

Then everything stopped. I didn’t know who I was.

My life has begun today. Doctors told me my name. Lily. It sounds funny, isn’t it? They told me that I am about twenty five years old, I have a good health and I shouldn’t worry much, my memory will come back to me. They tried to prove me that I have an amnesia, but I couldn’t believe them. Their words were complicated and had no sense, so, I just kept nodding with a truly blank face. They thought they were helping me, they were sure that I was just a regular patient, nothing serious.

After an hour of explanations, they had finally left my room and I was all by myself. Lily, hmm? Ok, let it be. Firstly, I needed to understand why I was there. I decided to look around. Glass of water, some flowers and a card. I took the card and looked it through. A guy named Jack seemed to be really in love with Lily, but, unfortunately, I didn’t remember him at all. I had nothing else to do but take a nap.

When I woke up I saw a man sitting next to me. He was about thirty years old and he was extremely glad that I was awake.

‘Lily, thank God you are okay,’ he said to me.

‘Are you aware that I don’t know you?’

‘Oh, yes…’ he became so depressed that he couldn’t even complete the sentence.

‘It’s not your fault. I suppose. Just tell me everything about you, about our relationships. Are you Jack?’

‘No, I am not. Jack is your boyfriend who should be here any minute. I am Leo, your brother’

‘I am sorry for not remembering you, it must be awful.’

‘Yes. It is.’

After that, he kissed my forehead and gave me the saddest smile in the whole world. I wanted to remember him so badly, but deep down I knew that it was impossible. That man wasn’t my brother and I wasn’t his sister, I also didn’t have a boyfriend named Jack and I wasn’t named Lily. It was a nightmare. It was like a cave in my own mind. I couldn’t escape even though I tried to do it. I had stolen somebody’s life and I wasn’t able to figure out why I did it.

I have been living Lily’s life for three months now. Her father brings me fresh magazines every week. Her brother comes and reads her favorite poems. However, something was missing, to be exact, somebody. Jack hasn’t visited me, but I continue to receive his cards. He writes that loves Lily very much, that he can’t come, because it would be wrong. Of course, after some time I have assumed that he was the reason I am here. In this case, my theory that I am not Lily is ruined. If this guy is truly the reason, I must be having an amnesia and he knows what happened. I’ve decided that I should talk to him. I’ve noticed that one of the nurses works more than the others, so I’ve asked her why. She told me that she has a daughter and they barely can afford to buy food. After that, I had an idea. I have known for a while that Lily’s grandmother needs a nurse and that Lily’s family is rich. Thus, I’ve asked Lily’s dad to give this nurse a job. She was thankful to me and I didn’t even have to ask her to arrange me a meeting with Jack, she proposed it herself.

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