Мария Кеваева

Мария КеваеваНачинающий писатель, переводчик, преподаватель, интересуюсь символикой и эзотерикой.

Стихотворение в прозе “Love in 500 words


My life was sad, down and miserable. And yet I was too young to taste the bitter flavor of frustration, the world around looked much like a squalid, dirty hole. Through slushy years of toiling I could hardly hear the tune I was playing, the tune of dignity and faith, salted with quizzical jests and mocking nods. They built me a cage of jackass` tales and rooster`s winks. With simian grace they took me to their vortex of wasting flea-dances with nobody hearing my desperate calls. And I was about to lose my heart and drown in this mad abyss of darkness when you found me.

Your gentle touch rescued me from the musty womb of Time and I was able to breathe again, feeling my thirsty soul sweetened with your kiss. In the cold flows of Styx I shed my skin of shattered dreams and there I stood – like a newborn, ready for your Love to guide me. One word of yours made all troubles crawl out of my head like slimy traces of forgotten nightmare. I was afraid of nothing more but your condescendence, willing to obey and yet sniffing the air in case there`s some kind of mistake.

But what you wanted wasn`t just a purring kitten lying on your laps. So you were waiting, patiently nurturing my self to see who I really am. And when I was ready, my inner phoenix blew up with fireworks of the hidden love desire. I could feel the heartbeat of all the human beings and moved in syne with the whole universe. My answers lay small and simple in my hands and your smile lit up the way to the golden night.

You showed me the feelings I hadn`t known before and took me to the skies of mellow sweet. The peals of stars couldn`t outshout the silence of your whispered words. You guarded my sleep while I was trying to convince myself, this is not a dream. And I stealthily touched your burning web of hair, admiring the lines of your gentle grace. When morning sun rose in the triumph of birds` songs, my feathered feet followed your every step. You were my everything, and I meant the whole world to you.

But then our crystal harmony broke on the sharp boughs of imminence. You were down like a fallen god, and those people who came creeping to lick your boots now threw stones to their yestreen Messiah. I was free to leave, but I stayed, like forgiven sinner, washing your sorrows with my tears. And when the whole world execrated in crazy curses, I was there to support and comfort you, feeling every drop of your life hammering my heart with deathly nails.

I can still feel your breath in every flaw of summer breeze and hear your voice at night. And when my time comes I know you`ll meet me in the misty air of frozen words, where nothing could ever part two lonely hearts again.

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